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607Is this an unusual form of qoppa?

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  • Chris Bennett
    Dec 28, 2012
    I have attached a file showing a photograph of a Ptolemaic tetradrachm.  In the left field of the reverse is a character which the auctioneers have interpreted as an open-topped form of the Greek letter qoppa, i.e. as the numeral 90.  The style of the obverse is consistent with this interpretation when this coin is compared with others that have a regular qoppa on the reverse, in the reverse P form.  However, so far I can find no other example of this character to confirm this interpretation.  Is it familiar to anyone on this list?  Either as a form of qoppa or as something completely different, possibly not even Greek?  Any epigraphic (or numismatic) examples would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, and best wishes to all for the New Year
    Chris Bennett
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