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Wisdom for Orthodoxy in America (Schmemann) part 1

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  • Fr. John-Brian
    ...in America [there is a] rupture between the Orthodox world view and the secularistic culture is so radical that the former finds virtually no point of
    Message 1 of 10 , May 9, 2003
      ...in America [there is a] rupture between the Orthodox world view and the
      secularistic culture is so radical that the former finds virtually no "point
      of application," and the language by which it is transmitted, that of the
      Liturgy, spirituality and ethics, remains "alien," even if it is English. As
      the integration of the formerly "immigrant" community into American culture
      and into the "American way of life" progresses, there develops a truly
      schizophrenic situation in which deep attachment to Orthodox symbols and
      "externals" (e.g., worship, music, architecture) easily coexists with an
      almost totally secularistic philosophy of life. Needless to say, such a
      situation cannot last long, and a mere faithfulness to Orthodox externals
      will not save Orthodoxy from being dissolved sooner or later into that
      peculiar blend of secularism and vague religiosity which seems to emerge as
      a new pattern of American religion. To those who have ears to hear and eyes
      to see, it is already abundantly clear that in America one cannot be
      Orthodox by "osmosis." A spiritually alien culture makes Orthodoxy here a
      challenge, and the faith, if it is to be true to itself, must be consciously
      accepted, clearly understood in its implications for life, and constantly
      defended against the pressures of secularism.

      Fr. Alexander Schmemann
      from "The Task Of Orthodox Theology In America Today" St Vladimir's Seminary
      Quarterly, 1966, Vol. 10, No. 4

      submitted by your servant,

      Fr. John Brian
      Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Mission
      Madison, Wisconsin
    • Dr. George kunju John
      Dear All, The act of cursing and the result of curses were seen in the Bible at 171 places. Yehova cursed serpant first after the creation. A series of curses
      Message 2 of 10 , May 18, 2003
        Dear All,
        The act of cursing and the result of curses were seen in the Bible at
        171 places. Yehova cursed serpant first after the creation. A series
        of curses is witnessed later. But at the end "Christ redeemed us from
        the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us." Galatians 3:13. Our
        Lord asked us to bless those who curse us (Romans 12:14; Luke
        6:28). Therefore, there is no place for curse in the Church.
        Nevertheless it can cause certainly "If any one does not LOVE the
        Lord - curse be on him." I Corinth 16:22. Jesus one day cursed the
        fig tree (Mark 11:21) The fig tree is an innocent plant that knew
        only to give more than recieving. The only defect it had was it was
        fruitless when Lord came to it. It could be non-seasonal. Don't know why the
        Lord became so harsh on that poor plant.

        We may get curses 1) if we do not Love God 2); if we become fruitless.
        Today it is a classic example. There is no LOVE and no fruits. How
        can we be sure that we may not earn 'CURSES'? How can we hope that He
        will come again to bear our 'curses' on the cross? The only recourse
        could be "LOVE". We can certainly win over the curses with LOVE.

        with prayers

        Dr.George, Dubai
      • George Mathew
        Are we consensus builders.. Mr George Varghese of Calgary has put together some views on consensus for our parishes. The reproduction from the Esatern
        Message 3 of 10 , May 18, 2003
          Are we consensus builders..

          Mr George Varghese of Calgary has put together some views on consensus for
          our parishes. The reproduction from the Esatern Orthodox Church also throws
          some light on consensus building. Most of us living in North America one way
          or another get involved in consensus building /dispute resolution activities
          through work, unions, associations or by profession. And the mechanism
          works. But when it comes to our parishes or dioceses or the Mother Church
          itself, the consensus building does not work.One would wonder why? We do not
          respect the institutions and principles that are precondtions to the
          functioning of a consensus building process as I see it.

