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Proposal for Co-operation - World Security Intelligence Network

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    Dear Colleagues, First of all, we would like to congratulate you for the successful activity of your companies. World Security Organization is a world
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2002
      Dear Colleagues,
      First of all, we would like to congratulate you for the successful activity of your companies.  World Security Organization is a world non-governmental organization, unifying veterans and top professionals from the governmental Security and Secret Services, international and national law enforcement agencies, special operation and counter-terrorist forces, retired police and army officers, investigators, adjusters, bodyguards, and lawyers from different countries in the world.
      WSO has established its own intelligence network of agents in all regions of the countries from Eastern Europe, Balkans, ex-USSR (Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldavia, all CIS, and Baltic countries), Yugoslavia as well as in many countries of Near East, Asia,  Africa, Central and South America.
      If your companies or clients need professional assistance (special investigations, debt collection, legal, full security and close protection services)  in above regions,  we would be glad to assist you. 

      Please, be aware that WSO established an international network for confidential financial investigations in offshore zones and we are able to assist if your clients need such services.
      If you are interested, we could unite our possibilities and efforts in order to cover all countries and regions where presently you do not operate. Thus we will provide yours clients with a global, full package of security services. In this way, we will render them assistance in their trade and business expansion, and will neutralize any criminal and terrorist threats-. Certainly, this will increase your clients and profits.
      If you have some concrete questions or wish to receive additional information about the services that the members and subdivisions of WSO provide, please, feel free to contact us.
      Wish you a lot of professional success in your work.

      Antonia Stefanova /Ms./ International Communications Department
      World Security Organization
      General Headquarters
      Tel/fax: 00359(52)476748
      GSM: 00359(87)846727
      e-mail: wso@...
      e-mail: wso2001@...
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