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Freebies 3rd March

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    Dear Members Here is the Selection of Freebies for Tuesday 3rd March! Keep checking the World Freebies section. There you will find items that can be
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2009
      Dear Members

      Here is the Selection of Freebies for Tuesday 3rd March!

      Keep checking the 'World Freebies' section. There you will find items that can be obtained by anyone, in any country! We are doing our very best to continually expand the selection. Don't forget to look at previous freebie pages, for a wider selection!

      Help your family and friends by forwarding this email to them. In the present economic climate, they will definately appreciate the thought!

      To view the new page, simply click on the link below:


      We hope you enjoy today's selection of freebies!

      Freebie Admin

      Useful Membership Notes:

      1. Please Note: 80% of the freebies we list in our pages require little or no more than a delivery address to collect your freebie. You will ALWAYS find plenty of great stuff to collect free, on every page we create!. The remaining 20% of freebies listed are BIG FREEBIE OFFERS and may require some sort of participation, a survey or sometimes, even a small purchase.

      2. If you are new to our club, we suggest you take a minute of your time to read (click on text link) the info page at the top of each new freebie page. There are some good pointers there!

      3. Cannot find the new page? AOL & Netscape are once again having technical problems with their browsers (typical!) and members who use these browsers rather then the normal Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers, may be unable to view the new freebie pages (some people are getting 404 errors: page cannot be found!). We suggest that you open a NORMAL Internet Explorer browser to view the new pages, or try: Freebiesave (dot com) which is another site that shows our listings!

      4. If you have joined one of our Freebie VIP Clubs with Google, and are still getting a duplicate message from the temporary Yahoo group you initially joined, we suggest that you log into Yahoo groups, open the freebie group, then, near the top of the page (in the middle) you will see the text: 'Edit Membership', click on this, then go to bottom of page on the right and you will see a button that says: 'Leave Group', click this, then click the confirm button on the next page. You will then recieve no more messages from that group!
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