          Let us take the principle number three, in the Eastern Church
          If one person believes that his/her view is the right view and it has to be
          heard,our parishes do not offer an opportunity to express that opinion and
          allow that person to articulate his/her belief and convince others to accept
          his/her thesis. That would require calling of a proper meeting. an impartial
          and non intervenining chair and a peer group willing and respectful of
          another individual's right to stand up for what he/she believes in. How many
          of our parishes follow a proper format or some rules of procedures when
          conducting any meetings including managing committee meetings or Parish
          Assembly meetings. Generally speaking vicars by virtue of the office also
          become that chairs of these meetings. They come with a personal agenda for
          their survival and agenda dictated to them from outside vested interest. He
          is not interested in any consensus building if there is problem. Several
          examples can be sited here from our parishe's experiences. Even if 100%
          majority is there in a committee meeting it is overruled with out any

          Thanks and regards

          George Mathew Panicker
        • Matt
          Dear Br.Gejoe Daniel, In response to “The book is Christava Sabha –Erupathu Noottandukaliloode (The Christian Church through 20 centuries) -a malayalam
          Message 4 of 10 , May 18, 2003
            Dear Br.Gejoe Daniel,

            In response to �The book is "Christava Sabha �Erupathu
            Noottandukaliloode"(The Christian Church through 20 centuries) -a malayalam book written by Mr.J.C .Dev who is a member of Brethren (protestant )�

            Kindly request you to not to encourage Gnostic works because there are several ordinary people are subscribing this forum, this may lead others to fall and we would be responsible for their division. If you wish to debate or get response from our church leaders kindly contact them directly with an open mind,I am sure that you will have the right answer with right backups.

            Hebrew 6 : 1-2

            1Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from acts that lead to death,[1] and of faith in God, 2instruction about baptisms, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment.

            Acts 16:4

            4As they travelled from town to town, they delivered the decisions reached by the apostles and elders in Jerusalem for the people to obey. 5So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers.

            2Peter 2 :3

            In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.


            The Gnostics from the second centuries considered the organized church as un faithful, as teaching something else than what Christ taught just as many Christians today. All these Christian Gnostic writings show this tendency of criticizing the official church as heretical, while setting themselves as true Christians.

            Gnostic preferred individualist, interiristic, and intellectualistic interpretations of Christianity and did not want to associate with ordinary Christians or with their community. The Gnostics were anti church ,anti clerical, antisacramentarian as many Christians today.Ref. Dr.PMG-A Human God.

            Matt 7: 15,16

            15"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

            If you happend to adopt their faith kindly test fruit produced by J.C Dev and his team which includes Br.Vadavana, Br.Mike Grendon

            6By their fruit you will recognize them.

            Please try first to smell the Jasmine flowers from your own church on kneel, which is a difficult task, then you smell the neighbors garden recognize the difference.

            � Don�t be too sure your self even the way looks easy; always watch where you are going� Sirach 32:21,22.

            Please forgive me Jesus, if my words hurt any one.

            GJ (Matt)
          • Thomas P
            ... Dear George, What you discussed in the later part of your mail is most important. I hope our bishops are aware of the issues facing the church. The reason
            Message 5 of 10 , May 19, 2003
              --- In IndianOrthodox@yahoogroups.com, "George Mathew" wrote:
              > Dear Thomas
              > Thank you very much for the clarification. I am not so sure
              > whether we need to rely on the 'discoveries' of Fr.V.C. Samuel to
              > understand the tradtion in which we are brought up.The Bible that I am using
              > is a book written in simple language and is easily understandable to any
              > sensible person who has got basic language skills.Unlike Getha or
              > Mahabharat,it was not written for the intellectuals.The people who followed
              > the Lord were also mostly not intellectuals.They were simple souls like
              > Peter and Mary Magdalene.
              > George Mathew Panicker

              Dear George, What you discussed in the later part of your mail is most
              important. I hope our bishops are aware of the issues facing the
              church. The reason why we do not see this happening (or happening
              with a lesser magnitude) in India is because of our Indian culture,
              which believes in conservative family values. In the West,
              irrespective of the claimed Christian background and high Evangelism,
              family life is disintegrating. Now, this is effect is spreading to
              Indian also. Media plays a major role in the spread of culture. Again
              this proves one thing, that the path to salvation is not an individual
              act, but it involves the self, the family and the society.

              I don't believe that fishermen, farmers etc. lack in intellect.
              Intellect is not related to the profession, but it is a gift from God.
              Not everyone get the chance to become an Engineer or Doctor, but that
              is no proof that they lack in intellect. We also see not so gifted
              people achieving great results through hardwork. In Matthew 25 we see
              the parable of the talents.

