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Re: The Creator And The Created Order: Part 42-Times of India heart attack

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  • Dmat
    Our Church member, ES Johns, insightful writing is very informative. The power of God almighty is always reflected. Modern day epidemic, causes various reasons
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 23, 2013
      Our Church member, ES Johns, insightful writing is very informative. The power of God almighty is always reflected. Modern day epidemic, causes various reasons and treasons. This may happened with media misguidance and lack of media awareness. Whatever the so called big mouth releases (Fourth state) present information era of people must reject and choose ones chosen consciousness way. The power of rejection of unwanted things is part of Gods grace. The shared information furnished below, could enhance readers awareness for quality life standard. In olden days people used pazan kanchi but modern days people used with English name Chilled Rice soup with lemon sauce. The day starts with energetic food. The refrigerents change the world's food habits. The migrants' world often skips it due to time pressure. Also the colonial world of food style consumption, still a doubt with respect to Kerala dish pazan-Kanji? Pazan Kanji used only one day gap perseverance, But modern food perseverance you name it, How long kept in the refrigerators?

      Skipping breakfast raises heart attack risk by 27%: Study

      Skipping breakfast, common the world over, has for the first time been associated with increase in heart attacks. Missing out on the morning meal has been found to increase coronary heart disease risk, reveals a 16-year-long study published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.

      Men who skip breakfast have a 27% higher risk of heart attack or death from coronary heart disease than those who don't, the study says. Those who reported not eating breakfast were younger than those who did, and more likely to be smokers, employed full time, unmarried, less physically active and drank more alcohol.

      Also, men who reported eating late at night had a 55% higher coronary heart disease risk than those who didn't. Researchers analyzed food frequency questionnaire data and tracked health outcomes for 16 years (1992-2008) on 26,902 male health professionals ages 45-82 before coming to their conclusion.

      "Skipping breakfast may lead to one or more risk factors, including obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, which may in turn lead to a heart attack over time," said Leah E Cahill, lead author from the Harvard School of Public Health.

      "Our study group spent decades studying the health effects of diet quality and composition, and now this new data also suggests overall dietary habits can be important to lower risk of coronary heart disease," said co-author Eric Rimm.

      Men who reported eating breakfast, on an average, ate one more time per day than those who skipped breakfast, implying that those who abstained from breakfast were not eating additional make-up meals later in the day. Although there was some overlap between those who skipped breakfast and those who ate late at night, 76% of late-night eaters also ate breakfast, researchers said.

      The study collected comprehensive questionnaire data from the participants and accounted for many important factors such as TV watching, physical activity, sleep, diet quality, alcohol intake, medical history, and body-mass index. It also included social factors like whether or not the men worked full-time, were married, saw their doctor regularly for physical exams, or smoked currently or in the past.

      "Don't skip breakfast," Cahill said. "Eating breakfast is associated with a decreased risk of heart attacks. Incorporating many types of healthy foods into your breakfast is an easy way to ensure your meal provides adequate energy and a healthy balance of nutrients, such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. For example, adding nuts and chopped fruit to a bowl of whole grain cereal or steel-cut oatmeal in the morning is a great way to start the day."

      David Mathew,Thachireth,
    • John
      Part 45 Dear Mr. David Mathew, I found it difficult to understand the real intention of your message that is contradicting in itself. Let me strike at the
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 29, 2013
        Part 45

        Dear Mr. David Mathew,

        I found it difficult to understand the real intention of your message that is contradicting in itself. Let me strike at the subject without beating about the bush. The food that enclosed overnight in an earthen pot has proven to be best natural food, particularly rice water for its alcoholic action and refrigeration, which gives enough alcoholism for the maintenance of the body. Giving some juice, beverage or water and subsequently giving more solid food later is the usual practice for those who fast more and break fasting, because it may cause indigestion and health problems. Therefore, rice cooked in water, kanji, is the most scientific beverage for the breakfast in the morning. But life longevity was less, as no nutrient food at least a day was unaffordable in the bygone days.

        I read a book which was the product of a science expert about fasting in 1964, probably you were not then, that gave enough reasons that fasting is the main panacea for avoiding any ailment or chronic diseases because all toxins of the body will be consumed as food while fasting and cleansing the body, consequently our inner man which is inextricably blended with the body get a boosting to be with its Creator, because this is how God has framed our mortal body that become temporarily a shelter for God' Spirit within us. Fasting and prayer with the unity of mind of the members has the power of moving the Himalayas from its place. Many miracles happened by the fasting prayers in the OT period, like the prayer of Esther and Mordeccai and the Jews, Ninevites and so on. John the Baptist and his disciples, so also the apostles and early Christians and Christians of all denominations and all the major religious followers so far have been fasting as a religious imperative. Jesus became more powerful than before and His first sermon that sent heat waves propelled the inhabitants of His own hometown to kill Him by throwing from a cliff, Lk.4, so also apostles who were fasting never were reported sick.

