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Colorado voting reform - how do we proceed?

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  • Jan Kok
    My Fellow Voting Reformers, As some of you know, CO State Rep. John Kefalas s voting reform bill, the Voter Choice Act HB07-1162, was killed in the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2007
      My Fellow Voting Reformers,

      As some of you know, CO State Rep. John Kefalas's voting reform bill,
      the Voter Choice Act HB07-1162, was killed in the Appropriations
      Committee. However, Speaker of the House, Andrew Romanoff has
      resuscitated it by - as I understand it - paying for the legislative
      services from his own budget. Kefalas is planning monthly meetings of
      a committee to study various voting methods and make recommendations
      to the 2008 Assembly on how to implement better voting methods in
      Colorado's elections. He is requesting feedback.

      Below, there is an invitation to join COVoterChoice group, and a start
      of a discussion about how we should proceed. Please send any replies
      to this email either to me, jan.kok.5y@... or to
      COVoterChoice@... . If you reply to me, I may pass your
      message on to the COVoterChoice group unless you request that I don't.


      If you have any interest at all in voting reform in Colorado, please
      join the COVoterChoice group, which is intended for discussions
      related to State Rep. John Kefalas's Voter Choice Act.

      To join the group, go to http://groups.google.com/group/COVoterChoice
      and click on "Join this group" on the right-hand menu.

      COVoterChoice is a Google group. Google groups are similar in concept
      to Yahoo groups. You can send mail to all members of the group by
      sending to COVoterChoice@... . Any mail you receive from
      the group has "[COVoterChoice]" at the beginning of the title, so it's
      easy to skip over it if you don't have time to read it.

      Please join! Your interest and participation is much appreciated!

      How do we proceed?

      How should this group proceed? I suggest we prepare at least two bills
      to be introduced in the 2008 legislative session:

      1. A bill that focuses on changes needed to get rid of the spoiler
      effect for the Nov 2008 election, including the all-important
      presidential election. The bill would effectively convert state and
      federal level elections in Colorado to Approval Voting. Please see
      http://groups.google.com/group/COVoterChoice/msg/796ae606e14ebb6d for
      more details about why we should do this.

      2. A bill that makes changes needed to implement one or more Advanced
      Voting Methods (AVMs, such as IRV, Approval Voting, Range Voting,
      Proportional Representation) probably after 2008.

      There are several Colorado Libertarians and several out of state
      voting reformers who are in favor of item #1. I'd like to hear from
      other Coloradoans and from IRV supporters. Do you/will you support
      item #1? If not, why not?

      - Jan
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