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On the Accidental Discovery of Terrorists - What to Do

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  • Skytale
    The following is a YahooAnswers! question and replies (edited). I do not mean that teenagers should go out hunting for terrorists, as that would be dangerous.
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      The following is a YahooAnswers! question and replies (edited).

      I do not mean that teenagers should go out hunting for terrorists, as that would be dangerous.  However, teenagers using and travelling through forested areas within their own nation may accidentally come across dangerous people.  In that case, the youths should know what to do to protect themselves, and others.  They will only know what to do if counseled beforehand.  That is the job of educators, to provide survival instructions, that is, if those educators are really serious about the safety and the future of those whom they teach.  You should not have to give up using the facilities of your own nation just because there is a new beast in the woods.  But it is prudent to know something about what to do if you happen to meet that beast.  Otherwise it may be a final meeting and a lost opportunity, especially in the ultimate protection of your community.

      Help for essay on terrorist attack?
      I want an exciting plot for a essay in school but dont know where to start or how to finish it. could somebody help me with this? my english is not brilliant so i find it hard to think of these things. Please help with build up etc - NIALL B

      REPLY 1:
      Pick your target first,name the terrorist, give his motive, tell what he uses and how much,how many people were planned to killed,then the outcome. Did he accomplish his plans or was FBI involved before the attack.I hope I was helpful but I don't find this exciting. - HEY JUDE

      REPLY 2:
      It's a bit of an unusual subject for a teacher to demand of students.  Whatever the composition, if the story names the religion or the political organisation that the terrorist(s) belong to or draw inspiration from, then Someone, School, teachers, students, the public, civil rights activists, cultural groups or terrorists may easily be offended.  There are consequences for free speech on controversial topics, namely hatred and violence.  Your teacher should maybe rethink the project subject.  I do not know how you would not offend somebody.  My suggestion may help.

      HEY JUDE has told you how to start, by giving you the components that would logically need to be covered by your essay.  The material should not come from a real plot that is publically known, as that may offend the victims or the relatives of those who have already been hurt or killed; or draw flack from the courts or law agencies who may need to prevent public debate on ongoing investigations or matters that involve national security.  That seems to leave you with pure fantasy.

      However, your teacher may have intended you to mature into the world of adulthood (where all students are sentenced when they get paroled from school).  The teacher may have wished you to seriously consider modern world affairs and the dangers that affect society, that youths need to know of: conduct when driving vehicles; drug abuse; dangers of chemicals; bullying; racism; safe sex practices; first aid; fire drills; nuclear attack drills; safety procedures in hurricane, flood, twister, earthquake; Flu or other biohazards; computer security and procedures against gun/knife men or youths who besiege schools.

      To be of use in the education of your fellow students, you might consider a story on their being alert for dangers to their person and to the public from the activities of terrorists.  You could start with some students hiking in the local State forest near their town.  From a cliff top (be unseen and unheard; noise travels upward easily, refer your science teacher), the students are hidden, and hear and observe a group of people firing semi-automatic weapons.  The suspicious people seen are also running around an area in the forest doing combat drills

      The AK-47 combat rifle for instance has a distinctive sound and a recording of it should be played to all students -- you could obtain it maybe from your local army command, police or fusion centre and play it in class for dramatic effect.

      It is the weekend, as most terrorists cannot get together for training on work-days.  Terrorists prefer to train in large areas of forest to remain undetected, and they restructure the area to suit their needs; very remote areas may have booby traps.  They like doing hand-to-hand combat as the excitement, the survival skills and the body contact helps to alleviate tension and promotes the bonding that is so important to maintaining loyalty within a cell.  As it is with all combatants who are keen or desperate to fight, long periods of boredom between battles are hard to bear, and tension breeds mistakes.

      Your students are smart as they do not reveal themselves but instead keep back, maybe take some mobile phone video, and obtain vehicle registration numbers.  But do not get close to do that.  Take and use binoculars on outdoor excursions, as often a lookout with a mobile phone is posted near 'terrorist' vehicles.  Keep back, stay away, do not be seen, as students are not stealth trained and should not be engaging with any armed and active strangers.

      The students carefully leave the scene.  In these situations you are usually outnumbered, outgunned and in terrain known intimately to the 'terrorists' they can out-manoeuvre you.  Therefore, even if you are armed, you leave, you do NOT confront them.  Safely away from danger the matter can be reported to the local fusion centre or to the police.

      As the students have POSSIBLY located some terrorists (or a law abiding local gun, hunting or combat club) in what is possibly their local vicinity, and as there is thus also the possibility of a local attack; they could (under police approval) advise the local school(s), and to protect local children, post some students near school perimeters to watch for any suspicious surveillance of the school (such as guys sitting in cars).  This is also a good for checking for paedophiles (pedophiles) who are another form of terrorist.  No one should be hanging around a school without having any legitimate business there.  Terrorists always carefully survey intended targets before proceeding with an attack; look at the WTC case and others.

      Thus your essay could include the educational elements of being alert; protecting self; being observant; collecting facts or evidence only IF safe; reporting to authorities and, being once warned choosing to take on extra precautions.  You should end your Story with the suspects being found to be real terrorists after all, as otherwise your exciting story would drop flat so far as your audience was concerned.  Here you have the unfortunate relating educational fact of reporters of the press needing sensationalism, no matter What the facts are, to gain the attention of an otherwise disinterested audience. -- SKYTALE

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