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Biblical 'Creationism' and the California Business

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  • Steve Farmer
    Dear List, It s Sunday, and if you appreciate black humor, here s an example of the kind of disinformation related to the California issue now flying around
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2005
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      Dear List,

      It's Sunday, and if you appreciate black humor, here's an example of
      the kind of disinformation related to the California issue now flying
      around the Web.

      Every time a new genetics paper appears that deals with the African
      dispersal of genes into the rest of the world -- normally dealing with
      temporal ranges on the order of 35,000+ years ago -- the Hindutva
      groups begin publicly claiming that the paper provides "proof' that any
      migrations of Indo-European speaking people ever occurred in S. Asia
      (in early historical times).

      These claims have become increasingly common since a paper by Kivisild
      et al. appeared on mitochondrial DNA in 1999, which first gave rise to
      such claims. (They even trotted this paper out at the California
      hearings on Dec. 2.) The fact that the temporal error bars in Kivisild
      et al. are longer than the distance that separates us from the
      composers of the RV (!), making the data in the paper useless in
      discussing historical rather than deep prehistorical events,
      conveniently gets lost in in the discussion. So do the profusion of
      papers that different sides in this highly politicized issue.

      Now for reasons that none of us have quite figured out, the Hindutva
      groups have added the claim that the so-called Aryan invasion theory is
      linked up with biblical 'Creation Science'. We haven't figured out the
      reasons behind this leap of imagination, but on it, see below. This
      little Hindutva 'news' item was just yanked off the Web and forwarded
      to us by a friendly correspondent.

      It would take a long exegesis to untangle this mess -- the stories
      falsely ascribed to Jim Heitzman, from UC Davis, are maybe the funniest
      of them all -- but so many of these stories right now are flooding the
      Net (I found out today too that I'm a believer in 'Creationist
      Science') that we can't keep up with all of them.

      So let's just let the story speak for itself. Michael has some similar
      stories that he might way to share with us. (There are things much
      worse than what you see below that we're being sent nearly every hour
      -- threats of lasuits, crank emails, and worse.)

      There is big money behind the Hindutva moves on California, and we are
      currently tracking down the money trail.



      Harvard Professor: DNA evidence is Hindu conspiracy!

      According to Harvard Professor Michael Witzel, scientific evidence
      against the creationism based Aryan Invasion Theory is a Hindu
      conspiracy! A few months back, Science magazine published a paper that
      disproves the Aryan Invasion Theory.

      You can read about that paper here.

      The research shows that there was only a single dispersal from Africa,
      via a southern coastal route, across the mouth of the red Sea, through
      India and onward into Southeast Asia and Australasia. There was
      subsequently a northern offshoot from the Gulf region, leading
      ultimately to the settlement of the Near East and Europe, but this only
      occurred much later. However, this turns out to be wrong. According to
      the Harvard Professor who supports theories based on Biblical
      creationism, this is nothing but a conspiracy hatched by Hindus! Witzel
      claimed the changes were motivated by "Hindutva" forces and would "lead
      without fail to an international educational scandal if they are
      accepted by the California's State Board of Education." Hindus had
      suggested changes in textbooks based on this paper to California's
      State Board of Education. According to another "scholar" named James
      Heitzman who was on the "Super Review Team" to assess the facts placed
      by Hindus, the "undecayed body of Saint Francis Xavier" is actually a
      miracle! And Islam began when "Muhammad received visions in which the
      Archangel Gabriel revealed the word of God to him." Heitzman also
      states that Hinduism is based on speculations. The activists led by
      Michael Witzel were also planning to contact BBC and make them take off
      the section on Hinduism that stated that the Aryan Invasion Theory "was
      not just wrong, it included unacceptably racist ideas." Apparently,
      they temporarily succeeded in their efforts to foil the Hindu
      conspiracy to plant DNA evidence when BBC pulled down the page for two
      days, but the page was restored after BBC received complaints from
      people who believed in DNA evidence.
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