              Regarding Holy Bible, I don't think it is always a simple book. While
              there are simple passages like the "beatitudes", "Lords Prayer", the
              new commandments" etc., which are for every person, there are also
              very complicated verses. Some of the explanations of Apostle Paul are
              not very easy to understand for common man. He is considered a
              theologian, one who explained the faith in great detail for the first
              time. It is a typical liberal Western tendency to consider the entire
              Bible a simple book and interpret it with ease, according to
              convenience of the interpreter. There was one pastor shown in TV,
              throwing the Bible in to air, while interpreting it.

              I think the Bible is for every one. Like St. Gregory of Nyssa says, a
              verse is like a peacock feather, giving different colors at different

              Those who learned from Fr. V.C. Samuel agree that his style was
              simple. He had the gift of explaining deeper mysteries in simple ways.
              He also wrote news testament Bible studies which is used for
              "Divyabodhanam" studies. He was a true Acharya, with special gifts
              from God. H.G. Paulos Mar Gregorios also wrote very inspiring bible
              studies. Thus, they both produced something for every one.

              The Geetha is also for common Hindus. This is why ordinary Hindus read
              it for inspiration. There are very simple passages in Geeta. A passage
              from Geeta: "To work alone you have the right, but never claim its
              results. Let not the result of actions be your motive, nor be attached
              to inaction." In most books, there is something for everyone.

            • Babu Kurien, Dubai
              This has reference to the posting of Mr. Shaji Varghese regarding a recent sponsored supplement in Malayala Manorama-KTM edition by the Jacobite parish in
              Message 6 of 10 , May 19, 2003
                This has reference to the posting of Mr. Shaji Varghese regarding a recent
                sponsored supplement in 'Malayala Manorama-KTM edition' by the Jacobite
                parish in Dubai. I endorse his views on the subject and thank him for
                bringing up the issue. There are ample reasons to consider that it was
                the latest deliberate attempt to tarnish the image of the Malankara
                Orthodox Church, founded by St. Thomas, the Apostle who shed his blood for
                establishing the church(He is still interceding for all his children
                including those who try to insult him directly or indirectly and knowingly
                or unknowingly) The following are some observations:

                -The Jubilee of the captioned parish was celebrated months before and
                there was no relevance to have a supplement published after many months
                connecting the incident. It would have been relevant had it been published

                -Even illiterate people would comply with certain codes of conduct and
                etiquette when dealing with important issues. Contrary to all ethics, the
                language used was below average and obviously revealed the interest and
                culture of the promoters. (The Catholicate supporters were called
                'Maruthalipukar" which can mean the mean dissidents/ opponents)

                -It was surprising to see some statements without any base or drops of
                truth in it. The plot of land where the Dubai Orthodox church is situated,
                was a magnanimous gift by the then generous ruler,(Late) His Highness
                Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum to the Indian Orthodox church some 35
                years back, which was obtained through the good offices and kind efforts
                of H.G. Mathews Mar Coorilose(the present Catholicose H.H. Baselios Mar
                Thoma Mathews II). The initial church building was consecrated by (Late)
                H.G. Joseph Mar Pachomeos and the new bigger church building built at the
                same site after demolishing the old one was consecrated by H.H. Bava
                Thirumeni in 1992.Even if all the genuine documents are discarded for
                argument's sake, the photograph showing the two great personalities(H. H.
                The Catholicose -the then HG Mar Coorilose &(Late) His Highness Sheikh
                Rashid) together during the audience that Bava Thirumeni had with the
                Sheikh is a living monument of the bondage which the Church had been
                maintaining with the Rulers & ruling families. In the supplement it was
                mentioned that the church was taken over by the Malankara Orthodox church
                from the Antiocheans & supporters!! This is a good example how
                crystal-clear facts are distorted even now. (See how the truth is hidden
                intentionally and how baseless, untrue, meaningless, blind and childish
                statements are published in an irresponsible manner ) . However hard one
                tries to hide the truth, glimpses of reality tend to appear somewhere - It
                was mentioned also that while the Jacobite congregation was formed 25
                years back, with 7 founding members. If that was the strength of the
                congregation before 25 years, would there have been anybody at all
                before 35 years?

