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Re: India contacts - Tsunami Forecast Guidance - reg.

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  • Muhammad Ismail .H
    28 Apr 2005 02:22 AM IST Today i got an email from your s list services regarding TsunamiWatcher Mailing List Description in the link
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2005
      28 Apr 2005
      02:22 AM IST

      Today i got an email from your's list services
      regarding TsunamiWatcher Mailing List Description in
      the link
      http://wcatwc.arh.noaa.gov/tsunamiwatcher.htm. I am
      appreciate the progress for short msgs delivery via
      mailing list services. Definitely it will help me more
      for actively help to others. The below email are
      already i am composed and kept in my draft folder. I
      thought now right time for send to all of you for
      better serve to the humans living around the globe.

      Thanks for your support and mailing list
      service for TSUNAMI Alerts. Till now i am getting
      regular updates on my mailbox regarding the EARTHQUAKE
      DATA and TSUNAMI WARNINGS. I am thanking for your's
      24x7x365 work for the Earth Quake and Tsunami activity
      monitoring service and alert to others. I am praying
      to THE ALMIGHTY for your good health for serve better
      to the humans.

      But the real problem is emails are some time
      reaching the inbox very delay due to network traffic
      and also need to check frequently about the TSUNAMI
      WARNINGS form your mailing list. Few times i am unable
      to access my mailbox due to technical trouble with
      local ISP while rumours are spread out in our area
      about the tsunami attack. Moreover i am faced some
      problems and got old records of tsunami warning from
      your's below hyper link real time info site over local
      ISP services due to unavoidable technical problems.



      So i am suggest alert the TSUNAMI warning
      over the SMS service for everyone the globe. It will
      reach everyone's portable with in few seconds and able
      to take right decision and right time. Nowadays
      everyone have a mobile phone for contact the family
      and others. Moreover nowadays the mobile phones are
      part of everyone life style. So that way is very great
      helpful for everyone.

      My suggestion is you can collect the all
      numbers for able to receive the sms by nation / region
      wise. ie, i am from Indian Ocean south east coastal
      region. If you found any EARTHQUAKE in the region
      more than MAGNITUDE 7.5 ~ 8.0 and possibility of
      TSUNAMI attack, first send the region mobile numbers
      for the alert. Next send all of others in your list. I
      believe it will great help for save the valuable human
      lives with a single 160 chars message.

      Details of the Idea:

      1. Setup the Mass SMS gateway system in your office
      and arrange to get a unique sms service number for
      deliver the alert msg to the SMS network. It will cost
      not more than a BUOY.

      2. Tie-up with world's leading Telecom service
      providers for receiving such warning msgs in their
      network to deliver the mobile users in near seashore

      3. Launch a website for registration / collect mobile
      numbers who living near the coastal areas below 30 kms
      from the seashore around the globe.

      4. Make the test button facility to confirm about get
      the TSUNAMI warning test msg in their mobile device
      after the registration complete. The sample msg is
      able help to understanding the msg format for easy
      reading in critical time.

      We are few techies are do the volunteer technical
      support over via http://www.kickme.to/ITZ . Our Group
      aim is technology developments is must reach the every
      last man in the globe. We don't like to technology
      still stick with the LAB and R&D section (or) Who try
      to control the whole world. We are work for to make
      our nation in a developed nation before AD 2020.

      A joke email circulated for explain the Communication
      GAP for TSUNAMI Warning Msg:


      Excerpt from Colombo Times..

      On 26th Dec '04 early morning several hrs before the
      catastrophy happened, Honolulu Tsunami Monitoring
      center have been trying to call our Meteorological
      Dept. monitoring center in Palekelle and Colombo but

      They also got in touch with presidents' office however
      it was informed that she's out of the island on a
      private vacation.

      Finally they called Prime minister's secretariat, but
      Prime minister was out on his morning walk. Thinking
      at least it's best to keep him vigilant on this, the
      Honolulu officials left the message with the person
      who picked up the phone to inform Prime minister that
      there's a Tsunami coming from Indonesia.

      On prime minister's return, the operator told prime
      minister about the call, said T. Sunami from Indonesia
      is arriving in 2 hrs. Prime minister promptly took
      action to send a delegation to Katunayake Airport with

      name boards ' Welcome Mr. T. Sunami - Indonesia..


      If the warning msg if not delivered once again in
      to right place in right time, the joke email again
      become real and very remember able in everyone. We
      won't the catastrophy again any part of the world. If
      it will happen again, no use for the alert system and
      your work for 24x7x365 format and waste for talking
      about the technology development in the 21st century.
      We want to save the innocent people lives via

      We will hope to get new updates and alert from
      your office in future. It will help to save so many
      human lives here and around the world. So awaiting
      your valuable support. I believe till now in our
      regions (Indian Ocean and Gulf) no BUOYs for alert the
      TSUNAMI's activities. So only way is get any msgs from
      your side for able to save the people who still living
      the near seashore in fishing for livelihood and
      unavoidable circumstance. We can't change the
      fisherman's to a C++ programmer or a nuclear scientist
      for better life style and keep away from seashore. So
      kindly understand our situation and help to us. Thanks
      in advance.

      With Hope,



      --- Laura Kong <Laura.Kong@...> wrote:
      > Chip and company,
      > received this from some one in India. Assuming
      > you're keeping a list now.
      > Laura
      > Muhammad Ismail .H wrote:
      > > Dear Sirs,
      > >
      > > We are mailing from southern part of india.
      > > zone one of worst hit by the TSUNAMI on 26 Dec
      > at
      > > 08:45 AM IST (Indian Standard Time). After the
      > > Southern Asia TSUNAMI hit here minimum 7000
      > people
      > > lost their lives with in 7 minutes in just 10 km
      > wide
      > > beach area from nagore to velankanni. 90% of
      > persons
      > > are Fishermans.
      > >
      > > This is first and worst hit in our indian
      > ocean
      > > region. So now the Indian Ocean Region also need
      > >to watch the TSUNAMI activities. Kindly provide
      > > uptates for us. We believe it will help to save
      > > valuable human lives with your forecast. thanks in
      > > advance.
      > >
      > > Our Contact Numbers :
      > >
      > > +91.93626.36699 (CDMA Mobile)
      > > +91.98424.96391 (GSM Mobile)
      > >
      > > with Hope,
      > >
      > > -ismail,nagapattinam district,india.
      > >
      > > =====
      > > Muhammad Ismail .H
      > > Chief Executive,
      > > Digital Net Services,
      > > India - 611 002.
      > > Direct : +91.98424.96391
      > > "Truth is Alwayz Triumph ,<but it will take some
      > time>"
      > >
      > >
      > --
      > Laura S. L. Kong, Ph.D.
      > Director, UNESCO/IOC International Tsunami
      > Information Centre
      > 737 Bishop St., Ste. 2200, Honolulu, HI 96813 USA
      > Tel : <1> 808 532 6423 FAX : <1> 808 532 5576
      > Web : www.tsunamiwave.info, ioc.unesco.org/itsu

      Muhammad Ismail .H
      Chief Executive,
      Digital Net Services,
      India - 611 002.
      Direct : +91.98424.96391
      "Truth is Alwayz Triumph ,<but it will take some time>"

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