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Defend Your Votes!! Calls and FAXes needed by November 28

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  • Patricia Gracian
    As many of you know, they are stealing our votes... We have a great chance to prove the shoddiness of the Diebold electronic voting machines! This will affect
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2005
      As many of you know, they are stealing our votes...
      We have a great chance to prove the shoddiness of the Diebold electronic voting machines! This will affect the reliability of elections nationwide.
      If we can stop California from certifying Diebold, we can use that as a precedent everywhere else! We also need to make ALL of our representatives aware of the fraudulent machines and fraudulent 2004 Election.
      All Americans who care about the sanctity of their vote must not allow these unscrupulous officials to get away with throwing our votes away. Let California Secretary of State McPherson know that we WILL NOT ALLOW him to fraudulently certify Diebold machines, that we are OUTRAGED that he is undermining our democracy.

      McPherson was appointed by Schwarzenegger to replace Democrat Kevin Shelley.  (SOS Shelley has since been exonerated of all the allegations. But meanwhile, those who would steal our votes got away with replacing him.) Folks, if they can't win legally, they WILL steal the votes they need.  THAT'S YOUR VOTE.

      This is a Republican coup, and they are counting on YOU, and ME to do NOTHING.   Is it worth FIVE MINUTES OF YOUR TIME to send a FAX, and make a call?  PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.

      Bruce McPherson, the Schwarzenegger-installed Secretary of State of California, is required by California law to conduct a public hearing before certifying any voting system for use in California.
      That "public" hearing was held on Nov 21, and our multiple calls and emails pressured him into scheduling a test of the Diebold electronic voting machines.
      This test will be done by our very own Bev Harris of blackboxvoting.org on November 30!!!
      However, McPherson intends to control the test platform and results by allowing the vendor to decide which specific machine and software will be used for the test. Since such a machine and its software may differ from the ones actually used during elections, this will nullify the credibility of the test!
      In addition, there's this from the CALIFORNIA ELECTION PROTECTION NETWORK- a non-partisan organization of over 25 groups across California dedicated to election integrity:
      There will be a closed meeting this week in Sacramento, to be held at the Hyatt Regency on November 27-28. [ See, http://www.ss.ca.gov/elections/elections_vst_summit.htm ] Its stated agenda is to discuss the conditions of certification and “best practices."  Some of the invited officials are known to be those who have openly flouted election code and zealously supported relaxed election integrity standards. Yet, on balance, no one was invited from our steering committee, despite the fact that we are a non-partisan organization of over 25 groups across California dedicated to election integrity. We have been tipped off by an election insider that we will are blacklisted from participating in this summit. While we would like to believe that it is a misunderstanding only time will tell. In the meantime, we do have rejection letters from Bruce McDannold of McPherson's office stating that we cannot attend, but that we may rest assured that our views will be represented.  We wonder how Bruce McDannold can make that assurance? After reviewing the summit's agenda, we know that there are three attendees, computer scientists, who share our concerns. But they speak from a computer expert perspective – not ours.
      1. Please call the office of the California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson and tell them that unless the testing group is allowed to do their own choosing of the test machine on the day of testing, that test will be tainted and useless in proving anything.  On the day of testing, the testing group should be given a list of all the storage locations and which precincts they are from. Such voting machines must be the ones used during the last election. And the list should include a written statement to that effect, signed by the Secretary of State or by an Elections Official. On the day of the test, the testing group should then be allowed to physically go to the site of their choice, and pick out any of the machines stored at that site and proceed with their tests, without interruption. Also, mention that you know that the Nov 27-28 election summit did not include the CALIFORNIA ELECTION PROTECTION NETWORK nor anyone from the blackboxvoting organization and therefore does not instill any confidence in the deliberations.
      ( If you do not live in California and they ask you for your address, just tell them this test will affect your votes also and the test must be done credibly for everyone's benefit and that we are all watching. ) Call Bruce McDannold (who many already know as the sole public contact with Secretary of State's Office since Bruce McPherson was installed). Bruce McDannold phone : 916- 657-2166
      Bruce McPherson, Secretary of State 916-653-6814 (main menu, press 6, then 3 )
      2. If you live in California, follow up your phone call with a letter to the Secretary of State and pressure him in writing for a credible test on November 30 and also pressure him to decertify all electronic voting machines.
      Here is a form to send a letter to the CA SOS and to your CA State Assembly and CA Senate members: http://www.usalone.com/diebold2.htm
      ( If you do not live in California, write to your own SOS and pressure him to decertify all electronic voting machines. ) http://www.nass.org/sos/2004roster.html
      The attempt of ignorant or partisan elections officials nationwide to sidestep the will of the people and to steal our votes is an affront to us all.  If they do not throw out the fraudulent and disastrously imperfect electronic voting machines, they should be prosecuted for perpetrating this fraud on all American citizens.
      There is no further proof needed than that the Government Accountability Office has finished investigation of the failures of these machines during the 2004 Election and has unambiguously stated in its report that these machines are shoddy, poorly designed, full of software errors, penetrable through multiple avenues, and easily compromised. If after reading this report your Secretary of State and your lawmakers do not throw these machines out of all elections, they should be prosecuted for knowingly imposing upon State citizens a voting system riddeled with insecurities, bugs, and multiple avenues for election fraud. Here is a link to that story: http://www.rockrivertimes.com/index.pl?cmd=viewstory&cat=2&id=11529
      3. Then compose a similar letter and send it to your representatives at ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT describing why these machines and all other electronic voting machines are fraudulent and must not be allowed to count any of our votes.
      Since many of these people will be altogether ignorant on this issue, please be sure to send them the links that have the goods on these machines.
      Then urge/threaten/cajole that you will not stand for your votes to be stolen any longer and you demand that they start an immediate public inquiry into the failures of these vote-counting machines and get them taken out of our elections. In fact you should ask that the State sue these vendors for creating invalid results in many precincts and they should re-imburse the citizens for mishandling of our votes. Electronic voting machines can be used at best in the future to generate paper ballots for counting by other means.  
      For election results to be credible, ballot counting must be done by hand in public at the polls!!!
      Here's 2 links about shoddy electronic voting machines and our fraudulent elections:  
      Ask them to watch this online video:  http://www.votergate.tv
      Here's info re election experts and witnesses: (click on all their links) http://www.summit.oregonvrc.org/
      Contacts to your U.S. Senators: http://www.senate.gov
      Contacts to your Congressman: http://www.house.gov
      Contacts to your State legislators: http://www.ncsl.org/public/leglinks.cfm
      Contacts to your Secretary of State: http://www.nass.org/sos/2004roster.html

