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The Creator And The Created Order: Part 39

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  • John
    Science seems to be the vehicle of God s transport on earth and His glory proclaimed in Nature and manifested in man, the crown of the creations, and created
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2013
      Science seems to be the vehicle of God's transport on earth and His glory proclaimed in Nature and manifested in man, the crown of the creations, and created in the image and likeness of God. I focus on these points as the academic elites and atheists are of the strong and undisputed conclusion that there is nothing beyond science, which controls the mega system, microcosm and macrocosm, and bridles silently and without grumbling. My aim in this part is to prove that man is a product of this terrestrial system which is infused with the spark of the Spirit of God who abides and indwells in as two stratas, one as spirit of the world in living and non-living things which is doing a subservient service to the Holy Spirit who indwells only in man and the Holy place where the bloodless sacrifice is celebrated. Any form of animal sacrifice or mantras done in spirit mediums is homage to the prince of this world that is in loggerhead with the third personae of the Triune God. Certain details I am giving as an answer to the following ambiguities pointed out by the writer, ICON 4948, not concentrating astrology that I may do it later.

      ''I am referring to the exchanges in relation to the subject "the Creator and the Created� I believe that the Creator is above all and everything without exception belongs to Him. None is above Him. Everything originates from Him and goes back to Him. He decides and has the last word on anything whether humans, animals and for that matter the so-called Satan. The creator was in existence before everything. None can defeat or outlive Him. The creation and its purpose is beyond our reach. He is the real one in the whole universe and all others are perishables of this world unless they abide in Him.

      Just I want to caution everyone not to be carried away by giving your own meaning to what God is all about. This creates confusion in the minds of the worshipers since we are trying to mix worldly with Godly. Nothing can be gained by your efforts to define God and His Kingdom. It is definitely beyond the imagination and wisdom of the whole world.''

      I appreciate your criticism that I may pay back in the same coin. Certainly I will not try to confuse the true believers by my idiosyncratic ideas that caricature the saviour who bought salvation with a high price of His blood. One's faith is tested by one's worship in the worship place and the actions and reactions there and the dealings with the fellow beings in society at large and the purity of private life that make the sum total of his personality, not by preaching, writing or charity works. Life is the witness, not the words or sermons. But our test stone in society is different; one who can hypnotize the vulnerable ones by one's deception and tricks seemingly bases it on one's family status and wealth and charisma. The day when Jesus first preached His public ministry in the synagogue in Galilee where He was brought up, His own people dragged Him out of the town and tried to kill Him; the similar thing happened in Capernaum, His father's place; He not could not do make many miracles because could not believe and listen Him, the reason for Him tell the truth that a prophet is not accepted and respected save in his own town or house, kk.4, 29; Mt. 11. A carpenter's son could do miracles only by the help of Beelzebub was their religion. This is an everlasting truth. Today people take a survey and public opinion that is from all age groups and all walks of life to decide one's performance as a leader.

      The litmus testing of a pious man or a saint has to look him at a distance or perhaps posthumously, `'because familiarity breeds contempt''. It is better not to make judgement on individuals, apart from instructing the dear family members for correction, but one can cast fair judgement on the system that tend to jeopardise our daily lives adversely. But religion is not constrained within the limits of the pews and the pulpit of the temple, it is the sum total of all-embracing aspirations and activities of one's private and public life, varying vividly like one man who aimed at 100 and he got it, whereas the other aimed at a million, but got nothing. It is the trial of highest aspirations that will be rewarded in the infinity, not the one gets here that moths and rust can inherit.

      Kallasseri Bava's last Kalpana says that Nazranis are a bunch of infighting people who don't follow their leaders and gurus, the reasons for our church becoming the minority church after nasty politics of betraying one another since the 15th century, though there was only one church at that time. There were 500 odd States in India when the Western traders came to there and conquered us due to our betrayals against one another. Kerala got the first in Literacy and numeracy rate in India, may be for Arithmetic and reading and writing for possible number of political parties and mushrooming so many vernacular dailies for fiery political stunts and lies, but how many great men the State has produced so far. We have to depend on neighbouring states for English dailies and other publications, now for food and other essential commodities, the geographical area of `God's own country where people could sleep at the lap of panoramic and topographical excellence of beauties. None. Few people came to the world stage because they came out of the `God's own country'. Gregorios and Osthathios thirumenis became well known, as they came out of that boundary. Some mediocre figures add the list lately after the formation of Kerala, because Malabar area was under Madras or Mysore State that produced some intellectual giants like Ramanujam, C.V. Raman and the like. The Nazrani-oriented place for 2, 000 years of central Travencore's intellectual elites' famine is due to the egoistic rivalry and strife, and also owing to the lack of opportunities.

      The writer of the above criticism seems to be living in New Jerusalem where God has finished all sovereign ruler's work with the world, the timeless era after the final judgement. Wide open your eyes and look at a world which is consumed by cannibalism that make this world as a duplicate of hell, because Satan is the sole ruler of this world at the apocalyptic age. I am trying to decode about the creation of a mega system and its infrastructure that has been given in a doze of mystery and its accomplishment gradually, even at the expense of my health and time when my body is half dead. There are 38, 000 church denominations and cults that are at war with each other; the Catholics and Protestants have waged longstanding war against each other in Northern Island; Indian Orthodox church have been hooked up to a war in Kerala since 1912 by draining away all our human and fiscal resources without finding a solution so far; there are mainly two sects in Islam, Sunnis and Sheas, who are daily human bombing and sending hundreds into the unknown; there are 4 castes in Hinduism that are exploiting the untouchables and outcasts since time immemorial . There are political systems that shedding crocodile tears over the downtrodden and the storm-tossed victims everywhere. Individuals, pretending as super gods thrive only for their megalomania and ruling over others. Family is fighting itself for cementing their grip of the family wealth, as in the case of court battles and exhuming the dead as a piece of mockery. Nations infighting against Nations itself is in the whole M.E., Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Libya, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and are all the signs of a doomsday hiccup war of Armageddon that were well-delineated in the annals of all the main world cultures and religious literatures, Gal.4, the final war between the promised son and their followers and the son who was evicted and his followers, cousins against cousins, between the Pandavas and Kouravahs.

      The sub-section may be followed in part 40. Who creates the confusion will be explained in the next part 40.

      E.S.John, Australia
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