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Re: [InfoSelect] Tabbing and Indenting in Selector

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    For example? (other than using different fonts or font size) Chris Murtland wrote:I don t think it is possible. However, you can
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 19, 2003

      For example?  (other than using different fonts or font size)

       Chris Murtland <chris@...> wrote:

      I don't think it is possible. However, you can experiment with the
      bullets and numbering, or inserting spaces before the topic caption.
      In other words, there is no way to set the position of the topic
      triangles, but there are other ways you can make topics visually


      2/19/2003 7:39 PM, you wrote:

      > I read that.  Thanks.  I'm trying to get it done in the Selector.
      > The idea  is that we have unstructured or random info. That is what InfoSelect is good for.  However, an outline (which IS claims it is and I agree because it is able to promote and demote children
      > topics) is by definition structured data. Being able to use custom indentation and tabs helps makes an outline visually structured and also makes random bits of data and any database or collection
      > of information in general more comprehensible.

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