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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2006

      IRVictories are paving the way to an IRV America ... It's the way democracy will be and you can help make it happen. Get involved in our new IRVictories Campaign today!
      Why we need IRVictories

      Three is a crowd in our current voting system. Our plurality election process, where the candidate with the most votes wins, becomes dysfunctional when more than two candidates seek one office. It promotes zero-sum politics that discourage new candidates, suppresses new ideas and encourages negative campaigns rather than inclusive efforts to build coalitions and consensus.

      In contrast, instant runoff voting (IRV) elects candidates who have majority support, accommodates voters having better choices and encourages winning candidates to reach out to more people. Join with us in our campaign for an IRV America, make an IRVictory happen today.

      The IRV America program advances instant runoff voting (IRV) through research, outreach and advocacy. We assist in every step of what it takes to implement IRV from, initial community education to researching past elections and laws, advising campaigns and assisting implementation. We also help with increasing understanding of IRV through its use in student elections, online voting and much more.

      Each time a letter to the editor about IRV is published, a candidate is asked about IRV during a debate, or a local charter commission forms--an IRVictory is made. These victories are already adding up. Keep reading to find out how you can contribute to the momentum of a national movement to eliminate the spoiler effect and ensure future generations get a chance to cast a fair vote.  


      IRV and Ranked Voting: Undefeated in 2006
      Big wins in Oakland, Davis, Minneapolis, Pierce County

      IRV Wins!

      IRV and ranked choice voting advocates celebrated on November 7th with big winning percentages of 69% in Oakland (CA), 65% in Minneapolis (MN), 56% in Davis (CA) and 53% in Pierce County (WA) - with the three binding votes to go to IRV averaging more than 62% in jurisdictions with an average of more than a half million people.

      The wins in Davis and Minneapolis marked the first ballot measure wins for choice voting, the proportional voting version of IRV, in a half-century. Stay tuned for a full FairVote report on the victories and state and congressional elections that underscore the value of IRV in our politics. Since instant runoff voting's ground-breaking win in March 2002 in San Francisco, it has been on the ballot in eight cities and counties. The result? 8-0.

      Stay tuned for more victories in 2007!

      NEW: [New America's Steven Hill on the growing popularity of IRV nationwide]
      NEW: [Minneapolis Star-Trib calls for statewide IRV by 2010]
      NEW: [FairVote's campaign roundup with results]
      [FairVote's IRVictory Fund]
      [FairVote's post-election press release]

      Ten Stories About Election '06
      FairVote Report Highlights What The Polls Won't Show

      At a press conference today in Washington, DC, FairVote executive director Rob Richie discussed a wide-ranging new report, Ten Stories About Election '06: What You Won't Learn From the Polls. The report is based on the analysis presented in Monopoly Politics 2006. Look for our initial release of Monopoly Politics 2008 - in which we project winners and victory margins in as many as 350 House races to take place in November 2008 - later this week, along with a full analysis of competitiveness trends in the 2006 elections.

      Ten Stories is a series of short essays on aspects of the election such as: how Democrats may lose Congress despite winning the national popular vote; which incumbent House Members are "untouchable;" the external and internal challenges created by political geography for Democrats; impactful third party candidacies; and potential changes in representation of women.

      [Monopoly Politics 2006]
      [Special Report: 10 Stories About Election '06]

      Will Your State Be the Florida of 2008?
      Visit FairVote's Democracy SoS and learn about this November's Secretary of State Races
      Florida 2000 RecountThis November, voters in 25 states will elect their chief elections officials - but most have not paid much attention to these races. Though the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections turned attention to the role of secretaries of state, these races have still taken a back seat to the higher-profile U.S. House and Senate contests.

      In order to support reforms aimed at achieving fair and uniform elections at the state level, FairVote has created the Democracy SoS Project. This resource includes information on the chief election official(s) in every state as well as the electoral responsibilities of their office and how the office is filled. We provide you information on each state's candidates, as well as their answers to our candidate questionnaire. Inform yourself this November to prevent your state from becoming the Florida of 2008.

      [ Democracy SoS ]
      [ FairVote Blog Introduction to Democracy SoS ]

      Editorial Sweep for IRV Campaigns
      Each of Four Initiatives Goes To Voters With Major Endorsement

      The November campaigns for instant runoff voting won another round of high-profile endorsements this week. Now, with the Oakland Tribune endorsing Measure O in that city, every single ballot initiative will go to voters on November 7 with the backing of at least one major regional paper.

      Moreover the campaigns have generated three superb flash animations, all available on YouTube.com.

      Minneapolis (MN): Star-Tribune, Minnesota Daily
      Oakland (CA): Oakland Tribune, Ming Pao Daily
      Davis (CA): Sacramento Bee, California Aggie
      Pierce Co. (WA): Tacoma News Tribune, Peninsula Gateway (NEW)

      [ 2006 IRV Hot Spots ]
      [ IRV Flash animations from FairVote, Pierce, Minneapolis ]

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