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  • WATAYLOR10@aol.com
    ... MINOR PARTY DILEMMA On June 28, 2001 I read an article in the Denver Post, written by Peter Finn of the Washington Post, which, with subsequent research
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      Hi Wayne,
      I am sorry to hear that.  Part of the challenge for us, reform activists, is to pick things that can be achieved and make a difference.  You could be the leader that IRV in Colorado is lacking ... if you choose to.  I will help, but I will not lead.


      On June 28, 2001 I read an article in the Denver Post, written by Peter Finn of the Washington Post, which, with subsequent research led me to believe that the only options the American People have to retain their freedoms is to take up arms to preserve our “condition of being free” as allowed by the 2nd Amendment or to talk the Joint Chiefs of Staff into declaring martial law.  In either case the objective would be to return our now-corporate-controlled government to the People.  The June 28 article reported on a final decision by the International Court of Justice.  As reported, the US was found guilty of violating international law as well as guilty of ignoring a 1999 “Interim Decision.”   It appears that the Court’s interim decisions constitute “International law” until the court rescinds them.  This type of “law” is the vary reason our forefathers brought forth on this continent a new nation.  It takes only minor “reading between the lines,” but there is no doubt after reading the article that; the effort I had could expend (promoting the Reform Party or a myriad of other “worthwhile” causes) would be as well spent if I went fishing.  Since then I have spent considerable effort to understand the status of the UN effort for creation of a “(dictatorial) One World Government.”  What I know or think I know includes:

      •     The US has signed many treaties pledging our support of the UN.  This undoubtedly includes a pledge that we will be subject to the One World Government (OWG) rule when 60 or more nations sign treaties in support of the One World Government Constitution.
      •     We came under the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice when we signed the first treaty creating the UN.
      •     A year or more ago it was reported in the Reform Party E-mail messages that the OWG constitution was being prepared at a university in Chicago.  My understanding was that the constitution was to be distributed for review by the UN member nations by now.
      •     With as many nations as hate us, it should be a cinch to get 60 signatures.
      •     To have complied with the 1999 Interim Decision our President or the Supreme Court would have had to declare the “State’s Rights” and the US citizens sovereignty elements of our constitution and Declaration of Independence Null and Void.  (The article contains a quote from Claus Kress, a senior researcher at the Department of international criminal law at Cologne University – “My reading is that there is an obligation on the US to organize its criminal justice system to ensure there are no violation of international treaties.”)
      •     The UN has adopted a “Bill of Rights” (currently appended to the UN Charter) patterned after the US Bill of Rights with some very important exceptions.  Our 2nd Amendment was not included; thus, we will have no right to defend our freedoms under international law.  All other articles of our Bill of Rights had a very important sentence added which says laws can be passed nullifying the rights.
      •     Since as ordinary citizens, of the US, we are not allowed to know what treaties we have signed in the support of he UN, we can only guess at a timetable for creation of the “One World Government.”  We may have 5 or, perhaps a few more, years before we will be “up the creek.”

      If we want our grandchildren to be free, we must find a way to throw out our Corporate controlled government before we are “up the creek.”  Without access to the Corporate controlled media, that is going to be difficult.  But; unless we accomplish that task, all of the activities I might work on, to make this a better world for our grandchildren, are meaningless.

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