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Speech of H.G. Dr. Mar Theophilos at Mar Baselios Dayara

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  • Jose Kurian
    Dear and Respected Brethren, As we knew earlier, H.G. Dr. Zechariahs Mar Theophilos Metropolitan celebrated Holy Qurbana, at the chapel of Mar Baselios Dayara,
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      Dear and Respected Brethren,

      As we knew earlier, H.G. Dr. Zechariahs Mar Theophilos Metropolitan celebrated Holy Qurbana, at the chapel of Mar Baselios Dayara, Njaliyakuzhy, Vakathanam. Kottayam. Shall I note down His Grace’s speech, which was delivered during the Holy Eucharist.

      May God bless us all.

      Jose Kurian Puliyeril.


      Beloved Rambachen, Respected Priests and dear Brothers,


      Let the name of God Almighty be glorified.


      The relation between Mar Ivanios of blessed memory and myself started from the days when I was in charge of the Students Centre at Trivandrum. In those days when Thirumeni had to travel abroad, H.G. used to spend a day or so at the Students Centre on H.G’s way to the Air Port. Once, Thirumeni was on the way to Air Port after a short stay at the Students Centre. I insisted HG while going to Air Port to check the travel documents once. When examined while sitting in the car, it was understood that the Passport was not there. It was not taken from the Dayara. Still we went straight to the Air Port to make a booking for the next day. We came back and His Grace sat on a chair, keeping his right leg on a small Table, and I noticed a black mark on his right leg. Thirumeni innocently said that he was not aware of the mark. A famous doctor was summoned and he suggested to get admitted to any one of the good hospital somehow or the other. And hence when HG was admitted at Muthoott Hospital, Kozhencherry, Doctors there suggested amputating the leg from the knee. And Thirumeni decided to go to Coimbatore and do further treatment on a Monday. On Sunday Thirumeni called me and asked me to reach the Dayara by the evening. When the evening prayers were over, Thirumeni insisted me to perform the sacrament of anointing the sick. When he reached the Hospital at Coimbatore, the Chief Doctor examined His Grace and his medical records and informed that there was nothing to be done for the treatment, as an unseen divine healing has already occurred. He was a Holy Father, who had strong and staunch faith in the Holy Sacraments and especially the anointing the sick. In connection with the 80th anniversary of Marth Mariam Samajam, there was a charity project. I had circulated the leaflet of the same among the members of the Holy Synod. I think only one person had gone through the same. It was H.G. Mar Ivanios Thirumeni who handed over three gold coins to me, which he had received as during the 70th birthday of H.G. from His Holiness the Catholicose. H.G. never loved gold, where as he was happy in giving the gold to others. I had a desire to celebrate Holy Qurbana at Parumala on the New Year day of the current year. I reached Parumala on 31st Dec by 5.30 pm. H.G. Mar Ivanios Thirumeni also reached Parumala by 5.45 pm. At that time I was talking to a friend of mine. Thirumeni asked me what was in my hand. I replied: “This is a leaflet of a project to feed about 400 poor people of Malabar.” His Grace again asked: How does it function? Do you get some funds from individuals? I said ‘Yes’. Immediately Thirumeni called Sasi. Before he came I went inside the Church saying that I would wait there till His Grace also would reach. If the priests don’t know about our arrival, they might start themselves. Thirumeni came and had the evening payer and prayer with incense at the tomb of the saint. Then he took out an envelope, containing Rs. 5000.00 from his pocket and gave me. It was the purse he had received after a housewarming. This must be last donation I have received by the end of 2012 and this must be the last donation of His Grace during the end of last year.  He is a Holy Father who donates for the poor and needy more than his regular income.


       I had been to Edmonton Parish in Canada for the Passion Week services. When I checked in from Calicut Airport, the staff made a mistake. Instead of sending my bag directly to Canada, they had sent via London. The staff had confessed their mistake, hut I told them not to worry and I proceeded my journey. When I got down at London for the changeover of the onward flight, I had to carry my bag and suddenly I felt backache and severe pain. I was received by our Dr. Sen there at London and he applied some balm on my back and I had a temporary relief. Though I had pain during the continuous journey from there as well as during the Passion Week, all services were observed with due reverence and hence with success.


      On 21st April 2013, I was supposed to celebrate Holy Eucharist at Houston Church, after my short visit to two other places in US. Then I felt severe pain in the knees and hence I asked Achen to wear Kaapa (robes for the Holy Sacrament). Until diptychs, all things went well. As Achen conducted the prayers during diptychs, I sat for some time. All the rest of the services I could administer. On 24th April I was admitted in a hospital there, where many of our members are working. I was admitted there for about 29 days. By the Grace of God and by the prayers of tens of thousands of beloved faithful, and due to the loving care and services of our own good people there, I was discharged from the Hospital. The rest of 40-41 days I was staying in the Diocesan Metropolitan’s Aramana of North West America. H.G. Alexios Mar Eusebios Thirumeni had to make travels every now and often. In such occasions, our people in the neighborhood used to visit me and bring food too.


      I was presented with a first class air ticket by our beloved. Jojo, (Mr. Jacob Mathew) who is always caring and doing all possible helps to our Church Fathers, voluntarily, which might cost him about 10-12 Lakhs Rupees for my return journey from Houston to Dubai. Because of the kind heartedness of the lover of mankind, I had a convenient return journey. This Wednesday I am going to Tata Institute of Medical sciences, Mumbai for further investigations as well as treatments. When I came back to Kerala, I was admitted in a hospital at Calicut for three days. Till now I have severe pain on the knee. Now God has blessed me to celebrate Holy Eucharist, without break, The Doctors in US had stated that the cancer which I have is a curable one. Let us all continue our prayers.


       It was decided when I was the President of Marth Mariyam Samajam that a month’s time from 15th Jul till 15th Aug as the Holy Bible reading period. Let us take more care and attention to spend time for the study of Holy Scriptures and for meditating. The words of God are as good as medicines. So you all talk to your friends and relatives. Let us all pray for all patients Let us read and meditate the words of God. Kindly pray for me and for all the patients. Let us read Holy Bible for all the patients across the globe.


      Lastly I wish to share a special experience I had before the 30th day of demise of H.G. Geevarghese Mar Ivanios Thirumeni. I cannot tell whether it was a dream or a vision. Any way Thirumeni came near me in black robes and said: Aboon! (Metropolitans address each other by this term)  your pains will be subsided. You will be cured. Till that day I could not walk, though Doctors had insisted me to walk. But from the next day onwards I started to walk and I got the courage to walk. I believe it is due to the intercession of Thirumeni. The power of prayer has brought me here today. So let us pray not only for us, but also for all others, especially those who are in need.

      May God shower His choicest blessings upon all of us.’

    • susan
      Dear Kurianji Thank you for relaying this message. Acts 4:29-30 Susan Eapen Thiruvananthapuram
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 18, 2013
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        Dear Kurianji
        Thank you for relaying this message. Acts 4:29-30
        Susan Eapen
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