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Re: Libertarians add IRV and PR to platform

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  • zoezidbeck
    Below, the actual quote & from 00. I announced it to a dozen groups on street corners waiting for the light in Manhattan on my bikeride home, so of course
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 6, 2002
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      Below, the actual quote & from '00. I announced it to a dozen groups
      on street corners waiting for the light in Manhattan on my bikeride
      home, so of course next I had to check it out. Yahoo!

      National Platform of the Libertarian Party
      Adopted in Convention, July 2000, Anaheim, CA
      III. Domestic Ills
      Election Laws
      Electoral systems matter. The predominant use of "winner-take-all"
      elections in gerrymandered, single-member districts fosters political
      monopolies and creates a substantial government-imposed barrier to
      election of non-incumbent political parties and candidates. We
      propose electoral systems that are more representative of the
      electorate at the federal, state, and local levels, such as
      proportional voting systems with multi-member districts for
      legislative elections and instant runoff voting (IRV) for single
      winner elections.
      The Australian ballot system, introduced into the United States in
      the late nineteenth century, is an abridgement of freedom of
      expression and of voting rights. Under it, the names of all the
      officially approved candidates are printed in a single government
      sponsored format and the voter indicates his or her choice by marking
      it or by writing in an approved but unlisted candidate's name. We
      should return to the previous electoral system where there was no
      official ballot or candidate approval at all, and therefore no state
      or federal restriction of access to a "single ballot." Instead,
      voters submitted their own choices and had the option of
      using "tickets" or cards printed by candidates or political parties.
      In order to grant voters a full range of choice in federal, state,
      and local elections, we propose the addition of the alternative "None
      of the above is acceptable" to all ballots. We further propose that
      in the event that "none of the above is acceptable" receives a
      plurality of votes in any election, either the elective office for
      that term should remain unfilled and unfunded, or there shall be a
      new election in which none of the losing candidates shall be eligible.
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