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Article by Stve Marrin on CIA analysis

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  • Adam Pode
    Please find in the next posting an article by Steve Marrin who cites himself as a former CIA analyst and student of the
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      Please find in the next posting an article by Steve Marrin
      <spm8p@...> who cites himself as a former CIA
      analyst and student of the intelligence process currently working on
      my dissertation at the University of Virginia.

      The article is titled "Improving CIA Analysis by Overcoming
      Institutional Obstacles" and was recently published in a compilation
      book "Bringing Intelligence About: Practitioners Reflect on Best
      Practices" edited by Russell Swenson and put out by the Joint
      Military Intelligence College. The article looks at how institutional
      practices can prevent full utilization of lessons learned in
      training, education, or other knowledge-building endeavors, and the
      approach used--focusing on how expertise is both acquired and lost by
      various organizational or procedural mechanisms--can be applied to
      the study of knowledge within any institution.

      For CIA case studies I assess both the dissolution of CIA's Office of
      Leadership Analysis and the changing emphasis on current versus long-
      term intelligence, and in the end argue that organizational and
      procedural modifications may be necessary to improve the CIA's
      analytic output. Specifically, I recommend that CIA re-constitute its
      Office of Current Intelligence and Office of Research and Reports to
      take advantage of individual analysts' cognitive strengths.

      ADCI Mark Lowenthal wrote the foreword to the book, and there are a
      number of other interesting articles in it as well that address
      various aspects of intelligence (contents copied below). The book
      citation isn't on the JMIC website yet, but I assume it will be
      shortly. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.
      Steve Marrin

      Further info on JMIC publication:
      Swenson, Russell G., Editor. "Bringing Intelligence About:
      Practitioners Reflect on Best Practices." Center for Strategic
      Intelligence Research, Joint Military Intelligence College. May 2003.

      * Mark M. Lowenthal--Foreword
      * Russell G. Swenson--Introduction
      * Pauletta Otis--The Intelligence Pro and the Professor: Toward an
      Alchemy of Applied Arts and Sciences
      * John Turner--Via the Internet
      * F.G. Satterthwaite--Visit to Mazagon Dockyard, Bombay
      * Stephen Marrin--Improving CIA Analysis by Overcoming Institutional
      * Thomas A. Garin--Appraising Best Practices in Defense Intelligence
      * David T. Moore and Lisa Krizan--Core Competencies for Intelligence
      Analysis at the National Security Agency
      * Lt. Michael E. Bennett, USCG--The U.S. Coast Guard Joins the
      Intelligence Community
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