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  • Walter McKenzie
    Over 2,500 subscribers strong! INNOVATIVE TEACHING presented by Walter McKenzie - Creative Classroom Consulting Innovative staff development: Technology
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2000
      Over 2,500 subscribers strong!
      presented by
      Walter McKenzie - Creative Classroom Consulting
      Innovative staff development:
      Technology Applications, Multiple Intelligences,
      Curriculum Integration and Creative Education.
      Let's see what we can do for your staff!

      April 8, 2000

      The eGroups upgrade is complete and the newsletter home page looks better than ever. Stop by and see it at http://www.egroups.com/group/innovative-teaching! One of the challenges of integrating technology into your instructional practices is having at hand the supports and resources you will need to enjoy success. Here are some excellent teacher resources for just this purpose. Enjoy!

      Technology news, resources, curriculum, projects, units, chats, forums,
      staff development - known as ALI, this free site boasts close to 10,000
      subscribers and it is updated daily; if you're a MAC fan you need to
      check out this site for yourself

      CISCO EDUCATIONAL ARCHIVES - http://sunsite.unc.edu/cisco/
      The virtual schoolhouse, education network, and the new network
      operations center all combine to make this a vital teacher technology
      stop. Currently under re-design, but still up and running.

      COMMUNITY LEARNING NETWORK - http://www.cln.org/
      Designed to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into their
      classrooms; over 220 menu pages with more than 3,900 annotated links to
      educational WWW sites, as well as ten of their own useful local sites

      CO-NECT SCHOOLS - http://www.co-nect.com/
      Interactive, engaging topic-centered effort meant to approach
      professional development by integrating technology training with related
      training in standards, assessment, and project-based learning - nice format

      CONNECTING STUDENTS - http://www.connectingstudents.com/
      Simple design allows the user to easily find lesson plans, teacher
      resources, themes, units and child-appropriate links which help teachers
      integrate technology into their curriculum

      CYBERPLAYGROUND - http://www.edu-cyberpg.com/TOC.asp
      A great alchemy of instruction and technology, brought together just
      for teachers to make for truly worthwhile surfing - a must see site!

      DIGITAL EDUCATION NETWORK - http://www.actden.com/
      Wonderful ideas and approaches for using the Internet as part of your
      instruction - updated weekly! Individual "DEN's" include Math, Writing,
      News, Graphics, Astronomy, the Internet and TOEFL; tutorials too

      DISTANCE LEARNING RESOURCE NETWORK - http://www.wested.org/tie/dlrn/
      A product of the U.S. Department of Education Star Schools Program, this
      site promotes the use of distance education (the up and coming trend in
      instruction) in school classrooms; even offers a toll free number to
      contact the DLRN directly with your questions and ideas

      Education downloads on a variety of subjects - freeware and shareware as
      well as titles for purchase. Free newsletter too

      EDUCATION WEEK ON THE WEB - http://www.edweek.org/sreports/tc98/
      This issue focuses on "Putting School Technology to the Test" - all hot
      linked to the many features on this topic; excellent, thought provoking writing

      EDWEB - http://edweb.gsn.org/
      Hunt down on-line educational resources around the world, learn about
      trends in education policy and information infrastructure development,
      and examine success stories of computers in the classroom

      Well documented site with a nice matrix and fully-detailed criteria to
      make each stage of the process manageable; local links throughout the
      site to help you move along and practice evaluation of software at your
      own pace, in your own way

      FROM NOW ON - http://www.fromnowon.org/
      Jamie McKenzie's (no relation) outstanding journal on educational
      technology; cutting edge topics, thoughtful writing, and a practical
      outlook have helped make this site a premier stop for connected
      educators at all levels - if you want to be a part of the action FNO
      is a must read

      HTML GUIDES AND TUTORIALS - http://nuthinbutlinks.com
      Looking to create your own web site but not sure what the ins and outs
      of Hyper-Text Mark-up Language are? This site is an endless offering of
      online tutorials on HTML and its applications; learn by doing - it's the
      only way to master it!

