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Great letters and editorials in Missoula

There have been some great letters to editors and editorials in Missoula this month. Great job to the writers! I have posted them below for everyone's
Oct 7, 2005

Do we know anyone in Helena?

I was reading that Helena is the new headquarters of a new national political youth group. So, if someone can start some IRV organizing there, the leaders of
Aug 28, 2005

IRV progressing nationwide, starting in Missoula

1st of all, this group really needs a another volunteer to help approve messages quickly. It's really time to start getting something in the local news, like
Jun 26, 2005

Hope for Lake County IRV progress this summer?

have any politicians expressed support? anyone want to write a letter to the papers? I am coming through Spokane in June, so I would love to swing through
Jun 10, 2005

Why IRV effectively prevents close polarized elections

( a repost from the WA IRV list) ... (by recounting minor party 1st-choice ballots) In fact, IRV does solve the larger problem much more effectively: Close
Jan 9, 2005

local IRV events for Lake County speakers to apear?

I bet Montana IRV will get rolling statewide when some of the people involved have time to tour the state a little and appear at election reform events to
Jan 9, 2005

Montana should help lead nation on IRV -speak up!

I was just reading about the 3-way contested house seat. What a mess. Obviously, the 7 voters wanted to vote for either of two people, but they were not
Dec 30, 2004

ongoing Diebold saga

in NY Times today see also http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2003/10/21/2367/2543 for copies of the files Sharing Pits Copyright Against Free Speech By JOHN
Nov 3, 2003

missoula IRV action?

Hello Montana IRVers: I am new to this list and Montana, but I did some IRV activism in Ohio (most of which seems to be fizzling). Anyway, I remember that
Edwin Price
Sep 22, 2003

IRV denied - from SF Chronicle 8/21/03

Judge denies instant election runoff Though illegal, S.F. voters' wish not granted for Nov. 4 mayoral ballot Rachel Gordon, San Francisco Chronicle Aug 21,
Aug 22, 2003

IRV - Rovics

Download or listen in its entirety. Lots of other great stuff by the artist there as well. All for free :-) "IRV"
Aug 22, 2003

CA 37 and 38

Should go down here like similar laws did in Idaho and other places. Still can't believe folks voted for this mess. EH Report says new initiative process may
Nov 25, 2002

Goldwater's Ghost in the Voting Machines?

Published on Saturday, November 16, 2002 by CommonDreams.org Goldwater's Ghost in the Voting Machines? by Thom Hartmann Computers in the electoral process
Nov 17, 2002

Same Day Voter Registration, IRV, and Other Election Reforms

Howdy all, With this election behind us, and looking forward to 2004, I'm hearing increased interest in election reform. I've heard the most talk about Same
Matt Singer
Nov 10, 2002

Fw: Barrett - McChesney article

For the online version visit: http://www.greenpages.ws/v6i3/displayarticle.php?mediaId=587 Greens' future depends on passing IRV We base this memo on three
John Q. Murray
Nov 3, 2002
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