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IOIF MATRIMONIAL - ISSUE NO. M 1030/2002 - Tuesday, 1st Octob er 2002

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  • IOIF Moderators
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    Message 1 of 8 , Sep 30, 2002
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      + + + I O I F! * * *! M A T R I M O N I A L + + +

      Look for "Matrimonial Particulars" in every IOIF Tuesday Digests. If
      anybody would like to avail this free service, please send the
      relevant information about bride/groom to IndianOrthodox@
      hotmail.com. IOIF digests reach around 2000 members all over the
      world. Please feel free to forward the matrimonial information to any
      interested parties.

      We will publish this information every Tuesday in 4 consecutive
      issues. Those who would like to get direct responses should mention
      their e-mail address in the body of the message. Those who would
      like to keep their identity, including email id confidential may
      explicitly state, so that we can request responses to IndianOrthodox@
      hotmail.com and forward the same to the concerned party with full

      We Moderators do not take or assume any responsibility for the
      particulars given by the advertisers. Concerned parties are
      encouraged to verify the particulars.
      Further correspondence to be done with the E-Mail address given
      against each item (pl. note, no space needed after '@'sign in E
      Mails, although space given here for proper display) quoting the Ref.
      No. given on the top of each item.
      We would highly appreciate, if you can give us your frank opinion
      about this column (positive or negative) to IndianOrthodox@
      hotmail.com for our internal evaluation.
      IOIF MATRIMONIAL - ISSUE NO. M 1030/2002 - Tuesday, 1st October 2002
      REF NO: MTM 10034B2

      Reply e-mail: IndianOrthodox@ hotmail.com

      REF NO: MTM 10033B3
      Proposals invited for a 25 year old girl 153 cms. tall, medium complexion,
      pretty. Post Graduate [Personnel Management], currently employed as a HR
      Executive in a software company in Bangalore. Proposals invited from parents
      of professionally qualified and well employed boys [India/abroad] between
      the age of 27 and 30. Boy should be educated outside Kerala, preferably.
      Should be God fearing. If interested please contact Paul Arieckal -
      arieckal@ eth.net
      REF NO: MTM 10031B5
      NRI(UAE)(Malankara Catholic) aristocratic parents hailing from central
      Travancore invite proposals for their daughter,B.Tech.Civil Engg.from IIT,
      Madras(passed in 2002), God-fearing,bright, smart,fair,slim, 22/165, from
      parents of Malankara Catholic/Orthodox/Jacobite, professionally qualified,
      God-fearing, well-placed boys with good family background preferably from
      Gulf,USA etc. Only two daughters and the proposed girl is the youngest.
      Elder daughter married and settled in UAE with her husband who is an
      Engineer by profession.
      Reply e-mail: IndianOrthodox@ hotmail.com

      REF NO: MTM 10032B4
      NRI ORTHODOX Parents invite proposals for their daughter (24, 5'2", B.Sc
      Computer Science, widow, now working at Abu Dhabi and staying with Parents),
      from parents of God fearing qualified boys. Preference will be given to the
      one from similar category without any liabilities. Please contact e-mail.
      babyg@ emirtes.net.ae or babyotteth@ yahoo.com

      REF No: MTM 2017A1
      ORTHODOX boy, 27/192,Handsome, working in Saudi
      Arabia,originally from Pathanamthitta dist.
      Brother and sister married.
      Proposals invited from Kerala settled
      God-fearing girls, preferably Nurses. Visiting Kerala
      during December 2002.Please mail with full details
      to gecad2000@ yahoo.com or IndianOrthodox@ hotmail.com

      REF No: MTM 2016A2
      Proposals invited from God-fearing girls, preferably Nurses for Orthodox
      boy, 28/177, smart, working in USA, Green card Holder,
      Mavelikkara/Alleppey. Brother settled in USA. Eldest sister married and
      working in Delhi, elder sister is in Middle-east. Parents are at hometown.
      Boy visiting Kerala during December 2002. Please mail with full details to
      lazzar_m_t@ hotmail.com. or contact phone ++91 11 2612849/++91 479 300231

      REF No: MTM 2015A5
      Proposals invited for a 35 year old Orthodox christian boy 177 cms tall,
      medium complexion and with a Masters in Law. He is working as an Operations
      Research Associate at a law firm in the US on an H1 visa. Proposals invited
      from girls God fearing and degreed. If interested please contact
      4145066046167121181150> with details and a picture.

