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619Re: [Inscriptiones-l] PHI site and Java problems on Mac Maverick

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  • Scot Mcphee
    Oct 26, 2013
      You'll probably need to ask the packhum people when they will move off reliance on Java applets. By default I don't allow Java applets; usually any site that expects me to use embedded an Java program I simply won't use.���� And I'm a Java programmer, so I've got all the Java tools installed by default.���� Java applets are a well-known security hole.���� Mavericks doesn't change any of this.

      Also no one on an iPad or iPhone can use them either.

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      27 October 2013 16:14

      Like most MAC users on (I suppose) I have constant problems with the PHI site - due to their implementation of JAVA. You can still by-pass the JAVA blockage , but my browsers give out threatening messages that they will stop this sooner rather than later. Against this background:����can anybody tell me a) Whether the PHI site is still accessible and searchable from within the new OS Maverick? and b) Wether a non JAVA version of PHI is on the cards?


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