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SPECIAL OFFER - Reduced Training Tuition - $695!!!!!

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  • Matthew Jure
    “Commit a crime and the earth is made of glass.” Ralph Waldo Emerson With the ever-increasing presence of computers in our daily lives, both personal and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2002
      “Commit a crime and the earth is made of glass

      “Commit a crime and the earth is made of glass.”

                                                                              Ralph Waldo Emerson



      With the ever-increasing presence of computers in our daily lives, both personal and professional, crimes against us involving computers is on the rise.  A scary statistic is by the year 2004, 85% of all crimes will have some sort of digital aspect to them.” Are you prepared to defend yourself or your organization?


      As a valued LC Technology potential customers, we want to extend an invitation to attend our Internet Crimes Against People (ICAP) for training in how to investigate situations like credit card fraud, identity theft, child pornography, and traditional and typical crimes like drug trafficking.  Being offered through our Computer Forensic Institute, located at our International Headquarters in Clearwater, FL.


      Charlie Gates, one of the most experienced law enforcement professionals in computer crime investigations and prosecutions teaches the ICAP class.  He currently works for a local law enforcement agency, and consults to federal agencies like the FBI.  President George W. Bush recently nominated Mr. Gates for the Federal Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.


      In celebration of this prestigious honor, the Computer Forensic Institute invites you to participate in the ICAP training, at our state of the art facility in Clearwater, FL, at substantial discounted tuition of $695.00.


      We have limited seat available for this course and it is a first-come basis, so do not delay – call today to reserve your seat!


      If you wish to enroll or have any questions, please contact me directly.


      Best Regards,


      Matthew Jure

      Computer Forensic Institute

      PH:  727-449-0891




      PS – As of today, May 6, 2002, we only have 15 seats left for the May 29-31 class.



      Topics Include




      Introduction to Computers and the Internet

      Overview of computers in general as well as how each part may contain evidence. A look at the Internet from a law enforcement standpoint. Students will also learn how to properly respond to and handle computers at a crime scene.


      Internet and Computer Crimes Overview

      Students will take a detailed look at what crimes are committed on the Internet as well on computers in general and how they are commonly perpetrated. Including Child Pornography, Fraud, Identity Theft and White Collar Crimes.


      Statutory Overview of Internet and Computer Crimes

      A review of the laws and statutes pertaining to Internet and computer crimes. An in depth look at the statutes governing Internet crimes and how they can be enforced practically. Both criminal and civil crimes are studied.


      Finding On Line Investigative Resources

      Using the Internet to find valuable information and resources to aid in an investigation. A hands on look and tour of some well known and not so well know web sites, newsgroups and other research tools.  An invaluable introduction to finding the information and support needed to conduct a thorough investigation and build a solid case.


      Setting Up an On Line Investigation

      How to begin a basic on line investigation through establishing a covert alternate identity. The first step to a successful investigation is preparation and Charlie Gates has mastered the technique. Learn how to prepare to ”fit into” on-line communities and act covertly to identify criminal activity as well as acquire necessary evidence.


      Conducting the Investigation

      An overview of the tools available and how to use them as well as hands on instruction on how to track a cyber criminal. Acquiring Computer Search Warrants, Chain of Custody and preserving the evidence is covered in depth. The laws governing computer use, the evidence created and how it is handled is becoming more complex. Combine this with the knowledge acquired by perpetrators of computer crimes and any investigation becomes a virtual maze of obstacles, this section discusses how to avoid these pitfalls and build a solid valid case.


      Investigation Lab

      A hands on Lab simulating an internet investigation of a Child Pornography ring, credit card fraud ring and infiltrating news groups.  In this lab students will prepare and conduct a simulated on line investigation and study the methods and techniques used. during a ”computer forensic evidence presentation” exercise.


      Acquiring and Preserving Digital Evidence

      How to forensically examine a computer and acquire digital evidence.  How and where incriminating evidence may be stored or hidden.  Recovering digital evidence (data recovery) using the specialized tools and techniques available. Data Recovery and case organization are the focus of this section.


      Hands-on Evidence Lab

      During this hands on lab, students will practice proper handling of computers and evidence, and how to investigate a system and recover whatever digital evidence may exist on the system. During the exercise, students will use the latest data recovery and forensic tools and learn the necessary techniques to conduct a thorough computer forensic exam.


      Courtroom Presentation

      Once a thorough forensic exam is completed and the case is built the investigator may be called to explain how the evidence was obtained and how it was preserved.  This section discusses and puts in practice the necessary skills needed to effectively present what was found in terms a judge, jury and even a prosecutor can understand as well as how to handle defense rebuttals.


      Instructor Bio





      Charlie Gates

                Mr. Gates has been an Investigator with the Polk County Sheriffs Office since 1992. Mr. Gates has worked jointly with the FBI and other agencies on numerous cases including “Global Hell”  and his cases have appeared on many news and information shows including Court TV, Associated Press, NBC, ABC and 48 Hours. Mr. Gates has successfully prosecuted hundreds of cases including the first Internet Obscenity case in the United States. Mr. Gates is recognized and documented as an expert witness with regards to Computer Forensics. Mr. Gates currently serves as the Training Coordinator for FACCI (Florida Association of Computer Crime Investigators)and remains a sworn deputy in Polk County where he was recognized as Task Force Member of The Year 2001 by Governor Jeb Bush.

      Dates, Location & Cost





      Dates:  May 29-31, 2002


      Location:    Clearwater, Florida




      May class ONLY!!!





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