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Bible Study

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    ... The heart of him of that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness ( Proverbs 15:14) The Bible is an entire
    Message 1 of 81 , Mar 1, 2004
      "The heart of him of that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness" ( Proverbs 15:14)

      The Bible is an entire library that offers the potential for a lifetime of learning. So, what is the best way to begin a Bible study? Do we just start reading at page one or flip through pages hoping God will guide us to the appropriate sections? Since the Bible is a collection of many books, it is recommended that we get an overview by reading a few books at first, then go back and read the rest of the Bible. There is a reading plan that was developed that focuses on five key Bible books: Genesis, Deuteronomy, John, Acts, and Romans. This is not to say the rest of the Bible is irrelevant. By reading these first, we can get a fairly comprehensive view of the main themes of the whole Bible. It is important to study the themes within the Bible, not just unrelated statements here and there. We must always take into consideration a verse's context. After reading these five books, we should go back and read from page one.

      I have discovered a method of studying the Bible from a Christian writer named Elizabeth George. She says to create five fat files. Find five folders that you can add materials to on an ongoing basis. Then, select five areas within the spiritual realm that we wish to improve or to seek knowledge of. Read and study your Bible to see what God says about your areas of interest. I have a Bible that I use solely for studying and as I read from page one, I mark or note any verse that is relevant to the five topics I selected. Fill your appropriate files with the knowledge you acquire first from Bible, then any related books or articles or speeches,etc.

      Once you select your areas and set up a routine, you will be so excited and motivated in your quest for knowledge. I have found myself getting up one hour earlier everyday while my kids are sleeping to get some solitude with God and to seek his guidance. Praying that you may find the same.

      Tinu Mathew

      Please read the verses below, if you can read the whole chapters it
      will be good. Please pray before reading -

      1 Corinthians 12:3- 11 and 27-31 and Luke 12:10

      - Sameera


      Moderators Note: We thank all contributors and pray that God will continue to make us to be His people who seek out His wisdom from the Scriptures for His Glory.
    • Cherian
      If you are a Lutheran, your religion was founded by Martin Luther, an ex-monk of the Catholic Church, in the year 1517. If you belong to the Church of England,
      Message 81 of 81 , Mar 2, 2004
        If you are a Lutheran, your religion was founded by Martin Luther, an ex-monk of the
        Catholic Church, in the year 1517.

        If you belong to the Church of England, your religion was founded by King Henry VIII
        in the year 1534 because the Pope would not grant him a divorce with the right to

        If you are a Presbyterian, your religion was founded by John Knox in Scotland in the
        year 1560.

        If you are a Congregationalist, your religion was originated by Robert Brown in
        Holland in 1582.

        If you are Protestant Episcopalian, your religion was an offshoot of the Church of
        England, founded by Samuel Senbury in the American colonies in the 17th century.

        If you are a Baptist, you owe the tenets of your religion to John Smyth, who
        launched it in Amsterdam in 1606.

        If you are of the Dutch Reformed Church, you recognize Michelis Jones as founder
        because he originated your religion in New York in 1628.

        If you are a Methodist, your religion was founded by John and Charles Wesley in
        England in 1774.

        If you are a Mormon (Latter Day Saints), Joseph Smith started your religion in
        Palmyra, New York, in 1829.

        If you worship with the Salvation Army, your sect began with William Booth in London
        in 1865.

        If you are Christian Scientist, you look to 1879 as the year in which your religion
        was born and to Mary Baker Eddy as its founder.

        If you belong to one of the religious organizations known as "Church of the
        Nazarene, Pentecostal Gospel," "Holiness Church,"
        or "Jehovah's Witnesses," your religion is one of the hundreds of new sects founded
        by men within the past hundred years.

        If you are Roman Catholic, your church shared the same rich apostolic and doctrinal
        heritage as the Orthodox Church for the
        first thousand years of its history, since during the first millennium they were one
        and the same Church. Lamentably, in 1054, the Pope of Rome broke away from the
        other four Apostolic Patriarchates (which include Constantinople, Alexandria,
        Antioch and Jerusalem), by tampering with the Original Creed of the Church, and
        considering himself to be infallible. Thus your church is 1,000 years old.

        If you are Orthodox Christian, your religion was founded in the year 33 by Jesus
        Christ, the Son of God.

        It has not changed since that time. Our church is now almost 2,000 years old and
        it is for this reason, that Orthodoxy, the Church of the Apostles and the Fathers
        is considered the true "one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church."

        This is the greatest legacy that we can pass on to the young people of the new

        Rev. Dr. Miltiades Efthimiou


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