      REF No: MTM 2014A8
      DOCTOR - NRI Orthodox aristocratic financially sound parents invite
      proposals for their son, Post-graduate Doctor, God fearing, smart and
      handsome, teetotaler, 28/171, presently employed in Ministry of Health
      Hospital - Oman, from parents of God fearing and good looking P.G. Doctors/
      students. Reply e-mail: abcsmail@ yahoo.com or kmathew@ omantel.net.om

      REF No: MTM 2013A8
      Brother invited proposals for an orthodox boy from Central
      Travancore, 29/168/ B.Tech., working as Project Engineer in Delhi,
      from parents of well qualified, God-fearing girls, preferably
      Orthodox/Marthomite/Malankara Catholic denominations. Please contact
      to bridesearchconf@ hotmail.com
    • P Samuel Mathew, Sharjah {mps1.h}
      Dearly beloved, This is in reply to Mr. Ronnie Daniel�����s letter dated 20 September 02 titled �����FIRST PEOPLE, THEN PROPERTY�����. Mr. Ronnie Daniel very
      Message 2 of 8 , Sep 30, 2002
        Dearly beloved,

        This is in reply to Mr. Ronnie Daniel�s letter dated 20 September 02 titled
        Mr. Ronnie Daniel very well tried to educate the readers how a parish is
        being born. In my opinion it was only one side of the fact and need to be
        corrected. He missed the essence.
        No doubt, people spent money to build the church. It�s also true that
        wherever our people go they assemble for a prayer meeting and sooner the
        church become a reality.
        As far as I know, once the head of the church consecrate the church building
        he is consecrating the church for the Church itself. If supreme head is the
        chief celebrant he then hand over the keys of the church building to the
        Diocesan Bishop and the Bishop to the vicar and the vicar hand over to the
        elected Trustee hoping that anytime the same must return to him as it

        Mr. Ronnie Daniel mentioned about the democratically elected committee or
        administration, could you say the 1934 Malankara Constitution is applied
        there? Do the parish receives and read the time-to-time Kalpana from the
        Diocesan Bishop and Supreme Head?
        Again, �the relationship of the Diocese or Bishop with that new parish is in
        the form of providing a priest or other ecclesiastical services in return
        for a remuneration. This no more than a kind of �AFFILLIATION� which could
        be changed�� Mr. Ronnie Daniel can further clarify what does this mean? I
        have no clue and never heard in my life such an arrangement!

      • Jacob P. Varghese, Sharjah {jco.e}
        Dr. Cherian Eapen asked, Can anyone give the definition of a Saint? I hope these pieces of definition may suffice. A saint is one in whom Christ lives, one who
        Message 3 of 8 , Sep 30, 2002
          Dr. Cherian Eapen asked, Can anyone give the definition of a Saint? I hope
          these pieces of definition may suffice.

          A saint is one in whom Christ lives, one who opens his life to Christ and
          lives as Christ, wills him to live.

          Saints are those who by their active faith and love, have become like God
          and show forth the image of God in its power, those who have obtained for
          themselves abundant grace.

          The saints are those who, having advanced closer to the goal of theosis
          (becoming like God in Christ), can help the rest of us through their example
          and prayers. A saint is one who has been made actually what Baptism declares
          him to be, one set apart for God. These are Saints with a capital "S," those
          officially canonized by the Church. "It is no longer I who lives, but Christ
          lives in me".

          There are saints" with a small "s," all baptized and committed Christians.
          Made in the image of God and baptized in the Holy Trinity, every Christian
          has the potential of sainthood and is called by God to be a saint. St. Paul
          wrote the Corinthians saying, "To the church of God which is at Corinth, to
          those who are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints..." (1
          Corinthians 1: 2). These men and women were ones "called to be saints." They
          heard, believed and were baptized (Acts 18:1, 8). Thus, they were set apart,
          sanctified, in Christ Jesus.

