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The Creator And The Created Order: Part 49

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  • John
    Part-49 The Indian apostle who said, Let us also go, that we may die with him , displayed his indomitable courage that didn t frighten him to go to Jerusalem
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2013

      The Indian apostle who said, "Let us also go, that we may die with him", displayed his indomitable courage that didn't frighten him to go to Jerusalem at a time when the few other apostles had been vying for the highest position in the ministry of Jesus on earth and in Heaven. He was also courageous in walking around the city where the others locked up themselves for fear of the Jews at a time when they were a small shepherdless flock, the obvious reason for the Orient to become the mission field for him while they cast lots for the same. He was the only one who got the chance of putting his hands in the pierced wounds of the Lord who prepared him to make the 3 hazardous expeditions, Jn.14: 1-7, to the land of the mystics of Dan's descendants, the lost sheep of the people of Israel, by doing the miracle of water that he hurled in the air to stay without any support, despite the yogis knew the art of walking on the surface of river or ocean waters, the probable reason for entrusting him for gospelisation of India, china and the surrounding areas of the stronghold of Hinduism and Buddhism, the bulwark of yogic mysticism.

      The Indian Orthodox church is 12 years older than the Roman church which was started in 64 A. D. Look at the bleeding saga of the older church that has been made oblivious since 15th century, though we were the only formidable voice of the Indian church that has been ironically depicted as an offshoot of the church of Rome which claim to be the original church now and them having a population of about 3 times more than our church in Kerala, together with the Malankara Reeth. All other parts of the world is christianized other than the Dan population, despite the M.E. fell later in the hands of Islam due to internal rivalry among the Christians, who were waiting zealously for a Redeemer, but the St.Thomas Christians have been living in a fool's paradise of long slumber, laziness and indolence with internal squabbling of power games which our apostle was dead against in playing with his peers. We enjoyed the royal and loyal positions that got from the indigenous rulers, and perhaps remained as a one -talent recipient till now. Haven't we got ashamed of making the ignominious claim as the oldest Christians in the world? It is true that unless the rulers of the land like Greece, Russia…are Christians, we won't be able to become a majority religion. But it is true that we didn't make many efforts in missionary works that could win more souls. Is there any difference in our attitude now? I am for all the sacramental and inaugural celebrations and rituals and festivities in a frugal way, but not for lavish celebrations of pomp and splendour for which our hierarchy and lay members collect money from the poor members and that is in our lifeblood. Church buildings and their renovations and celebrations are needed, but not at an enormous waste for a showpiece glamour, for which our hierarchy is floating around. This is nothing but the duplicate of political spirituality.

      The Western trade routes that later used as missionary routes helped in reaching the gospel message to all the whole world, except to an extent to the Dan tribe, as the overseas gospel workers had been repelled by the astounding treasure house of the Oriental knowledge in Higher and everyday sciences of the body and soul. But the modern Christians everywhere are converted to the religions of sex and materialism that drive them back to heathenism, Godlessness and fearlessness of God and also man and materialistic splendour by embracing the profligacy of all types. If the stewardship of the church is misused for material power and gains and survival, that servant will be thrown into the hell where hypocrites `weep and gnash their teeth', Mt.24: 45-51. Last month a global church head was asked whether he would vindicate the gay marriage that was strictly antagonized by religions all across the world till lately. The answer was that he does not condemn or despise them and judge on account of such behaviour. This is a correct and a good Christian approach because one should hate sin, not the sinner. But the question is as a shepherd of a large flock, what is the accountability of the hierarch to God and the church in this regard was the thorn in the flesh. A wavering answer made the shepherd from any blame or accusation from the deviant majority, as 14 Christian countries, except one, legalized the abomination of desolation that standing on the holy place, female and gay clergy, Mt.24:15, god of women, Da.11: 27, whereas Antichrist sitting in the temple, 2.Thess. 2: 3-5, and many other countries are on the verge of validating it soon on political and religious strategy, the fire which kept for the nuclear war that only can consume the elements of the earth, 2.Pet.3: 10-13.

      I saw a T.V. debate today on this issue that was represented by the clerical members of all the major religions and lay members of walks of life, including atheists and a Government minister and Christian who wanted to legalize it. They gave their individual contradicting opinions because clergy of each denomination was one against the other, so also the laity. But one Rabbi and one Muslim cleric were dead against it due to their committed religious teachings that he quoted from the Quaran, but they were ridiculed by their own disenchanted brands. One participant suggested abolishing all the religions of the world that was applauded and approved by the vast majority. One catholic cleric expressed that marriage accomplishes in having children, without mentioning Sodom fire, but others, including a catholic priest, supported for surrogate children that give happiness for the gay couples. The catholic priest couldn't go further, as his shepherd gave an escaping answer last month that was for the survival of the institution, which could steal sheep from wherever possible. Thus the survival technology, the modus operandi of the survival of the unfittest, excels the super high-tech of the Godless and genetic elite of the narcissist age that perverts the utopian freedom which could help bring a global wasteland of doomsday scenario. The bloodshed of the apostles and their followers who spilled the blood for the last 20 centuries have gone in vain and their fruits are thrown in front of dogs for trampling over.

      The morals of the Christian countries and their elites threw away God and embraced the religion of sex and other immoralities and a bohemian life which, altogether vanished the religious proclivity from their lives, paving the non-Christian religions and their countries, whether practicing or not is not a question, to dominate and rule over the Christian countries, the values once they dearly loved and paid for, the probable reasons for those countries to sit upon our chest at the end of days. Beware that freedom is only a myth that dynamite and tear us into pieces, while breathing the puff of the wind keep us alive is a mere gift of the Creator.

      E.S. John, Australia
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