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Re: [InstantRunoffCO] IRV and other reforms

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  • Marc Cittone
    Re: [InstantRunoffCO] IRV and other reformsI agree with Ron. I think the most likely supporters are mainstream officials who may be threatened by third
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 28, 2004
      Re: [InstantRunoffCO] IRV and other reforms
      I agree with Ron.  I think the most likely supporters are "mainstream" officials who may be "threatened" by third party candidates: i.e. here in the Boulder area Dems may feel a little uncomfortable about the Green vote.  So I'd say try Alice Madden and Tom Plant in the House (I think), and Ron Tupa in the Senate, as well as Andrew Romanoff (house?) from Denver.  Any ideas who else might be supportive?  Maybe we should compile a list of susceptible representatives ... also since Denver elects mainly by district (which I don't think is the best idea but anyway ...) maybe we should target the Denver city council?  And Boulder county?  Are there other councils that might have problems of 3-way races ... I'm thinking in the mtns where libertarians are strong ... how about other people on this list?  What's the situation like where you are?
      I am semi-active in the Boulder Dems so I have met a few of the candidates and have chances to meet our reps ..
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      From: Ron Hill
      Sent: Sunday, February 29, 2004 8:15 PM
      Subject: Re: [InstantRunoffCO] IRV and other reforms

      Marc - (and all)

      OK and I guess that is where we differ.  

      This is too important to just try to get Green or Libertarian support.

      It is time to go mainstream, Democrat and Republican support.
      Realistically, probably Democrat support first.
      Although I understand that the Republican Party supported IRV in Alaska and South Carolina (?)

      And, as in all politics, timing is the key.
      I think the time is in the very near future, at the right political moment.
      And we must be organized and prepared to pick the right time and place.

      Ronald Hill

      Oh, And Andrew Romanoff has introduced election reform legislation in the

      Maybe we could try to get both someone from a district with many greens
      (Boulder) and someone froma district with many libertarians (?mountain
      areas) to co-sponsor a bill?


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      From: "Dan Johnson-Weinberger" <proportionalrepresentation@...>
      To: <InstantRunoffCO@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Sunday, February 29, 2004 6:10 PM
      Subject: Re: [InstantRunoffCO] IRV and other reforms

      > I disagree with that go-slow approach. I think introducing the concept of
      > instant runoff voting to an elected official is a three-minute exercise,
      > the sooner we start, the better.
      > Legislators have a job: listen to constituents. So constituents have a
      > talk to legislators.
      > Let's get talking.
      > >From: Ron Hill <hillwright@...>
      > >Reply-To: InstantRunoffCO@yahoogroups.com
      > >To: <InstantRunoffCO@yahoogroups.com>
      > >Subject: Re: [InstantRunoffCO] IRV and other reforms
      > >Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 16:54:54 -0700
      > >
      > > > So: who can get a hold of an elected official to introduce an IRV bill
      > >in a
      > > > city or a state? I don't think we've had one in Colorado yet.
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > Hello Dan (and all) -
      > > >
      > > > I think we should prepare a presentation package and speakers and
      > >a
      > > > speaking tour of groups and organizations.
      > > > Especially those that are attended by legislators.
      > > >
      > > > Groups such as The Interfaith Alliance, League of Women Voters, etc.
      > >Later,
      > > > Rotary Clubs, and other civic organizations.
      > > >
      > > > This is such a busy year right now with the presidential election,
      > >Senate and
      > > > House races, partisan animosity inside the statehouse, etc.
      > > > Legislators are doing their best right now just keeping up.
      > > >
      > > > After we see the results of November’s election at least we will know
      > >then if
      > > > we are gaining or losing the big picture.
      > > >
      > > > First we should put together an intelligent presentation and aim to
      > > > someone’s ear before next session and next year’s election.
      > > > Then try to have the issue established and out in front of people
      > >the
      > > > governor’s race in two years.
      > > >
      > > > I personally can help with a PowerPoint presentation, but I see it as
      > >taking
      > > > about 2-3 months to get it all together and pull together ideas.
      > > > Maybe a small group (committee?) should start with a couple of
      > > > meetings.
      > > > You are welcome to come here our house in South Jefferson (near
      > >Columbine) to
      > > > get started.
      > > >
      > > > Ronald Hill
      > >       Littleton
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