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We need to solve the root causes of our problems

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  • Abey Abraham
    Dear Friends in Christ, I am so excited to read���� many views expressed about the faith based as well as the�����political����reflection of the church. I also
    Message 1 of 2 , May 7, 2001
      Dear Friends in Christ,I am so excited to read� many views expressed about the faith based as well as the��political�reflection of the church. I also think we should� address some of root cause of various fractions/seperations issues facing our church.�Most of us are victims of few arrogants.�We should adopt some drastic changes in selecting students to the seminary as well as the leadership roles from local churches to the position of Malankara Metropolitan/Catholicos.I would like every one of you to think for a minute about: The General Body meeting, selecting committee Members, Secretary and� Trusty. How many of the members of the parish attend, How 'qualified' are these 'elected' leaders.What is the "role" of the 'vicar' of the Parish. How many people/family he could 'save'� or bring them close to the GOD. (or in other words how successful is he to destroy some people/family away from church and GOD, because they must have expressed some concerns or views that was not in line with "vicar's" view).What is happening today in our parishes?�This is based on the experience� from the parishes outside Kerala and specifically in America.�The morning prayer starts about 8 AM. But service is not finished until 1 PM.� The litergy takes less than two hours. After that what is happening?What is the "sermon"? Is it a means to use the pulpet to say anything about anybody? Use the bible verson (that is not meant for evengalion for that sunday) and indirectly inflect wounds. Are you the unifier or divider?� If you cannot unify your small parish, how could you be a leader to be in a higher role?I challenge any Priest to speak for "priesthood and what it means to you". Have you ever given a thought "Did/Could�I save a soul or not" if not then "WHY" Clergys are the leaders of the our church.�If our church is in peril, it means that the clergy have failed in their mission.Respected group memebrs: My views may be not be sweet, but think about it! Why so many of us are disappointed?May be, we should weed out some so called 'self-made' leaders�for a better church administration.Donations/collections should be strictly for charity works and not for the 'pet-projects' of the few to build for their namesake.Concluding with the hope for a better tomorrow.
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