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NPower tech assistance provider tools

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  • Deborah Elizabeth Finn
    Dear Colleagues, I d like to encourage you to check out these resources on the NPower web site! Best regards from Deborah Deborah Elizabeth Finn Nonprofit
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001
      Dear Colleagues,

      I'd like to encourage you to check out these resources on the NPower web

      Best regards from Deborah

      Deborah Elizabeth Finn
      Nonprofit Liaison Officer
      20 University Road
      Cambridge, MA 02138

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      From: Jennifer Bright [mailto:Jennifer@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2001 7:35 PM
      Subject: NPower tech assistance provider tools

      Hello All - I wanted to let you know about some new tools available on
      our Web site, and solicit feedback.

      As part of NPower's work with communities interested in initiating or
      expanding technology assistance services, we are developing a variety of
      toolkits - basically documentation and samples of NPower (Seattle)
      processes, tools and thinking around delivery of technology assistance
      to nonprofits. The main intent was to help "jump start" new NPower
      programs, but we'd like to contribute this work to the many samples and
      tools that have been shared in this community, in case they are of use
      to others as well.

      The toolkits include sample internal and customer tools, "think pieces"
      on managing different programs and services, process flows, and some
      links to outside resources. Most documents are in PDF and editable
      form, since the intent is for other organizations to edit these
      documents for their own use. Currently, we have posted the following
      toolkits (the first two have actually been up for a while):

      * Conducting a Community Assessment: For assessing technology
      assistance needs and resources at the community level. Sample focus
      group and interview protocols.

      * Planning Technology Assistance: Sample NPower business plan, a
      spreadsheet for modeling demand and service delivery, a primer on
      non-profit technology assistance.

      * Membership Program: Tools for managing membership systems in a
      membership-based organization, including sample process flows, forms,
      and communications materials.

      * Consulting Program: The largest toolkit at the moment. Sample
      process flows, project start guides, scopes of work, and communications
      materials; overviews of managing a consulting program and the consulting
      engagement process.

      * Training Program: Managing the many process details of a
      training program; private training tools, including sample start guide
      and scopes of work; sample communications and course evaluation
      materials. No curricula here yet.

      The Web link is
      http://www.npower.org/nationaloutreach/_toolkits/TA_Main.htm, or follow
      the "National Outreach" links from our main page.

      In addition to supplementing existing toolkits, still on the horizon
      are: training curricula for the Training Toolkit; toolkits on volunteer
      matching and intern programs; and a program evaluation toolkit.

      As the NPower Network grows, we look forward to the contributions of
      other NPower programs. We are also in the process of planning a major
      upgrade of our Web infrastructure, which will allow for a better
      database-driven interface for accessing these tools instead of the
      current table structure. A caveat: these documents have been created
      over the past year, so some specific information (e.g. fees) does not
      exactly match NPower's current business practices. The intent here is
      to create samples and examples, not an NPower Operations Manual.

      As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome and encouraged!

      - - Jennifer M. Bright
      Director of National Outreach
      NPower - Putting Technology Know-how in the Hands of Non-Profits
      The Nickerson Marina Building, 1080 West Ewing Place Suite 300
      Seattle WA 98119
      Phone (206) 286-8880 Fax (206) 286-8881
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