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Peaceful Coexistence

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  • George Mathew Panikkar
    Why dont we accept the roadmap and accept peaceful coexistence I wrote a reply previously on the present discussion about a church unity. It.Looks like
    Message 1 of 241 , May 29, 2003
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      Why dont we accept the "roadmap' and accept "peaceful coexistence'

      I wrote a reply previously on the present discussion about a church unity.
      It.Looks like that it doesnot corroborate with the line of thinking of the
      moderators, and they have determined not to publish it on the site.So I will
      attempt to say it again.I respecfully disagree with any one who would say
      that division that was brewing since time of Ougen Bava has anything to do
      wtih history,facts or truth.It has more to do with personality clashes personal ambtions ego and self interest.Any arguments based on facts and truthwill win only if the parties concerned are willing to agree to an outcome based on facts or truth.Or one can agree to accept the verdict of an arbitrator like the Supreme Court of India.Here we fought for 150 years through the courts and finally the Supreme Court in 1995 gave a decision with the intent of settling the issues rather than really making a judgement based on arguments.Any one would say it was a balanced judgement.Three or 4 bishops
      of the Patriarch's side agreed to abide by the verdict of the supreme court
      so that it could bring peace to the church.We all know who was the hold out
      and where his 'eyes' were set.So long as people are governed by interests
      "other than the interest of the Church and God" the present situation will
      not change.Another factor that makes peace impossible is the people who does
      not want peace are in power behind the titular heads like the Catholicose or
      the Patriarch.The power against unity among the Patriach's faction is led by
      the H.B the Catholicose.I happened to believe and can support by historical
      facts (those who want to know ,privately) that the Patriarch simply writes
      what his supporters want to him to write.Infact it is correct to say that
      some of who did not get what they wanted during the "peaceful years' of
      Ougen Bava have regrouped themselves and are using the Patriarch to maintain
      their position.It is nothing more than the divisions in the Kerala Congress
      or any political party.If one leader who is aspiring to become a minister
      cannot become a minister he would split with the main party and form a new
      party and becomes the leader and minister.

      So long as this is the situation any talk about history and truth is a sheer
      waste of time.Everyone knows the truth.The authority to make the peace does
      not lie with any one of us who are really concerned with "what is happening
      to us".It lies with as I said earlier with some "who couldnot careless"
      group.Unless we majority can replace this group who supports division
      through a democratic process unity is a mirage in the desert.But in a church
      set up like ours (both factions included) such a process is impossible as we
      always mix "ecclessiastical" with "administrative"

      The unfortuante part of for the North American situation is the diffculty in
      explaining this to the second generation.Our 'great history' does not give
      them any pride as a faith order to take any clues for their spiritual growth
      in North America.It is beyond their imagination as to why this division
      exists and why it cannot be settled one way or another and get on with the
      life of the Church.Until the matter is settled the North American
      Orthodox/Jacobites should agree on a "roadmap" for the peaceful side by side
      existence so that the second generation get a chance to meet each other and
      practice the faith and possibly 'keep" them "inside" rather than they go
      "outside" looking for life partnes.WE ALL LOOSE AS IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT

      Thanks and regards

      George Mathew Panicker
    • Mark Sadek
      The Lord, indeed, is the Lover of mankind, so full of tender compassion whenever we turn completely toward Him and are freed from all things contrary. Even
      Message 241 of 241 , Jun 30, 2003
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        "The Lord, indeed, is the Lover of mankind, so full of tender compassion
        whenever we turn completely toward Him and are freed from all things contrary.
        Even though we, in our supreme ignorance, childishness, and tendency toward evil,
        turn away from true life and place many impediments along our path because we
        really do not like to repent, nevertheless, He has great mercy on us. He
        patiently waits for us until we will be converted and return to Him and be
        enlightened in our inner selves that our faces may not be ashamed in the day of

                        St. Macarius the Great.
        "My eye wastes away because of affliction. Lord, I have called daily upon
        You; I have stretched out my hands to You." Psalm 88:9
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