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970school security

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  • jimbo_smiff10
    Jan 20, 2013
      As part of military intel and with our brothers in arms of MP's both have had some if not extensive training in security. There by making most in the group experienced in the issue of security.
      To the point and I would very much like to get something going here that could maybe be a pattern for school security. In the face of Columbian and Newton I think we all can agree we need to better protect our kids.
      While I'm not a supporter of banding assault weapons, I love my guns now, everything is on the table. Here are the perimeters of the discussion,
      1. Everyone has a voice and no one belittles anyone for their ideals.
      2. The implementation of any security measure has to be as cheaply done as possible
      3. Any security measure has to have redundancy (can't be one guard at school armed)
      4. The measures have to be common scents (no M-1 tanks on the school lawn)
      5. Idea's can include both lethal and non lethal protection.
      6. The security measures have to be implementable (another issue I have with gun control)
      7. Keep the scope to just security for now.

      Let's do some good with the group. All members are welcome to add input. I feel this issue is being handled well and we can do a better job.

      I'm Jimmy retired Intel NCO vet of Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
      Last unit I was in before retirement an MP Battalion.

      Hope we can get some good idea's here