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Fw: Fwd: Dr Mar Yulios exhorts faithful on ‘tithing’, a key factor for healthy Chris tian family

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    From: Liju Cherian ... Dr Mar Yulios exhorts faithful on ‘tithing’, a key factor for healthy Christian family ... From: Liju Cherian
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    Dr Mar Yulios exhorts faithful on ‘tithing’, a key factor for healthy Christian family

    #Devaria Mission Project to come up on tithing amount
    # Many Churches keep tithing as first Sacrament
    # Tithing should be for almsgiving and for daily domestic needs

    MUSCAT ---Ahmedabad Diocese Metropolitan HG Pullikkottil Dr Geevarghese Mar Yulios has exhorted the faithful on the principle of ‘tithing’, the most common Christian ethics of setting aside at least 1/10 of one’s income for various charity purposes.
    In a Kalpana issued to the all the Vicars, Associate Vicars, managing committee members and faithful members of the Diocese parishes and congregations during the occasion of Kudos Etho, the Diocesan Day, Dr Mar Yulios has done some plain talk on the topic.
    His Grace has urged each one to practice giving tithes to the church regularly. “Give attention to the words of our Lord on this matter. Tithing should be the first principle of a healthy Christian family,” he emphasizes. 
    The Metropolitan states many Churches and families have taken to the principle of tithes seriously keeping two accounts namely for Almsgiving and another towards their daily domestic needs.
    Some of the churches make it a point to keep tithing as their first Sacrament and those who do not follow this will cease to be a member of that particular Church. This is the same principle behind collecting the subscription each month. ‘Those who do not separate their one-tenth and not following charity out of that are commenting sin of omission,’ the Kalpana states.
    Ahmedabad Diocese is planning to run its Devaria Mission Project at Gandhidham, Gujarat and various other charities from the Diocesan Tithing amount received from its parishes and urges prayerful decision on this score.
    Dr Mar Yulios has urged all for their personal prayers for the diocese. His Grace has also urged each one to keep the Holy Traditions of the Orthodox Church; follow seriously in leading a meaningful Christian life by offering daily hourly prayers, observe the five Canonical Fasts, Weekly Wednesday and Friday Fast (Monday & Wednesday at Gulf- Region), uphold sacramental life by having communion with the Lord through Holy Eucharist, periodical and sincere Holy Confession and other essentials of daily life to set and achieve higher goals in our spiritual growth.
    The Kalpana No 85/13 dated October 30, 2013 was issued from Muscat Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka during the Metropolitan’s recent visit to the Sultanate. ~ Liju Cherian, Sultanate of Oman

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