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$5 for CVD in five minutes; Alaska campaign needs your help

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  • Dan Johnson-Weinberger
    Hi all, If you do this web poll for Stanford University, they will donate $5 from the research project s budget to the Center for Voting and Democracy
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2002
      Hi all,

      If you do this web poll for Stanford University, they will donate $5 from
      the research project's budget to the Center for Voting and Democracy
      (www.fairvote.org). You have to do it by Wednesday, though, so click on it
      right now! It takes about five or six minutes (which means your time is then
      valued at $100 an hour -- not bad!)

      The research project is www.mostcredible.org -- click here and start the
      five minute project so that CVD will get $5.

      And this isn't one of those Internet hoaxes -- this is a Stanford University
      Web Research Project and they are trying to get people to participate by
      giving them a choice of ten different non-profits to get their $5 donation.
      It doesn't cost you a thing, and it will help the movement for instant
      runoff voting.

      Speaking of which, the election in Alaska to implement instant runoff voting
      is two weeks away. . . . .your help is needed! Email me at djw@...
      for a list of phone numbers and names to call, and I'll send you a script.
      Donate to the campaign -- here is the campaign website:

      Go directly to paypal to donate to the campaign:

      And tell your local political reporter about the campaign -- maybe you can
      get a story on the Alaska campaign in your local newspaper or radio station.

      Also, tell your local elected officials about the Alaska campaign -- this is
      interesting stuff to elected officials, and you might get their attention
      enough that they'll introduce an IRV bill next session, or help to pass one
      out of committee. This is a newsworthy event for the next two weeks, so
      let's take full advantage of the opportunity to spread the word on instant
      runoff voting to the people who have the ability to implement it.

      Again, www.mostcredible.org is the Stanford University research project
      website to click on before Wednesday to give the Center for Voting and
      Democracy five dollars.

      Dan Johnson-Weinberger
      National Field Director
      Center for Voting and Democracy
      312.587.7060 (office)
      312.933.4890 (mobile)
      Electing a legislature?
      Use proportional voting in three-member districts so all voters have a
      Electing an executive like governor, mayor or president?
      Use instant runoff voting so the winner has a majority mandate and no
      vote is wasted
      "Those who are saying it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are
      doing it." Chinese proverb
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