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  • zoezidbeck
    PREFERENTIALITY: Breaking the Logjam This Is The Path To Instant Subtlefaction, TOP DEAD CENTER, Can t Lose, Gotta Be In Somebody s Interest, all Justice AND
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2002
      PREFERENTIALITY: Breaking the Logjam

      This Is The Path To Instant Subtlefaction, TOP DEAD CENTER, Can't
      Lose, Gotta Be In Somebody's Interest, all Justice AND all Freed-um
      AND all Security giving, PREFERENTIAL BALLOT Everywhere, No Matter
      What The Higher Powers Do To Try & Always Pull The Ladder Up Just Out
      Of Reach, by way of:

      The Preferential Ballot Party &/or Organized Communications aka Speed
      [Dating] Politics

      You are invited to both the Preferential ballot Party & Organized
      Communications, which is a first thought fallback position & redoubt,
      just in case the powers try to stuff preferentiality. Please respond
      if you'd like to be put in the yahoo group (or not). Break the
      logjam. The longest journey is begun with a single step. You can't
      get there from here. The condition for change cannot be having to
      have everything your way.

      The PreferentialBallotParty, (PbP) is a single issue party whose sole
      plank & bylaw is preferentiality in all things.

      Organized Communications (Org'dC's) is the fallback position. I'm
      sure you've all heard of speed dating, & this is similar, except
      adapted to the area of politics. We will work for & plan to
      organize, etc, et al, Preferential Hierarchical (i.e.: representative
      choosing) Temporary Randomly Assigned Discussion Groups for the
      purpose of fostering genuine communication & resolution of relevant
      issues by means of small randomly chosen groups to discuss & allow
      full expression by each, eventually choosing their group
      representative to the next level by secret preferential ballot, who
      would in turn repeat the process forming yet higher groups which
      would in turn do the same until there was just one group left (equal
      to the number of levels as well as the original number of members of
      the first tier's groups) presumably representing the exact middle of
      everyone who chose to participate, eventually & necessarily replacing
      all other political discourse & organization, achieving all-
      satisfying total subtlefaction, where the dreams of all mankind are
      fulfilled, though not necessarily in the form they had imagined. I
      imagine one cycle per political season. Perhaps we would want to have
      slightly larger groups & fewer levels since there are three general
      areas: social, economic & political policy & three general
      directions: forward, back & stay the course, for a product of nine.
      (((The number in the group to the power of the number in the group
      would equal the total number of individuals in the universe of
      members.))) Noone in the universe would possibly want to be left
      out. Groups, as appropriate to politics, would have much more time
      to better get to know each other. Old world, derivative, elitist,
      group-focused instead of individual-focused, proportionality will not
      work here. It would not be necessary that all this communing take
      place by computer. Nor face-to-face either, for that matter, possibly
      not even that the computer be used to do the difficult task of
      selecting the groups. Unless one might think that any kind of
      Complete Democracy would not produce the same in the twin of an eye,
      as apparently is the case, closer to the collectivist heartland.
      Preferentiality is the solution to all the world's ills. All human
      evil is due to the out of phase fluctuations of population & food
      supply, from the first time the first hunter remembered the first
      fight over stray injured game in the first bad year. Noone alive is
      responsible for the situation they find themselves in, excepting
      perhaps what they do in response to this invitation. Polling
      indicates that the American people are much more fair & moderate than
      our present outcome, in the best sense, & way more deserving, for
      instance, than of a health planner that was not creative enough to be
      co-op, (but rather Sexy had to try peddle to the metal first thing
      right out of the gate & die aborning). In Israel it would allow the
      nation to have a weather eye on its self-defense without having to
      cave in to the religionist extremists, & the same among the Arabs, &
      thereby end all excuse for all governments to keep arms, which will
      take one third of the world production & pass it from dead end non-
      productive arms making to actually useful true investment. In the US
      it will make the Pro-Lifers irrelevant. & there is no more important
      issue than women's total control over their own bodies. It is the
      sine qua non. No outcome amounts to anything so long as it does not
      obtain. Overpopulation will just eat up any gains otherwise made.
      In the world in general it would allow the common man to overcome all
      the scheming patriarchical feudalisms pitting each against the other.
      But it will not ever result in anything resembling kowtows to the
      instant runoff while eyeing Statehood for the District of Columbia,
      but rather organic, human scale bioregionalism. Also, it will result
      in the end of the Freed-um destroying Police-Industrial-State Drug
      (Civil) War. It will also result in a market-based solution being
      instantaneously offered for every social program inevitably to be
      suggested from the left. Perhaps, it will lead to true justice: the
      once & future great committee in the sky of, proportionally one male
      & female of each of the three consenting age groups of literate,
      householder & elder, of each of the four tribes of man, African,
      Oriental, Desert & Nordic, & of each of the three body types of
      jungle, mountain & plains. Or random, chosen-at-birth, advisory,
      publicized, lifetime sinecures, who will be feted all their lives &
      sought after for wisdom & guidance like democracy's answers to the
      Dalai Lama (may he rest in peace). Surely, it will result in the
      elimination of the unconvincing extremes of politics (unless they can
      win by argument what now the take by gangsterism), the selection of
      candidates more exactly in the middle, the settling of more questions
      at a time than who's worse, & total instantaneous subtlefaction & the
      fulfillment of everyone' most heartfelt dreams. If you're paranoid,
      though how one could be afraid to be top dead center is implausible
      as can be, start your own. Or goto FairVote.org. Or join the
      Preferential Party, who's only plank & bylaw is preferentiality.
      Form a green or dem or rep or libertarian preferential caucus. Seize
      the Day! Do not think that we will wait forever. Well, we want our
      Tue Mar 5, 2002 6:26 pm
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