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Saint Paul petition for IRV to be blocked from the ballot?

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  • Tom Ruen
    In regards to recent news: http://www.tcdailyplanet.net/article/2008/06/28/irv-dead-or-alive.html I found the St Paul city attorney 10-page statement as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2008
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      In regards to recent news:
      I found the St Paul city attorney 10-page statement as a scanned PDF:
      A worthy read for anyone interested, multifaceted, even if the "constitutionality" issue stands tallest.
      It is basically a defensive position, not claiming directly IRV is unconstitutional, BUT concluding that the 1915 State Supreme court judgment against a different (Bucklin system) also may have categorically ruled against IRV. It unless the State Constitution is amended to explicitly allow IRV.
      It hurts my brain to imagine a consistent argument that makes IRV unconstitutional UNLESS nonpartisan top-two primaries are also judged unconstitutional as well, since BOTH systems give voters two votes in one election.
      In fact, the only complain I have with the IRV/BetterBallot movement is the elimination of the nonpartisan primaries. Two candidates in the general election may be "too few", but I think a primary round that could reduce a field of 12 candidates down to 3-4 would be worth, even if only 5% care to vote in the primary since those 5% are the voters most likely willing to research and offer informed vote among so many chouces.
      I hope St Paul gets IRV on the ballot. It doesn't seem like the St Paul attorney or city council members are "anti-IRV" even if they may be "anti-change". The sitting council benefited by the current system, benefitted from low-turn out primaries where their supporters had extra influence.
      Tom Ruen
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