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Nonprofits, vendors, and the RFP process

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  • Deborah Elizabeth Finn
    Dear ISF Colleagues, I just published an article about the Request For Proposals process, also known as RFP. There are some tips (based on painful
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2012
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      Dear ISF Colleagues,

      I just published an article about the "Request For Proposals" process, also
      known as "RFP." There are some tips (based on painful experience as
      someone who formulates RFPs, solicits vendors, and evaluates proposals) for
      vendors who want to work with nonprofits:


      As you'll see, I'm ambivalent about the RFP process, and have heard
      colleagues say that this model of vendor selection is not in the best
      interests of all concerned. I'm interested in your thoughts about this -
      do you agree, and how should vendors be selected in the field of nonprofit

      Best regards from Deborah

      Deborah Elizabeth Finn
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