        M. Gandhi and his followers fasted and got liberated the country from the empire that sun never set. He lost all his toxicity from his body and the fatless man was a robust fighter for justice till his own brethren assassinated him. Vinobha Bave and many other leaders fasted for very many reasons, but they never perished for lack of their breakfast. All our clerical hierarchies are fasting, but many of them are not the preys of chronic diseases for want of breakfast, but only in their frail and feeble advanced ages disability is a natural process. Osthatiose thirumeni, the champion of the vulnerable and the marginalized ones, was very active and a writer until the end at the age of 95. It is the inner life that gives energy and power, Jn. 4, not the food that perish, Jn. 6, but for the mediocre and the irreligious ones food is the only energy supplier. This is why Jesus recommend not the food that perish, but that giving everlasting life, Jn. 6, that is the Body of Jesus, the brad that came from Heaven.. The food that caused the human calamity in the beginning of the time has to be resolved from abstaining from food and substituted with Christ's body, the reason for the religions to embark on fasting from the beginning. Jesus taught us to pray for our daily food, even manna not meant for the next day, but' lahamo' that means also for the Body of Jesus. Yogis won't eat much; they fast often like the hermit that Sadhu Sundar Singh met in the Himalayas, and was there for 500 years. Prayer and sound thinking are real food for monks; they can survive with water for some days, as John the Baptist lived in the desert with honey and locust root.

        The forbidden fruit that opened the eye of nakedness was remedied by the food that came down from Heaven, because Jesus' birth was without the union of a man and a woman; this is how He is sinless by branding all human beings as sinful. His sinless body is the only panacea for the bite from Satan. Giving us His sinless body blots out the Adamic sin, yet the sin of nakedness and its subsequent sins are to be atoned by our fasting and taking the Body of Christ. The moderns are a part of chronic diseases because of sex immorality or sexual excesses and alcoholic gluttony that accumulate adiposity that make the body ineffective. `Every other sin which a man commits is outside the body; but the immoral man sins against his own body', 1. Cor. 6, 18, by making an imprint of the stain of sin in his body that is the only medium of the writer of the genetics for the next generations yet to come. This seems to be the illustration of the parable of the 100 sheep. By beating the drum of the 99 virtues is not enough, go after the stray one, the presumptuous sin, Ps. 19, 13, the unseen or the hidden sin of the genetic coding that is transmitted to us. The contextual parable is said, when the disciples asked Him who is the greatest in Heaven, Mt. 18, 1. Their question before that was who was the greatest among them on earth, Mk. 9, 33-37.

        They asked the about the greatest in Heaven was because 3 ambitious disciples tasted the beauty of Heaven in the transfiguration ecstasy on Mount Tabor, Mt. 17. The overweening ambition of the uneducated fishermen and tax collectors to become the greatest on earth and Heaven was seemingly thwarted away and ridiculed by the parable to search their genetics and consider their utopian greatness, Mk. 10. We don't have to study the parents' life history to know their sins, but by tracing the wrong character traits and our own bodily impairments that we re striving to overcome. We may not be punished for the parents or ancestors' sins, Jer. 31, 29-31, but there is a duty for us to follow them and their footprints of their good and noble life, but rejecting their improper conduct, and praying also after their death for cleansing their and our ways of life. Religious fasting, not dieting or starvation that resulting in anorexia causes poor and health problems of all types and bad mouth smell, is the real penitential tears that shake the divine world by our fasting. This topic fasting is a thrilling subject that I can't corroborate with biblical illustrations because of my withering health.

        Fasting and prayer is good unless we pray in Spirit, not praying in the intellect, but our prayer has become mere babbling like that of the Pharisees, hypocritical externals, or Sadducees that like only a part of religiosity because they didn't believe in the resurrection and life after death, so also the Protestants who don't bother about the departed. Those who pray in Spirit don't understand about their background, as Sunder Singh who was swarmed by bees and bit him, while he was praying in a forest. He felt the pang of it only when he saw bruises in his body after coming out. We can liberate our inner man by self-hypnotism or by somebody and look at our physical body separately. St. Paul didn't know whether he was taken to Paradise with or without his body, 2. Cor. 12. There is a chord like umbilical chord that connect between the child and the mother in the womb-I forgot the name of it- that link between the physical body and the spiritual body from our nave, so that the spiritual body can make terrestrial and celestial travel and participate with the Infinity while praying. Sadhu Sunder Singh made such a travel with the Himalayan hermit who was thus continuing praying for the world. Many church Fathers witnessed their journeys into the mysterious unknown. Our prayers should penetrate into the mysterious realms, if we like to get the positive answers.

        Your concern is that missing breakfast is the cause of so many chronic diseases that take away our life without any advance warning, but I have been proving that it is wrong notion by providing medical opinions and pragmatic and proven cases. People miss breakfast because of the restaurant culture where people spend their time till even 3. A.M. by drinking, also illicit drugs, dancing and overeating the hybrid food that cannot be digested easily. They go home and have a short sleep and get up and rush to the workplace. Many of them do toiling and make up at the workplace, but that trend is disappearing as the difficulty of losing job opportunities. Again I have a lot to write in this regard due to my health problems. It is the unnatural man who lives in his sensualities and artificialities is the problem, not fasting and religious menus that keep him in a healthy living style. Moreover, one should realize that when the mind is diseased body also is diseased. An artificial life of superfluities is surely knocking him down, not a real and religious life. We have had a natural life till the 1970s and taken over by the control of another spirit of the age, the age of lawlessness that explicitly detailed by St. Paul in 2. Thess. 2.3-12. Hence I am forced to write about the implications of not having fasting in this digital age of destruction, though previously I was rushing for stopping this topic with one or two parts more.

        Will follow in part - 46.

        E.S. John, Australia
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