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We need you now to WIN in Alaska -- make 10 phone calls

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  • Dan Johnson-Weinberger
    This is crunch time for the national instant runoff voting movement. Alaska votes Tuesday. We could WIN this election. Polls show the vote to be very close,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2002
      This is crunch time for the national instant runoff voting movement.

      Alaska votes Tuesday. We could WIN this election. Polls show the vote to be
      very close, with many undecided voters.

      If you want to see Alaska implement instant runoff voting for the
      PRESIDENTIAL election, and many others -- if you really want to see this
      movement for a better democracy TAKE OFF -- you need to call 10 registered
      voters in Alaska that are likely to vote on Tuesday and ask them to vote for
      it THIS WEEKEND.

      This is when we need you.

      Email me at djw@... and I will send you 10 names and numbers of
      registered Alaskan voters to call with a script to follow.

      It's easy, takes less than an hour to call 10 voters in Alaska but it is
      CRUCIAL to the campaign.

      Nothing beats a live person talking to another one. Not TV, not radio, not
      direct mail. Nothing.

      This is how we will convince people who are undecided to vote YES on Measure

      On the phone. One person at a time.

      We need you.

      Email me at djw@... right now so you can call over the weekend.

      There are phone banks happening in San Francisco, Chicago and D.C., if you
      are in any of those cities.

      If not, make the calls from home.

      If you absolutely can not make the calls, then donate 10 bucks. Check out
      www.AlaskansForVotersRights.com for the campaign website and to donate.

      But we'd rather you call. That's what will earn votes.

      There are 600 people on the national IRV list. About 400 or so on all the
      other state-based lists.

      If half of all the people on the lists made 10 calls each, that's 5,000
      calls over the weekend.

      And there are only going to be about 60,000 people voting on Tuesday.

      Your calls will matter. This is how we will win.

      Email me at djw@... and I'll get you your script and your 10 names
      and numbers.

      Together, we can PASS this thing and in 2004, at least one state WILL USE
      instant runoff voting to elect the PRESIDENT!

      Here's a message from Steve Hill, campaign manager, who is in Alaska and
      working hard to get IRV passed up there with a crew of at least half a dozen

      Please email me at djw@... and I'll get you your 10 names and
      numbers and the script and we FINALLY fix our broken voting system in one
      state -- and start the IRV avalanche that can sweep the country!

      > Time to pour it on. Our direct mail is about to hit to 50,000 super
      > Our radio and TV ads have been airing, with more coming this weekend in
      > "bush" areas (hey, that's what Alaskans call it). We have emails going
      > to selected groups of nearly 25,000 Alaskans. This weekend we have
      > volunteers here who will be distributing thousands of door hangers at the
      > state fair outside of Anchorage which 200,000 people will be attending.
      > Now is the time to pour it on with phone calls. It is our most effective
      > form of outreach and voter persuasion. I am convinced that our phone
      > will make the difference between winning and losing in a close race.
      > phone call we make is one more vote as we solidify 50% + 1 vote.
      > We have three more nights to call. Right now Friday, Sunday and Monday
      > phonebanks in San Francisco have open phones -- Caleb does not have enough
      > committments from folks to fill all the phones. I would love to see those
      > spots filled -- can't each of you take one or two shifts, or find someone
      > who can?
      > What do you think? Can you give one or two nights out of
      > three left for a 2-3 hour shift?
      > A poll we did shows us in the lead, but with a lot of undecided voters. We
      > are going to win this thing one vote at a time by being on the phone with
      > people, persuading them. Haul in each voter in like a fisherman hauling
      > fish (yes, I've got Alaska on my mind). We need all the callers we can
      > we have to reach thousands of voters.
      > Thanks in advance for your help. Let's pour it on. We are working
      > hard here, and could really use your help. Please give us a hand, if you
      > can.
      > Steven Hill
      Dan Johnson-Weinberger
      National Field Director
      Center for Voting and Democracy
      312.587.7060 (office)
      312.933.4890 (mobile)
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