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Saint Mary-A woman of unusual courage and submission

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  • drvinuthomas
    HG YUHANON MAR MILITHIOSE of Trichur Diocese said at Saint Thomas Cathedral,Dubai during Friday service sermon that Zecharia and Elizabeth were rather
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2013
      HG YUHANON MAR MILITHIOSE of Trichur Diocese said at Saint Thomas Cathedral,Dubai during Friday service sermon that Zecharia and Elizabeth were rather comforted and not bewildered at the annunciation of Gabriel about the birth of Saint John the Baptist.Though they were very aged they still had all the social and community rights to have a child.
      However, in the case of Saint Mary,the annunciation by Angel Gabriel was one of fear and bewilderment as she was unmarried and if known to be pregnant, she had all the chances to be even stoned to death.Inspite of that,Saint Mary who rightly stood way above all the Saints said "Behold the handmaid of the Lord,be it unto me according to thy word"(St.Luke 1:38).HG Mar Milithiose observed that this showed Mother Mary's unusual courage and will power that emanated from her total submission and trust in God.

      HG Mar Milithiose further went on to say that Saint Mary also very well knew like a sword in her heart that she is 'not going to have the Son for herself' but has to be offered as sacrifice for the emancipation of humanity.

      HG explained that the Blessing Saint Mary received was to be offered for saving the world and likewise whatever God offers and bestows on us should in turn be offered for others when it becomes meaningful and Blessed.

      HG cautioned that the wealth we accumulate or the Mansions we build becomes meaningless but a sense sharing,offering and giving should prevail.

      HG YUHANON MAER DEMETRIOSE, who sanctified and inaugurated the huge new Parish Hall of the Cathedral,of about 1000 people capacity, exhorted the faithful to continue the Unity they showed in building the Parish Hall in worship and fellowship.HG hoped that the Parish Hall will also be instrumental in spreading the Good News quoting the Bible verse "And I have that are not in this fold;I must bring them also,and they will listen to my voice.So there will be one flock,one shepherd."(John10:16).

      HG Mar Milithiose complimented and thanked the Dubai Cathedral community for the love they bestowed on him and for the support for Orthodox Church as a whole.

      Rev.Fr.TJ Johnson presided over the inaugural function and offered the Hall for God's Glory during its existence.Rev.Fr.Biju P Thomas,who had laid foundation stone for the Hall, offered felicitations and said the previous Hall,that was demolished, was built by his Father in Law Rev.Fr.Zacharia Panackamattom.Rev.Leny Chacko,Assistant Vicar,Dr.Tiju Thomas,Consul and Babuji George,Secretary Managing Committee also spoke.

      Dr.Vinu Thomas,

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