                - Mentioning of the historical facts about the church was even worse. The
                establishment of the church by Apostle St. Thomas in AD52 is vague, 1600
                years of the relations with the Persian church is completely
                ignored/omitted whereas 330 years of contact with the West Syrian church
                is unproportionately magnified.

                A word about Malayala Manorama as well. The present day management should
                not have completely forgotten Pulikkottil Thirumeni's initiative to
                publish the paper from Kunnamkulam during the ban by Sir CP in Travancore
                and Malankara Sabha's initial involvement in the shares of the Press and
                property.To put it very mildly, "The prevailing policy of the Paper may be
                looked upon as an insult to the brilliant, towering personality of Sri
                K.C. Mammen Mappillai, who led the Lay people of Malankara victoriously in
                the most crucial times".

                Babu K
              • Fr. John Kunjukunju
                Dear John Philipose s mention of Avathar that is of the editor of the Bible prompted me to send my response to the Avathar . This article of mine, I wrote
                Message 7 of 10 , May 19, 2003
                  Dear John Philipose's mention of "Avathar" that is of "the editor of the
                  Bible" prompted me to send my response to the "Avathar". This article of
                  mine, I wrote immediately after the ad in the Malayalam Pathram a few years
                  ago and was send to my email friends. I hope it will be eye openor to our

                  Holy Bible-Use or Misuse?