          Jacob P. Varghese
        • Cicily Sunny
          Dear Mr.Jose Kurian: Thank you for expressing your respect for the Holy Eucharist and concern for St.Paul. I am not sure if you read the whole article. I
          Message 4 of 8 , Sep 30, 2002
            Dear Mr.Jose Kurian:
            Thank you for expressing your respect for the Holy Eucharist and
            concern for St.Paul. I am not sure if you read the whole article. I
            mentioned about paying the priests and St. Paul accepting donations only in a
            very positive way. I was trying to defend gospel workers who accept
            donations in the sense that as they work hard for God and do not have
            another income from job, it is OK to accept donations. I was not
            criticizing priests and St.Paul. I did not mean to disrespect Holy
            Eucharist either. I am fully aware of the missionary works of St.Paul,who
            underwent hardships out of true love for Jesus. Personally speaking, that is
            the kind of love I have for Jesus too, though not perfect.

            Your posting made me think about paying the priests, even if I had no
            plan of writing about it. I know one priest who has a decent job and who
            does not accept any remuneration for being the vicar of the church. I have
            great appreciation for him because I see him as the true dedicated servant
            of God. Several times I thought that if I was a priest, I would not have
            taken any remuneration for doing the services. Why I think like that is
            that going to church on Sundays is very important for me. Becoming a priest
            does not make much difference to me other than that I am celebrating the
            Holy Eucharist and the people are participating it. I will go to church any
            way. So why should I take money? Nobody please take it as a criticism on
            priests. I have no intention for that. I just wanted to share my thoughts
            with you that just clicked my mind. Thank you.

            Cicily Sunny
          • Mr.Thomas.T.B,. Mehsana
            Dear Brothers in Christ, First of all I would like to introduce myself . I am secretary of Kalol (North Gujarat) St. George Orthodox church/Congregation since
            Message 5 of 8 , Sep 30, 2002
              Dear Brothers in Christ,

              First of all I would like to introduce myself . I am secretary of Kalol (North Gujarat) St. George Orthodox church/Congregation since last 6 years and President of Kalol Christian Fellowship, Kalol (ng) last two years. I and my wife both are from Orthodox Churches.

              We don't think that mircles are not happening in our churches. In the year 1993 my wife became totally paralysed and taken medicines from different hospitals. It has taken months to understand the reason behind the paralysis. Our HG Gheevarghese Mar Coorilos Thirumani was also visited the hospital and prayed for her. Daily the pastors of different congregations, Mehsana, Kalol, Sabarmati were visited and prayed for her. At last it was understood that a mass was developing in between backbone and heart. Special prayers were held in different congregations. After cutting the backbone, the mass has been removed and after about 6-12 months physiotherapy, she started normal life. After that with the grace of God we have one son, he is now 7 years old. Mehsana, Kalol, Ahmedabad people are knowing this matter.

              Secondly when I was working with a Private Limited Co. all of a sudden the owner of the Company asked me to give immediate resignation due to the reason beyond my control. I was with my family in a rented house and was only one income, just for living. That night I and with my wife prayed with tears,( I was praying with tears first time in my life.) With the grace of God the next day I attended a long pending interview call , and they have appointed me with better salary and 15 days salary in advance to pay to the ex.employer by cash, GLORY TO GOD.

              When my elder son was with loose-motion, the doctor told me there is no other medicine other than what he prescribed, the intake water was flowing immediately within a minute, and minutes after minutes he became pale and lost the hope, I and my wife prayed and all of a sudden (with no time) the condition started improving.

              Other than above in many occasions, in my life, in various financial matters, I found HIS presence.

              Likewise my brother Mr. Raju B, Mehsana is having hundreds of experience in his life.


              Yours in Christ,

              THOMAS TB
            • George Varghese, Canada
              In a parish many a time, the priorities are not proper.To better relate here was a situation recently in a parish. After Holy Mass Vicar announced the
              Message 6 of 8 , Oct 1, 2002
                In a parish many a time, the priorities are not proper.To better
                relate here was a situation recently in a parish.

                After Holy Mass Vicar announced the following

                1)Finance is required for the "Kurusu perunal ''
                2)The condition of " Kurishadi" at X.....junction is very bad.
                It is a shame to all of us.So we have to renovate the same
                3)An application was received for financial help to one poor
                family from the parish for a heart surgery.

                Heated arguments took place between A class,B class C class members.
                An large offer of Rs.Z was received for the construction work.
                Decision of "Kurusu perunal" is postponed for the next week.
                No body was interested in the third issue.......

                So what should be the parish priority?


                George Varghese

                p.s I post this not to hurt any one, but just to make us aware
                of the responsibility & priorities in parishes of Indian Orthodox
                Church,be we in Canada,U.S.A,Middle East, India or any other place.
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