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full of pride right now

Just got my BS and i wasnt even required to turn up! Just called these people 1-415-267-3940, filled out a few forms and a
Nov 7, 2007

don't wait it works

you can now officially call me Dr. :) Took me about 2 months, but after calling these guys 1 415 267-3940 they helped get me setup and get
Nov 7, 2007

Claim Democracy Conference & IRV Training Seminar

Hi Folks, FairVote and other organizations are sponsoring the upcoming Claim Democracy Conference, November 9-11 in Washington, DC. Leaders from around the
Ryan ODonnell
Oct 26, 2007

better job

Took me just 2 weeks to get my accredited Masters in this course. Already in line for an interview on monday to hopefully get a better position within the
Aug 6, 2007

my cam page

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Aug 6, 2007

Become the ultimate pleasure machine

People judge your dick size by your shoes size. With xtrasize+ you dont have to wear bigger shoes to make women think you have a huge dick. You can
Aug 5, 2007

you deserve a raise

WHAT A GREAT IDEA! We provide a concept that will allow anyone with sufficient work experience to obtain a fully verifiable University Degree. Think of it,
Aug 5, 2007

Keep all the girls really happy

Make your dick huge this summer. Stop blaming your lack of getting laid on everything under the sun. You'd be surprised how feeling satisfied with the size of
Aug 5, 2007

This week ideal for New Hampshire IRV promotion

It appears that New Hampshire may be the most influential state for making IRV an issue by '08. To do that, voters have to know about it, which means that if
IRV Alliance
Mar 3, 2006

Defend Your Votes!! Calls and FAXes needed by November 28

As many of you know, they are stealing our votes... We have a great chance to prove the shoddiness of the Diebold electronic voting machines! This will affect
Patricia Gracian
Nov 26, 2005

IRV sun shirts are ready

OK There are plenty of shirts in NY now, I would like to get a lof of these to New Hampshire and the local candidates so they can wear it in a photo-op
Oct 28, 2005

John Edwards at Dartmouth College Friday

Sen. Edwards is touring colleges this month www.opportunityrocks.org* He should be supporting IRV now. He has actively endorsed Ferrer, and IRV will the
Oct 20, 2005

producing hot IRV shirts in NY

I want to have a bunch of shirts printed up in Glen Falls, NY. These shirts (on blue) are really great, and there is room to fit more info like a local webpage
Sep 26, 2005

Tobi beating Dean in online popularity contest

Are you Vermonters getting out the vote or what? West-coasters were originally leading this poll (Zo was in the west back then)
Sep 24, 2005

The IRVnews newswire

Zo, IMHO, one of the best online resources will be a continuously updated list of every ranked voting related news story, LTE or op-ed. Then any new IRv
Sep 9, 2005
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