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New IRVsurveys.com website, IRV strategies

1: With lots of help, we finally have a free IRV "survey" site with the some features to make it easier to use so that more people will vote in multiple
Sep 8, 2011

Georgia can be an IRV leader in Atlanta

Can anyone help start planning an IRV rally in Atlanta? I know some people who can probably show up and help. I can send you lots of flyers and T-shirts for
Oct 12, 2009

Action to Take on Ranked Absentee Ballots

Action to Take on Ranked Absentee Ballots Earlier this month, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee signed legislation providing for overseas military voters to
Apr 6, 2005

Fwd: [instantrunoff] Strong commentary on using IRV rather than run

... http://www.macon.com/mld/macon/news/opinion/9311476.htm ... ===== Dan Johnson-Weinberger www.djw.info Director, Midwest Democracy Center 312.587.7060
Dan Johnson-Weinberger
Aug 4, 2004

Re: Introduction. Hi y'all.

Jerry, welcome to the list. There were last time I checked just a few people on this list--including I believe Hugh Esco of Ga. Green Party. Georgia's Greens
John Huie
Apr 20, 2004

Introduction. Hi y'all.

Is this list still active? I recently became aware of IRV, and after some research, I am now an activist/supporter. I will be spreading the word, and hope that
J. Tyler
Apr 8, 2004

Fwd: AFL-CIO Statement on New Poverty and Income Numbers

If you missed the presidents' press secretary mumbling about these numbers on Thursday, you missed quite a show... The next democratic party meeting is on
    Madelyn Powell
    Mar 4, 2004
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    Re: Legal Guide to Voting Reform in GA

    Jeff: I just gave this a quick read. This seems like a fairly comprehensive summary of the current constitutional and statutory framework. I would add to
    Hugh Esco
    Jul 29, 2003

    Legal Guide to Voting Reform in GA

    Dear Georgia Voting Reform Activists, I am a law student and a summer legal intern with the Center for Voting and Democracy. One of my projects this summer is
      Jeffrey O'Neill
      Jul 28, 2003
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      Amicus Curiae?

      A little late this time, but I am wondering if legal cases like the following redistricting appeal might not be a good place to make the case for proportional
        John Huie
        May 1, 2003
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        Voter Choice Coalition Action Request

        Here is a good summary of current ballot access/ proportional representation efforts in Georgia: Georgians for Voter Choice: Please forward to other voters
        John Huie
        Mar 18, 2003

        Re: IRV what is being done?

        Sadly Georgia has among the most restrictive ballot access laws. There is even a law passed by Democrats allowing elections to be won with less than 50% (I
        John Huie
        Dec 5, 2002

        Re: IRV what is being done?

        Lots to do -- contact your state legislators this month and ask them to introduce some IRV legislation! Maybe you can get a little group together. Are there
        Dan Johnson-Weinberger
        Dec 5, 2002

        IRV what is being done?

        I just recently moved to Atlanta and got this link off the Center for voting and Democracy. I was hoping to get involved. Is there any real push for this type
        Dec 5, 2002


        Anybody out there in Northeast Georgia? I live in Athens, am pretty active locally, hope there are others around. Madelyn
        Madelyn Powell
        Oct 25, 2002
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