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Re: PNAS article on fake news

Hi Michel, Nice to hear from you in Italy. :) Waking up in California and trying to find the point in your long post
Steve Farmer
Nov 18

Re: PNAS article on fake news

WIth all due respect, Steve... At first sight, a rather stupid op-ed, with its blatantly subliminal mentions of genuine, Clinton, phony horror stories, Trump,
Michel Tavir
Nov 18

PNAS article on fake news

In light of recent discussions of fake Indian history that has just wormed its way back into kids’ history books in California, this Open Access paper
Steve Farmer
Nov 17

Re: California Text Book Controversy, again?

"Dalits in India are living very happily" Now that, esteemed colleagues, is the funniest statement I have read on this list. Weekend humour, anyone? Manish
Nov 11

Re: California Text Book Controversy, again?

Dear Chaitanya, If it is any consolation, the ludicrous absurdities that make their way into these historical textbooks due to political pressures aren’t
Steve Farmer
Nov 10

Re: California Text Book Controversy, again?

Dear all, After hours and hours of testimony mainly by "concerned" parents and several young children, the State Board chose to stay with the current language
chaitanya diwadkar
Nov 10

[WMTC] Lecture at The Queen's College, University of Oxford

Dear All, It’s our pleasure to announce the next talk in our workshop series, Manuscript and Text Cultures (WMTC). Our first speaker will be Camillo A.
Dirk Meyer
Nov 10

Re: California Text Book Controversy, again?

Dear John, Back in 2005, at the start of the original California Textbook case, those of us on the Indo-Eurasian Research List took a major role at the last
Steve Farmer
Nov 8

California Text Book Cintroversy, again?

The Nov 7, 2017 issue of The Hindu newspaper has the following article with the title “Dalits plead California to delay nod for textbooks”, Here’s the
Nov 8

Poverty in ancient civilizations

A cross-cultural conference of interest to those in pan-Eurasian studies, passed on from the Agade announcement List. Steve ******* From Richard Bussmann
Steve Farmer
Nov 5

New monograph by J.V. Bellezza

Dear All, Message past on to the group with permission from the explorer and Tibetologist John Bellezza, from the University of Virginia. On John, see
Steve Farmer
Nov 3

Fw: Nov 8-10 conference Deities, Spirits and Demons in Vernacular Be

Conference or interest. Dav "Deities, Spirits and Demons in Vernacular Beliefs and Rituals in Asia" 8-10 November 2017, University of Tartu, Estonia The study
Nov 3

Human colonization of Asia in the Late Pleistocene

Dear List, An extraordinarily important special supplement of Current Anthropology was published today. Contents below. Note that at least for now most of the
Steve Farmer
Nov 1

CALLS FOR PAPERS: Globalization in Antiquity Conference (Lampeter U.

Interesting call for papers, passed on from the Agade announcement List. Steve ************* From Ralph Haussler From the 8th to
Steve Farmer
Oct 29

Re: Classification from Antiquity to Modern Times

For all the written documents we have from Syro-Mesopotamia and Anatolia, just one passing glance at the area? Really? Sumerian and Akkadian tribes just loved
Trudy Kawami
Oct 26
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