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Conversation between Catholicos and Patriarch (part 1)

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  • Thomas P
    Following is the account of Cheriamadathil Skaria Malpan, who accompanied the Catholicos. Taken from the book Gamaliel of Malankara Church by Shri K.V.
    Message 1 of 229 , Jul 22, 2004
      Following is the account of Cheriamadathil Skaria Malpan, who
      accompanied the Catholicos. Taken from the book "Gamaliel of
      Malankara Church" by Shri K.V. Mammen.
      Patriarch: "Mar Abded Mesiha was a person who had fallen from his
      throne. The Synod met and dismissed him"

      Catholicos: "Was he ex-communicated?"

      Patriarch: "No"

      Catholicos: "What is the meaning of saying 'fallen' or 'dismissed'.
      It conveys merely the sense of some strong men joining and pushing
      out a weak man from his own house. Is it not?

      Patriarch: "He had commited some faults."

      Catholicos: "At the time I happened to be in Jerusalem and I have
      known the truth of the matter."

      (The Patriarch did not give any answer)

      Catholicos: "Is not speaking ill against a person without adequate
      reason sin before God?"

      Patriarch: "He had fallen"

      Catholicos: "I have seen with my own eyes a Ramban who was ordained
      by Abded Mesih after Mar Abdulla became the Patriarch, conducting
      Holy Qurbana at St. Mark's Dayara. Patriarch Mar Abdulla or anyone
      else were never seen obstructing him. He used to stay with others,
      join in services, and conduct rites without any difference"

      Patriarch: "What is his name?"

      Catholicos: "Ramban Hamma of Turabdeen"

      (The Patriarch did not reply)

      Catholicos: "You are all perfectly ordained and we are all mere
      laymen. Will that do?"

      Patriarch (shaken): "Who said so? You are all surely well ordained."

      Catholicos: "The person who says so and misleads the people is your
      Tahlippa Mar Julius Metran."

      (The Patriarch kept silent)

      Immediately after this conversation, when the Patriarch had gone
      down, Mar Julius came and asked: "Have I ever said that you have not
      been properly ordained? Why did you tell so to the Patriarch?"

      We answered: "Secretly and openly, by word and through newspapers,
      the opposition party have been saying so often, Mar Athanasius, Mar
      Michael Dionysius and other bishops have said so, and even preaches

      Mar Julius: "They may have done so. But have I ever said so?"

      We answered: "Yes, many times."

      Mar Julius: "I have never said so and will never say so"
    • Babu Kurien, Dubai, indianorthodox@yahoog
      Dear Moderators, A grand reception is planned to be accorded to the high level 9-member W.C.C. delegation and 15 member MECC group, arriving U.A.E. on a short
      Message 229 of 229 , Apr 16, 2008
        Dear Moderators,

        A grand reception is planned to be accorded to the high level 9-member W.C.C. delegation and 15 member MECC group, arriving U.A.E. on a short visit, on Friday, 18th April 2008, after Holy Qurbana, at Dubai St Thomas Orthodox Cathedral. Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement (MGOCSM) Dubai Unit will be hosting the prestigious function - a unique event in many aspects especially since it is the first of its kind happening in its history. It also coincides with a One day conference of the movement, slated to trigger enormous interest and arouse immense enthusiasm among MGOCSM members all over UAE. The Secretary of the Holy Episcopal Synod of the Church and Shepherd of the Kandanad Diocese, Dr Mathews Mar Severios Metropolitan, as well as Vicar of St Thomas Orthodox Cathedral, Fr. P.K. Thomas along with other officials of the Parish will welcome the dignitaries.

        The General Secretary of the largest non-catholic organization of Christians, Rev Dr Samuel Kobia will lead the World Council of Churches(WCC) delegation while Dr Gurguis Saleh, General Secretary of Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) will head the representatives of MECC, hailing from Middle East and GCC countries. MGOCSM One day conference will be inaugurated by Rev Dr Kobia by lighting the traditional lamp. A newsletter of MGOCSM, published in connection with the centenary celebrations of the Movement, will be released during the meeting.

        Other dignitaries include Ms Doris Peschke (General Secretary of Commission for Migrants in Europe), Dr Prawate Khid Arn (General Secretary of Christian Conference in Asia), Mr Mark Beach (WCC Communication Dept), Rev Rolf Pearson (Former MECC coordinator) Ms Carla Khijoyan (WCC Middle East Desk), Dr Paul Amerding (Bahrain), Rev Michael S Bos (Al Amana Centre, Oman), Dr P.C. Alexander (Oman), Mr Ashia Haroun (Coptic Church), Mr William Gois (Director of Migrant Forum in Asia), Rev Bo Hanson (MECC Gulf liason office), Mrs Carina Hallesten (MECC) Mrs Catherine Graham (MECC), Rev Stephen Miller (Mission to seafarers)Rev John Weir (Anglican Church) Mrs Maureen Morgon, Rev Victor Earnest and Babu Gunta (Bible Society)

        A resplendent and colorful procession, welcoming the distinguished guests with pomp and pride in a glorious traditional manner depicting the heritage of India, at 12 noon will mark the beginning of the 1st session. Customary drum set (Chenda melam), Suriyani Christian Dance Form (Margam Kali) and various floats featuring the rich culture of Nazranis will add elegance and render impetus to the function.

        Key note address of the conference based on the theme ‘ For we walk by faith, not by sight’ (2Cor 5:7) will be delivered by H.G. Dr Mathews Mar Severios Metropolitan in the second session, followed by Group discussions, Group findings presentation, Workshops, Quiz, Songs, competitions, Magic show and group activities.

        Earnest prayers of all ICON family members and presence of those residing in UAE in the functions, are kindly requested.

        Thanks & best regards
        Babu Kurian Puliyeril, Dubai
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