      4. Then please write a letter to the editor of your local paper. If in California,  describe the attempts by the installed SOS to silence the voice and the vote of the citizens of California, and also mention their lack of coverage of the GAO report on electronic voting machines. Non-California folks can write about the GAO report and the Amazing Facts:
      Find your local and national media here. Send to 5 at a time: http://mygov.governmentguide.com/mygov/dbq/media/

      More information for future letters. Create 1 letter per week and send to all the media:
      What's wrong with Diebold:

      1. Bad for Business: Diebold hired felons with records for embezzlement and computer fraud--to write their software.
      http://www.wired.com/news/evote/0,2645,61640,00.html ]

      2. Bad leadership skills: When their CEO Wally O'Dell bragged to the Ohio GOP leadership that he would bring the vote home for them in the 2004 Presidential election
      http://www.motherjones.com/commentary/columns/2004/03/03_200.html ]

      3. Faulty Product: A recent test demonstrated a failure rate in excess of a staggering 20%)
      http://www.freepress.org/departments/display/19/2005/1417 ]

      4. Poor Performance: Reports of dramatic discrepancies with polls continue to pour in-leading to repeated accusations of election
      rigging, including the Ohio election earlier this month. 
      http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brad-friedman/the-staggeringly-impossib_b_10589.html ]
      5. Then another action alert for Californians:

      Secretary of State Bruce McPherson will soon be making a critical decision as to whether or not to certify Diebold voting systems for use within California, and we believe that he SHOULD NOT certify them.

      There is great concern that the Secretary of State is rushing forward to certify these systems, and we urge you to put a brake on this process immediately.
      We stopped Diebold’s certification in June, we have to do it again now
       Deadline to submit your comments is  Nov. 28
      Please FAX your comments to the SoS at : FAX: 653-3214
      They ignore and delete E-Mails - So Please
      Fax as this the most effective presentation. Also call Bruce McDannold (who many already know as the sole public contact with Secretary of State's Office since Bruce McPherson was installed as Secretary of State by Arnold Schwarzenegger). Bruce McDannold phone : 916- 657.2166

      You can copy the letter below, append your name and address to it, or compose one of your own, print it out and FAX it in.
      Secretary of State
      1500 11 th Street
      Sacramento, Calif.  95814
                                   DENY CERTIFICATION TO ALL DIEBOLD SYSTEMS  
      As a California citizen, I must hereby request that certification status be denied to Diebold based on the following criteria.  Certification of Diebold will inevitably lead to the erosion of the Sanctity of the Vote.
      The Diebold systems are non-compliant and do not qualify for certification and use in California.
      1.  SoS is in violation of Section 505 of the Systems Procedures - as the VSPP no longer exists, a system cannot be approved by a non-existent VSPP.
      2. Failure of the Diebold AVVPAT to be compliant with the State Jan. 21, 2005 AVVPAT Standards, in violation of SB1438, and not suitable for use as an AVVPAT-The Diebold AVVPAT fails all readability standards, cannot be read by people with less than perfect eyesight, is thermal paper, and  has no guarantee as being able to maintain its integrity as a valid recount paper ballot of record over the Federally mandated 22 month retention period.  Further, the configuration of the excess paper roll exceeding the storage capacity of the storage canister is a blueprint for polling site and storage problems.
      3. Internet connectivity and compliance to AB1636 - The Remote Access feature of the GEMS is not adequately controlled.
      4. Fails to comply with the April 30, 2004 Decertification orders and cannot permit a meaningful recount.
      The proprietary closed source code complexity, secrecy and protection status of the software of the Diebold system precludes and prevents any meaningful legal thorough forensic analysis and recount of any election run on Diebold equipment.  There have been many numerous litigation filings against Diebold, and the discovery process for forensic examination of Diebold software is nothing but an extension of the basic recount procedure.  Examination of the Diebold software has been prevented by the proprietary closed source code shroud of secrecy. The proprietary closed source code status has been used to prevent this detailed examination, and thus prevents a meaningful recount.  Such denial of the public’s right to have a clear and transparent voting process is antithetical  to the very foundation of American Democracy.
      5.  Failure of the SoS to address and acknowledge the documented accounts of detailed and extensive
      examination of malicious software programs and problems and massive security vulnerabilities in Diebold equipment, such as the Compuware report, the GAO report, and the Black Box Voting accounts.
      6.  Application of Election Code 19214.5 barring Diebold from doing business in California, do to their sale of uncertified software and equipment.
      From:   add your name and address, and sign it:

      Please forward to all concerned citizens.

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