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Re: Early humans and fire

Hi Steve, I might add that there is not a whole lot more to the review, but there is more detailed treatment of the issues raised on my website:
john bellezza
9:41 AM

Re: Early humans and fire

Hi John, ... Actually, your article isn’t in the special supplementary issue on fire, but in the main journal for this month. Here is a link to it — NOT
Steve Farmer
8:04 AM

Re: Early humans and fire

On a much more humble note, I think I have an article review in the same issue. John V. Bellezza ________________________________ From:
john bellezza
7:57 AM

Early humans and fire

Dear List, Three weeks ago I posted a link to a special issue of Current Anthropology that includes the most comprehensive collection ever put together on
Steve Farmer
6:26 AM

Ritualized cannibalism in the late Paleolithic era

Dear List, Below you can download an important paper published yesterday in PLoS One on ritualistic cannibalism in late paleolithic contexts. Aside on this
Steve Farmer
Aug 10

Claims of "Inferring patterns of folktale diffusion using genomic da

Dear Michael and the List, The following paper just appeared in the Early Edition of PNAS. The topic — if maybe not the paper — is of interest for those of
Steve Farmer
Aug 7

The Unihabitable Earth

Dear List, One of the most disturbing overviews of the climate crisis ever published came out in New York magazine a few weeks ago. It has now spawned many
Steve Farmer
Aug 3

Fire and the Human Genus

Dear List There has long been a heated debate among archaeologists, specialists in evolution medicine/nutrition, and related fields about when the routine use
Steve Farmer
Aug 1

A conference of interest in Armenia

[Posting on behalf of Armen Petrosyan. Nataliya Yanchevskaya] Dear colleagues, We are happy to announce that the 5th International Conference “Armenian Epic
Jul 29

UPenn Thangka

Dear list, I am seeking some help reading a text on a Thangka from the Penn museum. Hoping to identify whether simply a generic quote from a Buddhist scripture
Benjamin Fleming
Jul 24

Further sources for ancient DNA

Dear List, Back on May 12th i pointed to a revolutionary paper published in Science magazine the day before that reported the sequencing of Neandertal and
Steve Farmer
Jul 14

Re: The Sixth Extinction Underway

Well, Steve, to me, far from being simplistic, MH has always shown a depth of insight and perception, as well as an uncanny talent to string together things
Michel Tavir
Jul 14

Re: The Sixth Extinction Underway

Hi Steve, The sociologist Edward Shils made a useful distinction between intellectuals and members of the intelligentsia. That resonated with me personally, as
prem saran
Jul 13

Re: The Sixth Extinction Underway

Hi Michel, I personally don’t see much relationship between Harris’ work and Ehrlich’s, but I always hated Harris' simplistic materialistic
Steve Farmer
Jul 12

Re: The Sixth Extinction Underway

Re "It's not just capitalist growth. Simple human population growth is responsible for many of the extinctions. Whenever humans have arrived on a new
Jul 12
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