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Internet Resources for Orthodox Christianity

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  • george_tereb
    Dear ICON Friends It is indeed more noticeable the effort in use of internet media to teach our Holy Orthodox Christian faith. Some time back, I quoted an
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      Dear ICON Friends


      It is indeed more noticeable the effort in use of internet media to teach our Holy Orthodox Christian faith.


      Some time back, I quoted an Easter Orthodox Saint that Orthodoxy is life and one can only talk about it so much and one has to live it. Living it is the toughest part for each of us and we need each other’s prayers and encouragement to make that effort a little bit more day by day.  I am praying that this will continue to be the main focus of those using the media.

      It is important also that this should not lead us to a lax and lukewarm effortless, outward in Orthodox Christian form only, one without practicing prayers, without the pain of continual repentance, without the victorious life in Christ and sacramental liturgical life of the Church


      For each of us, we have some favorite web sites that we use to find resources.  I believe it will be a good encouragement if could share some of pages  with special focus on Oriental Orthodoxy that you use and a few words.  Starting with a couple


      1.London School of Orthodox Christian Studies
      The school offer courses for Orthodox Christians, and those who are interested in Orthodox Christianity, through distance learning programmes, rooted in the Orthodox Tradition of the Oriental Orthodox Churches, taking into account their own cultural and historical experience  that differ  to those from Eastern Orthodox communities.  For me, this is very significant aid into understanding our own rather than merely copying what is in the Eastern Orthodox tradition.
      From January 2013, the School has offered free catechesis course
      There is a financial support page that the school desperately needs
      The Chief person working on this page is Fr. Peter Farrington who has been actively involved from the day I heard working almost 13 years back  to reprint the ‘ Council of Chalcedon’ by late Fr. V.C Samuel of Memory eternal and re expose the Orthodox community to the teaching of Non -Chalcedonian fathers like St. Severus


      2.Return to Orthodoxy




      The Web site page offers quality resource material updated periodically, to uphold the Orthodox Faith and Orthodox practice and to halt and reverse the spread of heterodox theology and forms of worship in the Oriental Orthodox Church.
      It is offered by St. Jacob Baradaeus Orthodox Christian Fellowship, which consists of a network of Orthodox priests, deacons, and lay-servants from several nations (including the UK, Canada, Sweden, India, Australia, and the USA). In the Orthodox Christian tradition it was mandated to operate under the authority of bishops and members of the fellowship have had initial contact with bishops HG Eusebius and HG Nicholovos from the North American Dioceses of Malankara Orthodox Church.

      George Varghese
      Calgary, Canada

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