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Just got my BS and i wasnt even required to turn up! Just called these people 1 415-267-3940, filled out a few forms and a bit of paperwork and was
Nov 7, 2007

just ez

you can now officially call me Dr. :) Took me about 2 months, but after calling these guys 415 267-3940 they helped get me setup and get fully accredited!
Nov 7, 2007

Claim Democracy Conference & IRV Training Seminar

Hi Folks, FairVote and other organizations are sponsoring the upcoming Claim Democracy Conference, November 9-11 in Washington, DC. Leaders from around the
Ryan ODonnell
Oct 26, 2007

Defend Your Votes!! Calls and FAXes needed by November 28

As many of you know, they are stealing our votes... We have a great chance to prove the shoddiness of the Diebold electronic voting machines! This will affect
Patricia Gracian
Nov 26, 2005


Here is a fascinating look at the British Columbia referendum from an Australian journalist. Note the part about the United States ... let's all keep our
Dave Helleer
May 15, 2005

Keeping active

Well everyone, Yahoo is saying they will delete the group unless we post a message, so I'm posting one. Feel free to post anything of your own, even if it's
Steven Hoeschele
Feb 28, 2005
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