                  Malayalam Pathram dated Jan 3, 01 published a brief interview with �Brother
                  Mathews Varghese.� He is publishing Holy Bible in contemporary Malayalam.
                  New version contains special features namely, exposition on 66 books,
                  spiritual discourses, explanations, commentaries, comparisons, etc.
                  �Omniscient Lord made me aware of defects of existing Malayalam version.
                  Present Malayalam-CMS-edition contains many printing, spiritual, ideological
                  and linguistic errors. Many passages are contradictory, for example, 1 Sam
                  17:51 as compared to 2 Sam 21:29 and Gen 6:6 as compared to Num 23:19.
                  Linguistic expertise alone is not sufficient to translate the inspired Word
                  of God. Holy Spirit gives knowledge necessary for God�s works. This is
                  prepared by inspiration and guidance of Holy Spirit. I worked only as
                  revealed and entrusted by the Holy Spirit,� said Mr. Varghese.
                  It consoles me that at least now someone publicly accepted that �there are
                  many defects in the existing Malayalam edition.� My experience is,
                  Protestant-friends ridicule in utter disbelief when I talk about translation
                  errors in the Bible. The errors are curious not simply because of obsolete
                  usages but most of them are purposely added to aid protestant teachings. How
                  the new version deals with them?
                  The first translation from Latin/Greek to German, according to well-known
                  German Linguist Dr. Emsor, contained more than 4000 translation errors.
                  English translation carried even more errors than German. Church never
                  encourages private interpretations. Until the invention of printing press in
                  15th century Bible survived in manuscripts. About 24200 of them still
                  survive. It was heavy task to write by hand numerous copies of such
                  voluminous collection. Due to such scarcity few Bible copies were kept in a
                  prominent place in the church or monastery for public reading. It was enough
                  because of limited literacy. Protestant propaganda that public was
                  prohibited to read Bible in �dark ages� is false and misleading.
                  Europe was under spell of feudal system in the medieval ages. Nobles and
                  clergies oppressed and exploited vassals or peasants who were also
                  restrained from learning. Roman Catholic was Europe�s religion. Church
                  hierarchy connived with the nobles; utterly misused the Bible dubiously
                  interpreting it to exploit the illiterate common man. Inquisitions are
                  infamous. �Sale of Indulgences� is best example, which said the dead soul
                  would escape punishment in the purgatory- purgatory itself was a novel papal
                  invention- and get admitted to heaven by paying to church estate value of
                  the deceased. Martin Luther, a German priest stoutly objected to these and
                  ultimately separated from Roman Catholic Church in the name of reformation.
                  Henry VIII of England fortified reformation by declaring himself as the head
                  of the Church of England to justify his marital acrimony. Thus more than
                  spiritual, political, social and economic factors contributed to
                  reformation. Pope�s monopoly was seriously impaired.
                  Martin Luther did not originally envisage break away from the Catholic
                  Church. Yet, he is discredited as having placed himself above Bible instead
                  of with it by free interpretation. Zwingli, Calvin, etc. followed Luther but
                  later broke away and considered obsolete the doctrines of the mother church
                  and introduced counter doctrines. It was difficult without amends made to
                  the Word of God. Thus free translations, commentaries and doctrines surfaced
                  from multifarious sources in such unbridled fashion and number that Luther
                  had to severely regret in his old age. Needless to say, many errors found
                  permanent place in the new translations.
                  Reformation was chiefly aimed at and directed against newfound doctrines,
                  utter disregard to true spirit of the Gospels, lust for worldliness and
                  formidable political ambitions of Roman Church and the way Pope handled
                  crucial issues affecting the common man.
                  While Luther�s best intentions are never at doubt what proved highly
                  regrettable and irreconcilable folly was the failure of reformation leaders
                  to come back to the original faith (Orthodox). Instead, they gradually and
                  steadily went off drifting from the right faith that was alive at all times
                  and disintegrating to their own regret into small schismatic factions
                  namely, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Reformed, Anabaptist, Amish, Mennonite,
                  Quaker, Anglican, Puritan, Baptist, Methodist, and the list goes. According
                  to one estimate there are about 22000 independent denominations and the list
                  swells @ one addition each week based on the same Bible and all claim,
                  �right church�.
                  Another grave folly that Luther committed was rejecting the authority of the
                  church over Scriptures. He denied equal status to Apocrypha books and wanted
                  to delete certain books that went counter to his teaching. Thus there are
                  variations in the contents of various early translations such as, Wycliffe
                  Bible (1382), Luther�s Bible (1534), Zwingli�s Zurich Bible (1535),
                  Calvinist Olivetan Bible (1535), Coverdale�s English Bible (1536), Great
                  Bible (1540), Bishop�s Bible (1568), KJV (1611), etc. I am deliberately
                  omitting versions after KJV lest it would be too lengthy and unnecessary.
                  Again, I decline to talk now about Bible of Jehovah Witness, Mormons or
                  Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, Christian Scientists,
                  Unitarians, etc because although such sects had their origin from
                  Christianity, they are not Christians. A Christian is the one who believes
                  in Triune God and confesses that Jesus Christ is God the Son, Lord and
                  Savior as declared in the Nicene Creed.
                  People from the beginning constantly meddle with Scriptures against its very
                  spirit. Faithfulness and accuracy of �brother Mathews Varghese version� is
                  yet to be seen. Like all others in this predicament he repeatedly claimed,
                  �Holy Spirit entrusted and guided the work.� I do not discredit his
                  integrity. Yet, I have genuine doubts as to why one should go of his own
                  when the very thing he explores is currently available. Dr Kurian
                  Corepiscopa recently accomplished a yeoman task, translated the whole Bible
                  directly from the most ancient, authentic, error-free and popular
                  �Syriac-Peseetho� to Malayalam. This version is most competent, authentic
                  and valid because Supreme head of the Church permitted and Bishops, teachers
                  and experts certified it and published under the auspicious of most ancient
                  and authentic Syrian Orthodox Church.
                  Holy Bible and history bear witness to numerous instances when Holy Spirit
                  inspired people for certain tasks. Jesus Christ in the form of heavenly
                  light confronted Saul of Tarsus at the gate of Damascus. Saul did not
                  straight go to preach instead, he proceeded to Ananias. Ananias, as Lord
                  instructed, laid hands on Saul and Saul was filled with Holy Spirit. Then he
                  visited and acquainted with Peter. After praying and fasting the Church laid
                  hands on Saul and Barnabas and sent them for missionary work. Despite the
                  fact that Jesus directly appointed Saul as His �chosen vessel� Saul did not
                  claim self-ordination or self-appointment instead, he submitted to Church
                  authority AA Ch 9, 13:2.
                  St. Augustine of Hippo who lived in the 4th century, as a young man led a
                  filthy, sensuous worldly life, staunchly advocating Donatism. But when he
                  came into grip with the Word of God, instead of taking authority upon
                  himself or initiating new movement, submitted to bishop St. Ambrose who
                  encouraged him to grow in faith. He finally became the most brilliant
                  theologian, author and committed bishop in the Church second only to St.
                  Paul. Christendom is adorned with so many glittering silver stars like Mor
                  Burdono, Mor Aphrem, St. Francis, Fr. Damien, Mother Theressa, etc who in
                  humble submission their calling and in perfect obedience to the discipline
                  and authority of the Church lived and died serving the Lord, the Church and
                  the humanity. Sectarianism and division are offspring of Protestantism.
                  I see two extreme types of people 1, ultra-conservatives who are critical
                  about everything from spirituality to Church authority, making themselves
                  judges, deciding whom and what to accept or reject and 2, ultra-radicals who
                  reject very principle of institution and assess everything according to
                  their own notion and insight. In the case of Bible and tradition �they take
                  a little piece and spurn the whole.� Both are misguided enthusiasm, contrary
                  to fundamental doctrine, faith of our fathers and Christian virtue:
                  So if one feels Holy Spirit called, it is noble and praiseworthy, and indeed
                  he or she deserves full encouragement, let him/her first learn to submit to
                  the Church authority. Church is the body and Christ is the head. It is
                  everyone�s duty to obey the God-given authority, 1 Pe 2:13. If, on the
                  contrary, one feels he is called to go alone and start independent movement
                  under whatever pretext then we ought to think what kind of spirit is behind
                  such call.

