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Re: IRV in California

remove me from your distribution list. ... From: Blair Bobier To: instantrunoffhi@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2011 3:47 PM Subject: RE:
Lawrence Bartley
Jan 16, 2011

Re: IRV in California

Remove me from your distribution list ... From: Lahi To: InstantRunoffHI@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2011 3:31 PM Subject: [InstantRunoffHI] IRV
Lawrence Bartley
Jan 16, 2011

Re: IRV in California

The author of the article has presented a very one-sided analysis of IRV. I was in the Bay Area and actively involved with the implementation of IRV there.
Blair Bobier
Jan 16, 2011

IRV in California

Jan 16, 2011

Re: Hawaii IRV Bills

Heather, Thank you for your reply, and for your good work. Please let me know if FairVote can be of assistance: erik@... Erik Connell FairVote
Feb 10, 2009

Re: Hawaii IRV Bills

Erik, SB 670 is the same bill Senator Ihara has introduced over the last several years. We will be trying to get a public hearing by the Senate Judiciary and
Heather Bolan
Feb 10, 2009

Hawaii IRV Bills

Does anyone have any information about the following two bills, which have been introduced in the Hawaii House and Senate, respectively: HB 1410 Regular
Feb 9, 2009

Re: Spammer is gone; leadership in Hawaii needed

Hi everyone, was looking to connect with others in hawaii interesed in electoral reform and IRV. Whats the status of this email list? Thank you, Blake Drolson
Mar 17, 2007

Spammer is gone; leadership in Hawaii needed

Hi all, I've removed zoezidbeck from this list (whoever s/he is) and have changed our settings to moderate new members, so hopefully that won't happen again.
Dan Johnson-Weinberger
Oct 1, 2002

Why McCain Supported "IRV"

Speed {Dating} Politics & the PreferentialBallotPartyDotOrg "Gotta Be In Somebody's Interest" Speed {Dating} Politics & the Preferential Ballot Party Dot Org
Sep 30, 2002

McCain supports IRV; more press; CVD's statement

Silver lining time, everybody! The campaign to slowly build the consensus for instant runoff voting continues. Our latest convert: Senator John McCain! You can
Dan Johnson-Weinberger
Aug 28, 2002

We need you now to WIN in Alaska -- make 10 phone calls

This is crunch time for the national instant runoff voting movement. Alaska votes Tuesday. We could WIN this election. Polls show the vote to be very close,
Dan Johnson-Weinberger
Aug 23, 2002

$5 for CVD in five minutes; Alaska campaign needs your help

Hi all, If you do this web poll for Stanford University, they will donate $5 from the research project's budget to the Center for Voting and Democracy
Dan Johnson-Weinberger
Aug 12, 2002


PREFERENTIALITY: Breaking the Logjam This Is The Path To Instant Subtlefaction, TOP DEAD CENTER, Can't Lose, Gotta Be In Somebody's Interest, all Justice AND
Jun 19, 2002

(no subject)

Hello, I found this group through a link of a political party. Even after reading about Instan run off, I don't understand the idea. Could someone here
Miles Hull
Jun 1, 2002
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