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The Creator And The Created Order: Part 48

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  • John
    Part-48 The river that always flows only downwards make the valleys and plains fertile and allow to grow fish and other water creatures and useful in many ways
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2013

      The river that always flows only downwards make the valleys and plains fertile and allow to grow fish and other water creatures and useful in many ways to the people and animals and birds, so also God's river of love flows always downward which makes His creations- man, animal and plant kingdom and reptiles- survive only by the free gift of grace and mercy of God. If forgiveness of our sins that transparently exhibits His love, the atonement of sin definitely demands some code of ethics that we call it as the justice system of God. This justice system proves that God is eternally just that the same is written in the walls of our heart and in each cell of the body which will be a display, together with it the punishment for the infringement during the Last Judgement, the reason for the river, grave and deserts to hand over the departed body on that last day.

      Only a just God can judge His people, otherwise Devil who always try to find faults and some loopholes with His judgement, on the basis of the bond, Col.2, 14-15, is liable to give credentials and proofs to the Devil who also will be dumped in the Bottomless Pit. He should be, therefore, impartial in order to be bias free and unprejudiced at the time of that last great day; hence His laws are flawless like the gold that is purified by fire. The lion is the king of all the animals, the reason for the lion to be sacrificed as a LAMB by its own progeny for their supremacy and power. If God is attributed as the lion of Judah, Gen.49, and God's Son ransomed His life for His own children, so it happened likewise, proving the natural destiny of a lion that will be killed by its own younger herd that was cared and nurtured.

      God's laws are universally applicable to all human beings, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, Jews or gentiles. Despite He chose the Jewish genealogy for the salvation of humankind, He showed His love to all others also by giving His redemptive plans to all others in varied mystical formulae in the B.C. era, through revelations and also by commandments, parables, scientific principles, including the higher science, fables, mythology etc. Though His own Household killed the Judah's lion, the Saviour of mankind, Prajapathy's vigilantes, the outsiders of the covenants were also blessed with the truth through the mysteries of mythologies, were misled and still continuing with the old pagan way of life after His coming.

      The Rygveda, the first among the Vedas don't have a trace of violating the 2nd commandment of idolatry, but the subsequent Vedas that prescribed the idol worship included of the equivocal presence of the devil in their worship. Historians are of the opinion that the tribe of Dan who didn't acquire the blessing and favour from their father Jacob, inhabited the Indian sub-continent and surrounding areas. I don't remember well, despite it is explained in my book, that the tribe of Dan became isolated from others for a long time and was traced back at a later in the Indian sub-continent and said to be the `lost sheep of the house of Israel', Mt. 15: 21-28, who sent His disciple St.Thomas to find them out and preach the gospel news.

      Therefore, he went around India and china and other areas in finding out the lost sheep of the house of Israel, the mystical, mythological India that were waiting for a prajapathi, probable reason for Jacob to pray, I wait for thy salvation, O Lord, Gen. 49. 16-18, because all other sons got blessings from the father grieved for the disgraced son. Jesus came down first to give the Jews redemption from Adamic sin by His bloodshed that paved the birth of the church, the Bride, that to provide redemptive salvation for the Jews and gentiles of the globe. Salvation is given to all through His Bride who started working only after the day of Pentecost. Hence His statement to the Canaanite woman, "It is not fair to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs", Mt. 15.26, validated. Therefore, St.Thomas who was sent to the Orient after the birth of the church are for the lost sheep of Israel, as well as for all others waiting for the Prajapathy, Mahabali and Janardanan.

      As Buddhism is an offshoot of Hinduism, the apostle went to china and propagated the gospel message in the orient, despite communication and transport were its primitive stage in the dark age of dark areas. There were many Jews in Northern India, in the vicinity and around Orissa State, and they returned to Israel when they formed a Jewish State in 1948. Some of these details are given on these accounts in my book. Let us look at what Patriarch Jacob says about Dan. `Dan shall judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent in the way, a viper by path, that bites the horse's heels so that his rider falls backward'. I wait for thy salvation, O Lord', Gen. 49, 16-18. The whole world except India, china and the South East Asian countries and some areas of Africa received Jesus as their Saviour by now, but the Middle East again fell eventually into the hands of the Islam that took its birth in the 7th century, proving that the final war will be brought between the Abraham's promised son, together with their supporters, and servant maid's son and their followers, Gal. 3-4.

      Just as a serpent is shrewd, the descendants of Dan are intelligent and wise, but they fell on the wrong path of mythological worship and tried to bite the horse, resulting in the fall of the rider backward, in unison with the B.C. era worship style. We have to make an assessment of the responsibility of this tragedy that triggered globally the mystic contributions of yoga, alternate treatments of Ayurveda and many other higher sciences that convert the modern Christians to the mythological sciences and precipitating many `riders falls backward'. Yogic therapy and other martial arts and other medical therapies of the sub-continent are beneficial for the suffering global population. Christian population goes back to the religions of the B.C. era of and their varied sects and Islam. Let us find out the main reasons in part-49 that shape the 12th hour evil age that boils to the Lord's second coming.

      E.S. John, Australia
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