                  Fr. John KK, Vicar.
                  01/23/01.(originally written on)
                • Cicily Sunny
                  Dear Dr. George K. John, In your article you mentioned about the lack of interest people showed in knowing the mysteries of God while Jesus was alive. I always
                  Message 8 of 10 , May 19, 2003
                    Dear Dr. George K. John,
                    In your article you mentioned about the lack of interest people showed
                    in knowing the mysteries of God while Jesus was alive. I always wished if I
                    was alive at that time so that I could ask him several questions and clear
                    all my doubts. But now I have the satisfaction as if I lived with Jesus
                    after reading the five thousand pages' book named "The Poem of the
                    Man-God"(five volumes) by Maria Valtorta. It is not a fiction; It is the
                    narration of the visions experienced by the author between the years of
                    1943-1947 while she was on her death bed as a young lady. The visions start
                    with the life of Virgin Mary's parents and end with the assumption of Virgin
                    Mary and the Acts of the Apostles. She wrote down everything as if she is
                    watching a videotape. This is the most exciting book I have ever read in my
                    life, which made Jesus my closest friend in my life. I advise the whole
                    world to read it. I know how hard it is to read all that because I took
                    almost three years to finish it. Once I started reading, I could not stop
                    reading. Because of the difficulty of making people read it, I have made
                    two articles on it.
                    The first article I wrote is on Virgin Mary(fifteen pages). The second
                    article is "Answers to the Mysteries of God". I wrote 22 pages already. I
                    have to write another 8 more pages. If anybody has the desire to read
                    it(which I wish), please request to me at my E-mail:
                    sunnycicily @..., and I will E-mail it to you. Thank you.

                    Cicily Sunny
                    Staten Island, NY
                  • Mark Sadek
                    Christ Is Risen! Truly He Is Risen! Whether a habit is good or bad, time nourishes it, just as wood feeds a fire. Thus, so far as we can, we should cultivate
                    Message 9 of 10 , May 19, 2003
                      Christ Is Risen! Truly He Is Risen!

                      "Whether a habit is good or bad, time nourishes it, just as wood feeds a
                      fire. Thus, so far as we can, we should cultivate and practice what is good,
                      so that it becomes an established habit operating automatically and
                      effortlessly when required. It was through victories in small things that the
                      fathers won their great battles."

                      St. Peter of Damaskos.


                      "Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your
                      heart." Psalm 37:4

                    • Alex Thomas - Mumbai, India
                      My Daughter (2months Old) is suffering from severe heart problem. Her arteries were not properly working; she was in I.C.U for the last 3 days. Yesterday she
                      Message 10 of 10 , May 20, 2003
                        My Daughter (2months Old) is suffering from severe heart problem. Her arteries were not properly working; she was in I.C.U for the last 3 days. Yesterday she was baptized in hospital itself. My special request to all our IOF members: please remember my daughter and our family in your prayers.


                        Alex Thomas - Mumbai, India
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