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Powerlines Number 85 - The Reputation Risk & Stakeholder Management Newsletter

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  • Deon Binneman
    The 85th edition of Powerlines, my newsletter covering Strategic Reputation matters is now available by sending an e-mail to deonbin@icon.co.za This issue
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2009
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      The 85th edition of Powerlines, my newsletter covering  Strategic Reputation matters is now available by sending an e-mail to deonbin@...

      This issue features the following commentary, articles and event details.


      1. Preparing for a Potential Crisis
      2. Did you know this about Reputation Risk?
      3. Product Recalls – a Costly exercise
      4. Practical PR Tips for Retail Outlets
      5. Name them, Shame Them, Make a Difference
      6. When will you Tweet me?
      7. Essential Resources : Special Offer
      8. Latest News
      9. Public Seminars: New Dates
      10. Advertising: Got a Problem? Need Help?

      Could you please help me to grow the readership of my newsletter? If you would like others in your organisation or network to also be exposed to the learning's of this newsletter, kindly provide me with their names and e-mail contact details, so that I can send them a copy.

      The majority of readers of Powerlines comes from the disciplines of PR, Corporate Affairs, Corporate Communication, Governance, Risk, Compliance and Ethics departments.

      I look forward to your continuing subscription.

      Kind Regards,





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