      Susan Hixson's site celebrating creative teacher uses of the Internet;
      includes K-2 ideas and curricular areas of emphasis such as Language
      Arts, Social Studies and Science - clean format with direct access to information

      Sarah A. DiRuscio presents the six levels of Internet use in the
      classroom and then leads you into the rich Internet resources in Math
      and Science that can make the difference in your classroom instruction

      If you're not a member, you should be!

      INTERNET 101 - http://www.stimulus.com/education/internet101.html
      Still learning the ropes or ready to present an Internet overview to
      peers and colleagues? This may be the site for you. Simple to navigate
      and easy to understand - from the origins of the 'Net all the way up to
      programming and marketing

      Excellent self-teaching offerings on what Cindy O'Hora proclaims "the
      world's finest computer".  Tips and links, software reviews, and an
      extensive set of ClarisWorks lessons. The site is updated every
      Thursday, so there's always something new to discover. Nicely put together!

      Slick, professional, thought-provoking online periodical which requires
      the reader to actively think and assess the role of technology in the
      turn-of-the-century schools. Worth your while.

      MILLENIUM PROJECT - http://millennium.aed.org/
      The site claiming to be gathering the best practices for using the
      Internet in education - updates weekly with lots of ideas to guide you
      along the way, interactive activities, discussion boards, as well as a
      gazette and opportunity to receive advice from the experts

      NATIONAL SCHOOL NETWORK - http://nsn.bbn.com/
      A partnership of schools, museums, informal education centers,
      universities, research and development groups, corporations, small
      businesses, publishers, network service providers, and members of
      communities working on building state-of-the-art applications for
      networking in education

      An evolving site dedicated to technology integration in education with
      excellent links and current research on the topic of technology
      integration in K to 12 - practical and informative

      PLANET INNOVATION - http://planet.rtec.org/menu.html
      This site provides tools that assist school administrators and teachers
      in successfully planning, implementing, and evaluating technology; free
      registration provides you access with a wealth of resources - check it out!

      SCHOOLNOTES.COM - http://schoolnotes.com/
      Allows you to set up your own page for parents, students and colleagues
      to access and keep up to date with such varied announcements as homework
      assignments, event scheduling and professional opportunities (I use it
      for my students' nightly homework assignments); the service is free and
      it can be updated as often as you want to keep your audience informed

      MILLENAIRE - http://www.millennaire.com/
      The Third Millenium Project is a comprehensive look at technology
      resources on the web - take some time to sift through this site and you
      WILL surf away with something you can use

      UNTANGLING THE WEB - http://www.closeup.org/untangle.htm
      Presented by Alexander R. Jonas & Darren W. Minarik, this presentation
      is designed to help teachers and students develop criteria by which to
      evaluate Web sites for content and credibility - includes a PowerPoint
      presentation for your perusal

      VIDEOCONFERENCING FOR LEARNING - http://www.kn.pacbell.com/vidconf/
      Supports effective use of videoconferencing technology by providing
      basic information about videoconferencing technology and instructional
      applications as well as resources to help you link with other
      videoconferencing teachers, librarians, and content providers

      WEB TEACHER - http://www.webteacher.org/winexp/indextc.html
      Offered by the National Cable Television Association, this is an
      extensive site for teaching about every aspect of the Internet, from
      browser basics to JAVA and CGI-BIN - nicely done

      WEBWINDS - http://www.geocities.com/~webwinds/k12/links.htm
      Compiled by Tracy Marks, this page offers an exhaustive look at educator
      resources on the WWW for teaching about technology and teaching with technology

      A variety of links on web uses, resources and appropriate web use -
      quick and rewarding links

      Next week's topic: "Teacher Technology Sites"
      Please send in URL's of high quality sites which may be
      of interest to our readers to walter@...!
      Also, I'm always looking for new topic ideas and input!
      Find More Great Resources at the Innovative Teaching Website:
      This newsletter may be forwarded or copied as long as the
      header and signature information remain intact. Show a
      colleague about what you have found in Innovative Teaching!  =D
                                                        -©1999-2001 Walter McKenzie
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