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Workshop on honorific epigraphy at Tours 6 April

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  • vannijf
    CIVIC HONOURS - LES HONNEURS CIVIQUES The politics of honour in the Greek cities of Roman Imperial times (http://www.honneurs-civiques.org/en/) invites you to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2013
      The politics of honour in the Greek cities of Roman Imperial times
      invites you to a workshop in Tours on 6 April 2013

      The collective research project "Civic honours" is concerned with the system of public honours that Greek cities bestowed upon their good citizens and foreign benefactors (praise, crown, statue, prohedria, public funerals, and so on). The aim of the project is to study the development of this system, and in particular the rise of honorific monuments, during the Imperial period (1st-3d c. AD), when the Greek world had become part of the Roman Empire. Co-directed by Anna Heller and Onno van Nijf, this international project brings together scholars from France, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, who employ various approaches and methods: epigraphy, archaeology, literature, linguistic theory… After several workshops in France, Greece and the Netherlands, a final international conference, scheduled for the Spring of 2014, will gather all participants and will be followed by the publication of a collective volume. (See for a report on Athens workshop of 2 February 2013:

      Admission is free. If you want to attend the Tours workshop, please contact one of the organizers: Anna Heller: anna.heller@... or Onno van Nijf: o.m.van.nijf@..., with a copy to Camille Prieux: cethis@....


      10h30 Welcome and introduction by Anna Heller and Onno van Nijf

      10h45 François Chausson : Un hommage de Sardes à un notable local : une histoire de famille

      11h30 Gabrielle Frija : Les honneurs des cités d'Asie aux proches des gouverneurs

      12h15 Éric Guerber : Curateurs de cités et honneurs civiques

      13h00 Lunch break

      15h00 Henri Fernoux et Anne Gangloff : Les honneurs et leur gestion chez Dion de Pruse

      16h00 Sophie Lalanne : Deux siècles d'honneurs civiques au prisme du roman grec

      16h45 Coffee break

      17h15 Christophe Hugoniot : Les honneurs civiques dans la vie municipale africaine

      18h00 General discussion

      18h30 Apéritif dînatoire

      Université François-Rabelais
      3, rue des Tanneurs 37000 Tours
      Extension salle 9

      Onno van Nijf - University of Groningen
      Anna Heller - Université François-Rabelais, Tours
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