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Request - Kerala Chief Minister's Official Face Book Page

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  • Philip Ayyamplackal Chacko
    There is no doubt that Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is a man of integrity than any other politician when we compare him with others. As a politician he had at
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 24, 2013
      There is no doubt that Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is a man of integrity than any other politician when we compare him with others. As a politician he had at times temporarily forgone this God given quality which has landed him in trouble. May be he is still in power due to this reason. As compared to any fellow politicians he is a better person. He will never hurt anybody with his words and has maintained composure.

      Many today sarcastically call Facebook, the FAKEBOOK. How many of us can say it is not? So really what impact will it make if we make some comments there as if the C.M is going thru each one of them and his rivals are going to take cognizance of it?

      The recent United Nations award to the C.M has not opened the eyes of the Keralites. Some are on the street with black flags! Our Church HQ should have organized a formal meeting and invited the C.M and appreciated him for getting this coveted award. Hopefully his home Parish must have done something. As an after thought if somebody does it, please for heaven’s sake do not talk Church Politics in public.

      Meanwhile, let us sincerely pray for the C.M during our daily prayers and also for our people so that they just don’t get into one scam after another.

      God says, “by the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return." But people try short cuts to eat without sweating and once caught they end up sweating for the rest of their life for the shortcuts they took to make the quick bucks.

      All this noise surrounding the Solar episode is a political gimmick by the opposition and a few within the front . Inspite of knowing this fact the fourth estate is hell bound in exposing something which will go down the drain when the next issue crops up. I presume the amount of money swindled in this scam is to the tune of 50 CR max. and that too there is no public money involved. The money that is lost in a way is dead money or black money which is not going to make the slightest impact to the economy. When we compare this amount with other scams this is just a negligible amount but the rivals can’t find any other issue to topple the government. The person who lost the max in this scam is supposedly a defaulter of taxes and a fair investigation will reveal that he has been cheating the government exchequer for decades together.

      Even though I don’t have any political affiliation, I have high regard for Oommen Chandy and would keep him at the top of my yardstick and at the bottom the opposition leader, only because of his notorious comments. If the former is not known for vindictiveness the latter makes up for that. However, of all the comments the latter has made recently, a comment he made on the Solar energy (ie. the state should not sideline the development of Solar energy due to this scam) is praise worthy and this I expected frankly from Oommen Chandy. I hope the C.M. takes note of this and works with all to fulfill this dream for the state.

      The festive season of Onam has come early for the media in Kerala in the form of this solar scam. They are running helter-skelter to get pictures of the politicians who posed with the TRIO (the main accused in this scam) in the past. What sense does it make? Most of our houses and churches are adorned with the imaginary picture of Last Supper where Judas is also appearing. Has anybody blackened Judas’ face from that picture or do we criticize Jesus for having him there? The journals are flooded with accounts of the type of dresses the TRIO wears during their travel while in custody and the brand of cosmetics they use. A few decades ago there was one particular journal notorious for bringing such nonsense news and I feel they were much better when compared with today’s frontline newspapers who report such news.

      Meanwhile, is there a district in Kerala without an electrical engineering dept attached to an engineering college? The faculty and students can put in a combine effort to set up a solar plant to generate power at least for their use in the campus. And if they cannot install one such equipment to generate energy, what sort of engineers will they be producing?

      A man can be judged by his past; however, it's his future that will define him. Infact Oommen Chandy can come out like a Sun out of the clouds if he acts swiftly and pool in renowned private & public sector enterprises who are interested to develop the solar energy sector. This will make an impact to the economy much more than the metro rails and the IT parks planned around in few cities. And the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to wait years together for the result. “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

      As King Solomon prayed, let us pray for our C.M, "Therefore give to Your servant an understanding heart to judge Your people, that he may discern between good and evil….

      Philip Ayyamplackal, Auckland
    • Mathew Samuel
      ôFace Booked?ö A man who goes to church every Sunday is not to be called ôtrue Orthodoxö. True Orthodoxy reflects when he stands strongly for the
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 25, 2013
        “Face Booked?”

        A man who goes to church every Sunday is not to be called “true Orthodox”. True Orthodoxy reflects when he stands strongly for the Orthodoxy. There are many non Christians regularly attending Holy Qurbana and prays. We do not consider them as true Orthodox.

        Yes, I do agree that Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is a dynamic leader. As far as I know he is not a corrupt person. (Sorry, this is my observation only, I had the opportunity to meet him once or twice only-that too was a passing glimpse and greet)

        As being the Chief Minister of a state, his prime duty is to appoint credible staff in key positions. It is widely known that no criteria have followed in selecting personnel staff. Those who were known as cronies were given key places and they were paid from state fund.

        The solar case is only one surfaced so far. In further enquires, similar and even more shocking reports may come out.
        As requested by Mr. George Abraham (ICON Digest 4964), I am not willing to comment on Chief Ministers FB. Let him save his face by himself by bringing out the whole story and truth.
        If at all such a comment is warranted, His Holiness Bava thirumeni and Synod secretary HG Mathews Mar Severios would do so. So far no such reaction has surfaced. “Uppu thinnunnavan vellam kudikkum”, was the reaction from our Chief Minister.
        P S Mathew
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