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New IRVsurveys.com website, IRV strategies 1: With lots of help, we finally have a free IRV "survey" site with the some features to make it easier to use so that more people will vote in multiple
Sep 8, 2011
IRV Op-ed in the State! http://www.thestate.com/editorial-columns/story/795696.html
May 21, 2009
Claim Democracy Conference & IRV Training Seminar Hi Folks, FairVote and other organizations are sponsoring the upcoming Claim Democracy Conference, November 9-11 in Washington, DC. Leaders from around the
Ryan ODonnell
Oct 26, 2007
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I found her here I know some buddys who have met a few nice honey's off of this kind of thing (here is the place they used: http://www.comeandhavefun.info/shkp , but what do ya
Mar 15, 2006
Defend Your Votes!! Calls and FAXes needed by November 28 As many of you know, they are stealing our votes... We have a great chance to prove the shoddiness of the Diebold electronic voting machines! This will affect
Patricia Gracian
Nov 26, 2005
Amtrak specials from New Orleans to DC, IRV alliance on rails This is a great opportunity for activists to attend the IRV festivities in Takoma Park, like Nov. 4-6. Amtrak just announced 70% discounts on the New Orleans
Oct 23, 2005
Just keeping active Well fellow SC IRV fans, there hasn't been much activity here. Yahoo says they will delete the group unless we send a message, so I'm sending one.
Steven Hoeschele
Feb 28, 2005
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