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Interesting Paper from Stephen Marrin

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  • Adam Pode
    Attached for your interest is a 2002 paper from Stephen Marrin titled Homeland Security and the Analysis of Foreign Intelligence which describes how foreign
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      Attached for your interest is a 2002 paper from Stephen Marrin
      titled "Homeland Security and the
      Analysis of Foreign Intelligence" which describes how foreign
      analysis contributes to homeland security. It begins with an overview
      the structure and operations of the intelligence community (p. 2-6),
      then focuses more tightly on CIA's analytic practices (p. 6-12) before
      addressing the role of the DCI's Counterterrorist Center in providing
      intelligence analysis to national level decisionmakers (p. 12-14).

      Parts of the paper have been OBE'd with the recent creation of the
      DNI, NCTC
      and other changes, but for those interested in intelligence analysis
      processes, this paper provides a highly detailed inside look at how
      analysts do what they do as written by a former CIA analyst. In
      the following statement copied from the conclusion still holds:
      "Change is a constant in the intelligence analysis profession.
      change, organizational structures change, and procedures change. Yet
      importance of personal relationships is a constant in the production
      finished intelligence. In order to access informal knowledge from
      collectors throughout the Intelligence Community, benefit from the
      of analytic counterparts, and produce analysis relevant to
      personal relationships are crucial." (p15)

      I wrote this paper in 2002 at the request of Philip Zelikow who was
      then the
      executive director of the Markle Foundation Task Force on National
      in the Information Age. He asked me to write a background paper for
      Markle Foundation Task Force addressing the role that foreign
      analysis--especially that produced by the DCI Counterterrorist
      Center--played in protecting homeland security. The draft was
      edited by Bruce Berkowitz, and posted to the Markle Foundation Task
      website, where it can also be acquired:

      It has since been re-printed in AFIO's journal "Intelligencer"
      (V.14.N.1--Winter/Spring 2004. 43-51.) but I never took the
      opportunity to
      let others like yourselves who are interested in intelligence issues
      about its availability. I hope it is of interest to you, and welcome
      comments you may have.
      Stephen Marrin
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